Bolognese Dog: Appearance, Characteristics, Temperament & more...

   The Bolognese can be  traced back to its noble    origins in the Italian          aristocracy.

History And Popularity

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The Bolognese is a small white dog which falls in the toy dog category and is quite compact


Height: 27-30 cm

Weight: 2.5-4 kgs

The Bolognese is a mild-    mannered dog that is    playful and extremely                 loyal.


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The average lifespan of the Bolognese is        12-15 years.


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 Average litter size would be 3 puppies but, in some  cases, it has gone up to          6 or 7 puppies.

Litter Size

Yes. The Bolognese are      hypoallergenic.

Are Bolognese Dogs   Hypoallergenic?

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