Best Dog Food Brands in India

5 Best Dog Food Brands in India

Every pet parent knows that the way to your dog’s heart is through its stomach. Providing your furry friend with a balanced and nutritious diet is extremely important. It all depends on the age, gender, breed and most importantly environment.

Nowadays there are a wide array of products available that meet a number of these prerequisites, besides the fancy flavours such as carrots, apples, cranberries, etc. as well as other components. It is recommended to have at least 22% Protein, usually in the form of some type of meat, 17% Fat and at least 5% of Fibre for the best results.

In case you were wondering which brand to choose for your beloved mutt, here are some of the best Dog Food brands in India you can choose from.

5 Top-Rated Dog Food Brands Available in India

The following are some of the most acclaimed brands available in India today. They can easily be found online, at a pet store and even with your local veterinarian.

Sr. no.Dog Food BrandLink
1.Royal CaninBUY NOW
2.Orijen and AcanaBUY NOW
3.Drools FocusBUY NOW
4.FarminaBUY NOW
5.Hill’s ScienceBUY NOW

1. Royal Canin

Undoubtedly the reigning king of dog food. Currently Royal Canin is one of the better brands for its price on the market. It has an unbelievable amount of options for wet and dry. It is easily accessible and can be accommodated with other foods. It’s most widely known for its puppy series like Mini (Starter), Maxi (Junior) and Giant (Puppy). Royal Canin also offers breed specific options such as dog food for a Labrador, Golden Retriever, Beagle and more. But that’s not all, you even get situation specific food such as hypoallergenic and weight management for your dogs, among others.

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2. Orijen and Acana

When it comes to quality, nothing can beat Orijen and its sister brand Acana. Guaranteeing premium quality free-run poultry like duck and chicken, ranch-raised meat, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs, it has quite a name for itself internationally. But you better come prepared with some fire proof pants, because it will burn a hole in your pocket.

We wouldn’t recommend any abrupt changes, especially from an inferior brand. Due to its high protein content and wide variety of options for different age and weight groups, it’s a great choice for puppies and adults alike.

3. Drools Focus

A premium Indian dog food brand, the packaging is honestly the coolest and sleekest out of all of the brands listed. For its price, it definitely provides great products with some quality ingredients. It contains 40% real chicken that adds that protein kick, whole eggs that are a great source of healthy fats and fish oil for a gorgeous coat.

4. Farmina

This brand prides itself for providing their four legged customers with organic products of quality ingredients like lamb, chicken, duck and even quail. If that’s not enough, they also provide grain-free, low-grain, gluten-free and GMO-free products. It contains omega fatty acids for that beautiful silky coat and derives its antioxidants from Pomegranate and berries to help boost the immune system of your pooches.

Such products work well for those dogs who have sensitive stomachs and its low-glycemic formula makes it ideal for diabetic dogs or those who need food that will not increase blood sugar.

5. Hill’s Science

Much like Royal Canin, this brand does offer a good variety of products with an extra dose of health. Its price range makes it quite affordable and the taste and texture of its products have left many puppies happy and with full bellies. It includes no artificial flavours, combined with vitamins C and D as well as Omega 3.

Types of Dog Food

1. Dry Food or Kibbles

Kibbles are one of the most recognizable and widely used types of dog food. They are the best option for those busy owners trying to provide their dog with a yummy meal. Now coming packed with the nutrients and the essential ingredients for your dog, just scoop it out and you’re good to go.

If stored properly in a cool and dry area, dry food has quite a long shelf life. Besides being cheaper than most of the other types, dry food can easily be accompanied with other homemade foods, making it an accessible and convenient option.

The oral health of dogs can sometimes be overlooked. Dry food and other kibbles, though not a sole solution, can provide abrasion that can definitely help in preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar caused due to bacteria. Which is why it’ll be a great addition to their daily routine.

2. Wet and Canned food

Premade wet food for dogs has been a staple for many households. With new improvements made in the industry pertaining to increased nutrient content, transportability, convenient, durable as well as easily accessible packaging, canned food is gaining in popularity. Besides your standard cans, wet food now comes in pouches and Tetrapaks. Some companies are now offering more environmentally friendly options such as BPA Free products.

Wet food, as the name suggests, has a high moisture content of about 70-80%. Water allows your dog’s body to absorb nutrients, digest food and most importantly, stay hydrated. This all results in a healthier and happier animal. The higher cost of canned foods often leads pet owners to feed it as an addition to other diets.

3. Raw Diet

This diet plays on your dog’s natural instincts. A number of studies mention the benefits of a raw food diet. This is mostly seen as a great way to combat the added preservatives and “secret ingredients” found in many packaged products. It includes raw bones, meat and certain vegetables.

It is highly recommended that before feeding your dog any type of raw meat, you check how safe the source is. This will ensure they won’t ingest any dangerous bacteria or viruses that will lead them to fall ill.

4. Home Cooked Food

Honestly, is there anything better than some good ol’ home cooking? The cheapest of all the options, it’s extremely easy to provide a delicious and healthy meal for your pet on a budget. There are a ton of recipes available on the internet, from simple meals to a full-on doggy birthday party with cookies, ice and even a cake! Don’t feel like cooking? Well no worries, as a number of restaurants, cafes and businesses are now catering specifically to your furry friends.

How To Recognize Good Quality Dog Food?

● Check The Ingredients List

A good tip to determine the quality of your dog food is to read the ingredients, more specifically the first 5 ingredients. Companies usually list their ingredients in descending order of quantity. It’s key to pay attention to the types of meats used, especially ‘meat by products’, the levels of sodium as well as sugars, like glucose, fructose, galactose, etc. And the binding agents as well.

Minimal Use Of Chemicals And Preservatives

Whether we like to admit it or not, every brand, yes even the organic ones such as Farmina, must use certain preservatives for their products to have a longer shelf life. Fortunately, there is a difference between a company utilizing natural preservatives and a company using synthetic or artificial ones. It’s always a good idea to see the amounts of them.

● Appropriate For Your Specific Dog

The nutrition of a dog will vary due to its age, coat type, and size. Many brands like Royal Canin and Orijin offer breed specific dog food options. Even different genders require specific meals at different stages in their life. For example, Pregnant dogs require specific nutrition to keep themselves healthy.

● Dental Health

As mentioned before, your choice of dog food can definitely have an impact on their dental health. So if you want your puppy to have that killer smile, it’s important to keep this in mind while picking their food out.

● Veterinarian Advice

Unless you’re totally winging it by yourself, the majority of pet parents consult their vet on what type of diet their dog should have. This is quite obvious as your vet would have a pretty good idea as to what your dog’s physical and medical needs are. Many clinics even have products with them, either for testing or for a sponsorship.

● Price

Last but not least, the price. Yes, owning a pet is definitely a privilege. Out of all of their requirements, their diet probably costs the most. So it is highly recommended to go for a brand or meal plan that can provide both the essential nutrients and not leave you bankrupt.

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