Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Are you looking for a dog pregnancy calculator? Our canine gestation due date estimation tool does exactly that! We’re sure that you are excited to know when your dog will be delivering her puppies. We developed this canine pregnancy calculator to make it easy for dog parents like you to get an idea when your furry friend should go into labor. Please note that the results are not exact but gives you a range of due dates so that you can prepare to welcome the new-born puppies.

All you need to do is enter the date of first mating of your dog and hit ‘Calculate’, our tool will then give you the date range of when to expect the delivery of your dog’s cute new puppies.

Canine Gestation Due Date Estimation Tool

Find out when your dog is due to give birth to her puppies by entering the date of first mating below. This dog pregnancy calculator will give you an estimated date range of delivery so you can be prepared to welcome the new puppies to your family.

Date of First Mating:

Now click calculate to determine estimated due dates.

Expected Due Dates

Estimated due date:

The estimated due date or an average gestation period of your canine's pregnancy is 63 days. The date above shows an estimation of the earliest and latest dates for delivery so that you are prepared when your dog goes into labor. Exact dates may vary. It is highly recommended to contact your local veterinarian if you have any questions.

How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

Your dog will be pregnant for about 63 days. This is the average gestation period or the amount of time from conception to delivery that dogs will be pregnant.

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