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All pet owners know that being ‘pets’ and ‘owners’ is a thing of the past; our pets are our family, and are loved and treated as such. And lucky for us, the days of leaving our furry friends behind when we go off vacationing are long gone. An increasing number of hotels are throwing open their doors to pets, dogs and cats alike, allowing for us to make that many more memories with our little buddies. But while we’ve made it easy for you to find pet-friendly hotels around you, there’s also information you need to know about bringing your pets along the journey with you.

Pet-Friendly Hotels - What To Expect

Hotels that are pet-friendly can still be miles apart with regards to the extent of their friendliness. The best of hotels that are the friendliest will have a welcome hamper waiting on the bed for your pets. These can include things for them like treats and gifts, and more practical things for you like a leash, waste-disposal bags and an emergency food supply. Pet-friendly hotels could also have separate little beds for your pets.

Pet-friendly hotels will have different policies on whether your pets need to be leashed all the time or not, but the friendlier ones will have leash-free play areas where your furry friends can run around with ease. Some hotels will have a swimming pool or a splash pool just for your dogs so the two of you can splash around in the sun. In addition to this, you could also find a range of pet services like walking, grooming and sitting. Most pet-friendly hotels should also have a vet on call in case of emergencies.

While some hotels will have no issues when it comes to allowing pets on the furniture, others may provide you with special sheets that you can spread over the bed and furniture. This lets your pets curl up next to you wherever you are without upsetting the hotel room policies. As a general rule, all pet-friendly hotels will have a designated area for your pets to relieve themselves. One of the rules that come with this is to scoop the poop i.e. clean up after your pets are done, and to dispose of it responsibly in bins around the area.

Hotel Requirements For Pets

Your pets will have to meet certain requirements to be granted admission to the hotel. Complying with these ensures that the property remains safe for the other guests, both humans and pets alike, making it a pleasant experience for everyone. A broad look at these requirements are:

  • Pets shouldn’t be aggressive
  • Pets should be clean
  • Pets must be properly vaccinated (you’ll be asked to show documentation as proof)
  • Pets must not have fleas

You may be asked to sign an agreement that states that you will be financially responsible in the event that your pet causes any damages. Some hotels also ask for a refundable deposit as security against damages.

Hotel Rules For Pets

Every pet-friendly hotel is bound to have certain rules that you’ll have to make sure your pawfect partners follow. For one, some hotels may limit the number of pets you can bring, while some others may have limitations on the weight or the size of the pets they allow. Some hotels also only allow certain types of pets like only dogs, only cats, or only birds. Make sure you call in advance to confirm these details with the hotel before you book with them.

Some hotels may require your pets to be leashed or kenneled at all times. If your pet isn’t used to this, you may have some trouble. In addition, the furniture and certain areas of the hotel may be off-limits to your pets. Some hotels may not be entirely pet-friendly, and designate only certain rooms or floors to guests with pets.

Etiquette At A Pet-Friendly Hotel

Apart from just making sure that your pet is allowed at the hotel and complying with the rules, there’s also etiquette or codes of conduct to be followed. As the owner or ‘designated human’ to your pet, this responsibility falls on you. These aren’t rules, but are more like tips on how to behave and what not to do when taking your pets to a pet-friendly hotel.

Don’t leave your pets alone: They may be happy to come on the trip with you, but your pets are in an unfamiliar place. Leaving them alone can result in them getting frightened, which in turn can lead to them defecating in fear, tearing or biting into things and barking loudly.

Make sure they have basic training: This one is an obvious tip. Your pets need to have been trained to at least follow basic orders, and be toilet-trained as well.

Don’t break the rules: As pet owners you probably already know this, but in case you were tempted to break some rules we’ll remind you - fur can be notoriously difficult to get rid of, and shows up everywhere. If the hotel insists that furniture is off-limits for your pet, stick to the rules.

Don’t bathe your pet in the tub: Apart from the fur getting everywhere and possibly clogging up the drain, remember that tubs are for humans to bathe in. Avoid doing this, even if your hotel doesn’t explicitly state this in its rules.

Tips When Visiting A Pet-Friendly Hotel

Do your research: Call ahead and get a proper understanding of the hotel’s pet policies. Ask them for information about where the nearest veterinarian is, and whether or not they have facilities to purchase things like food, medicines, leashes, and toys in case you need them.

Carry the pet’s bed: Even if they don’t use it too often, that bed is a sign of familiarity in the room. If your pet prefers to cuddle up with you on your bed at night, make sure your hotel allows it.

Carry medication: Whatever you do, don’t forget to take any medication that your pets may be on. Make sure you carry a little more than required for the duration of your stay, in case any unexpected delays come up.

Prepare for the journey: Calling ahead and checking things with the hotel is only one half of your preparation done. Make sure you prepare your pet for the journey - carry pills for motion sickness if you’ve a long car ride ahead, and prepare adequately if your pet is prone to anxiety or restlessness.

Carry play toys: Just like the bed, your pet’s toys are a sign of familiarity and safety, and can help keep them occupied.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with pet-friendly hotels, simply look up the nearest one and get planning on that trip right away. Remember, they may only be part of our lives for a little while, but we are their entire lives to them. Taking them along with you when you travel is just another way for them to spend more time with you, living the best life they possibly can!