The History and Origin of the Boo Breed

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The Boo breed is a Pomeranian-type dog that originated in the United States.


The breed was developed as a companion animal and is known for its distinctive teddy bear appearance.

Historical Use

Boos are small dogs with a rounded head, short snout, and a dense, fluffy coat.

Physical Characteristics

Boos are known for being affectionate, playful, and friendly, as well as for their sociability with both humans and other animals.


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Boos are highly trainable and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.


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The breed is prone to certain health issues, including dental problems and eye issues.

Health Concerns

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The Boo breed is not recognized by any major kennel club, but has gained popularity through social media and online communities.


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Boos have become popular due to their distinctive appearance and friendly personalities, and are often referred to as "Boo the Cutest Dog."


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