Dog Size Calculator

So you want to determine how big your dog will grow once it’s fully grown-up? Our dog size calculator does exactly that! All you need to do is enter your puppy’s current age and weight, and the puppy size predictor will give you the estimated adult weight and height!

Dog Size Predictor

How much will my dog  weight?

The formula we use to determine “how big will my puppy get” is mentioned below:

Puppy Weight to Adult Weight Formula

Adult Weight = (Puppy Weight / Puppy Age in Weeks) * 52

So, you must be wondering why have we used the number 52 in the formula, right? Well, 52 is the number of weeks in a year. That’s how our dog size predictor is programmed to give us the result for puppy’s weight when he is exactly 1 year old.

If you refer to our Dog Age Calculator, you’ll come to know that on average dogs mature into adults within 12 months. For smaller dog breeds it’s 8 months and for the larger breeds it’s around 16 months.

Your Dog Breed’s Weight Category

As per the puppy weight calculator’s results, your furry friend can be placed into one of the below dog breed size groups:

Toy DogLess than 5.4 kg
Small DogBetween 5.4 kg to 10 kg
Medium DogBetween 10 kg to 25.9 kg
Large DogBetween 25.9 kg to 44.9 kg
Giant DogMore than 44.9 kg

Interesting Fact: Toy and small dog breeds tend to live longer. For each increase of 2 kg of body weight, a dog’s lifespan decreases by a month. You can also use our dog size calculator for estimating your pet’s longevity.

Determine How Big (Height) Will Your Dog Get in Inches or Centimeters

Generally the dog’s height is as per the breed, however using our dog size chart calculator you can estimate your puppy’s maximum possible height (from paws to shoulders):

Toy DogMaximum 12 inches (30.5 cm)
Small DogMaximum 18 inches (45.7 cm)
Medium DogMaximum 25 inches (63.5 cm)
Large DogMaximum 30 inches (76.2 cm)
Giant DogMaximum 44 inches (111.8 cm)

How to use the Dog Size Calculator?

The above puppy growth calculator is a very simple tool. In the first field enter the current age of your puppy in either days, weeks or months, then provide us with the current weight in kilograms or grams. Our dog weight estimator will process these details to provide you the puppy’s adult weight. We also provide a range because there are several factors which may influence a canine’s growth and hence the final size.

Based on the adult weight, you will also receive the type of breed of your dog:

Toy Dog (Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Chihuahua etc.)
Small Dog (Dachshund, Beagle, Boston Terrier etc.)
Medium Dog (Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Samoyed etc.)
Large Dog (Labrador Retriever, Akita Inu etc.)
Giant Dog (Great Dane, Tibetan Mastiff, Bullmastiff etc.)

You’ll also get a description of the maximum height possible of your puppy.

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