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Bolognese Dog Price in India, Appearance and Characteristics

The Bolognese is a small and serene dog that will be more than happy to avoid pasta and the commercial Italian cuisine you think these mutts might be into. A lot can be said about the Bolognese Dog and how highly attached they can be to their owner. While it’s believed that these doggos are best suited for families or people who are newlyweds or retired, there’s a lot more to them. If you are looking to raise a Bolognese, you should be aware of the following things.

Is The Bolognese Dog Popular In India?

The Bolognese dog is not particularly popular in India even though it is highly cherished by its owners for its easy temperament. If you have a family member who is scared of dogs, then this breed would be a good choice to bring into the house.

Availability In India

The Bolognese is a dog of foreign breed. Hence, it is wiser to get the dog from a certified dog breeder, someone with a good reputation. This breed of dog is more suitable for average to warm weather.

Price Of The Bolognese Dog In India

The price of the Bolognese dog would depend upon the gender, breeder and quality that it comes from. The Bolognese dog is available in three variants, them being – basic, KCI certified and show quality. The price of the Bolognese puppy could start from around ₹22,000 and go till ₹90,000 when you go in that order of quality. A more accurate quote would be available at the breeder’s.

Monthly Maintenance Cost

The Bolognese has some above average grooming needs. Its coat must be brushed often, up to 2 times a week and it must be bathed at least once every two weeks. Hiring the services of a professional groomer is optional but it would be easier to make a trip once in a while.

Their eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. These are active dogs who need their daily walk. A good play in the house with some toys should take care of their daily exercise needs. The monthly maintenance of the Bolognese would be around Rs 3000 to Rs 4000.

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History And Popularity

The Bolognese can be traced back to its noble origins in the Italian aristocracy. Though it belongs to the Bichon family group, it is considered a distinctive breed on its own. Its name comes from a Bologna, a city in northern Italy. It is said that they were brought to England in 1900, though it was in 2001-02 that they were first exhibited in an international dog show. Some of the other names for dogs of this breed are Bottolo, Bologneser and Botoli.

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The Bolognese is a small white dog which falls in the toy dog category and is quite compact. The white coat takes a curly appearance all over the body but the hair on the face is a lot shorter. They have dark eyes and a squarish snout with generally even teeth. These dogs do not shed often but have hair growth similar to the human hair cycle. The height of a male Bolognese is between 27-30 cm whereas that of a female is 25-28 cm. They weigh between 2.5-4 kgs.

Temperament Of The Bolognese Dog

The Bolognese is a mild-mannered dog that is playful and extremely loyal. While generally serious, they enjoy spending time with people and can become quite attached to their owners. This dog, being highly intelligent, is very responsive to obedience training. One could call this dog an ambivert, because of it being rough and tumble in the outdoors and quiet and serene indoors.

Bolognese Dogs also tend to treat strangers as their owners would. They prefer being the only dog in the house unless they are trained to be around others at an early age. You can also count on them as true watchdogs. While they are not prone to barking, they will certainly alert their owner to any change in the surroundings. They can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.


The average lifespan of the Bolognese is 12-15 years, years of being a personal Alfred to their owners.

Are Bolognese Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Yes. The Bolognese are hypoallergenic. They do not shed much but it is still advised to brush their coats twice a week and give them a bath once in two weeks at least. Also, clean their beds and toys to ensure hygiene.

Average Litter Size

Average litter size would be 3 puppies but, in some cases, it has gone up to 6 or 7 puppies.

What Is The Bolognese Dog As A Puppy?

The Bolognese puppy must not be left alone for long periods of time as it can develop separation anxiety. These puppies love their owners and can get highly attached to them. They are also very receptive to obedience training so it’s a good time to introduce them to new people and animals. Bolognese puppers can sleep up to 12-14 hours a day. Fortunately, you won’t need great fitness levels as their exercise needs are pretty manageable.

They are on the apartment friendly side, as they are not prone to barking and can live well with families or people who live alone. However, these mutts don’t really appreciate changes in their routine. All said and done, the Bolognese Dog is genuinely affectionate and loyal and can love the owner to no end.

Good Diet For The Bolognese Dog

The Bolognese is a small dog so its diet routine should be compact and nutrition dense. As a puppy, it should be fed 3 times a day and when it hits the 6-7 month mark, the diet may be reduced to 2 meals a day. Consult your vet before you make the transition regarding the opportune time and procedure.

The food does not need to be calorie heavy as this is an averagely active dog. Make sure the food is high in protein like chicken, fish and other meats. Make fish oils and foods having Omega 3 fatty acids a part of his diet to maintain the health of his coat. The dog should also regularly consume vegetables and easily digestible grains like brown rice etc. You can also include store bought pet food in their diet.

Health Concerns

The Bolognese is a healthy dog and is not likely to have many health problems. That being said, make sure you take the dog to all the doctor’s appointments and get them their vaccinations. Clean their eyes and ears regularly and maintain an overall good diet and hygiene routine for them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bolognese Dog

How much do Bolognese dogs cost?

The price of the Bolognese dog can depend on several factors. The gender, breeder, and quality will all factor into how much it costs you. A basic breed starts at around ₹22,000, while show-quality would start from as high as ₹90,000s.

Do Bolognese dogs bark?

The answer is… not really! These tiny friends tend to be quite happy, playful, and friendly. They enjoy the company of their owners so much that they don’t need a lot of barking or howling to communicate with them. Plus, these little guys have something else going for them: one look from those long lashes will melt even your coldest heart into giving it plenty of doggie kisses right back!

How smart are Bolognese dogs?

Bolognese dogs are very smart! They’re highly intelligent animals, capable of understanding a human’s commands.

Are Bolognese good pets?

The Bolognese is the perfect companion dog. This small companion dog has many traits that make it an excellent choice, such as being calm, faithful, and loving! They’re also very playful and easygoing, meaning they’ll fit in with any family no matter what their lifestyle may be.

Are Bolognese dogs hard to train?

The answer largely depends on the individual dog’s personality and needs. Some dogs will take more time than others, but just like people, different breeds have different personalities. Some Bolognese are more easygoing or even happy-go-lucky when it comes to their new environment and lifestyle change, while others may find it a bit difficult to adjust. However, don’t let this discourage you, as anyone can be trained with patience and consistency for them to adjust properly within their caretaker’s home.

How often should I bathe my Bolognese?

It is recommended that you bathe your puppy once every month. You can, of course, wash them more frequently if you choose to!

How do you brush a Bolognese dog?

The Bolognese dogs are one of the “non-shedding” breeds, so brushing once or twice a week is all that is needed. And it is recommended to start them early in life as they need to be given plenty of grooming time while still young. But before you start, your pup will need to be bathed and thoroughly dried off. Brush from the head down then up, which should take 10-15 minutes max. Afterward, brush their hindquarters and the inside of their legs with plenty of attention paid to between the toes where hair can wrap around nails creating painful ingrown claws that demand even more brushing work! 🙂 Good Luck

Do Bolognese dogs bite?

Bolognese puppies are known for their tendency to bite. While this doesn’t hurt, the dog needs to be taught a good attitude before growing up into an adult and getting destructive!

Do Bolognese dogs shed a lot?

No, they don’t. They are hypoallergenic and have little to no shedding at all! Their coats need to be brushed twice a week, but that is really about it in grooming maintenance, making them such an easy dog breed!

How long can you leave a Bolognese dog alone?

Bolognese dogs are such good companions that they want to be with their owners all the time. That’s why you shouldn’t leave them alone for more than 4 hours, or they can develop separation anxiety and become destructive.

What does a Bolognese dog look like?

The Bolognese is a white, curly toy dog that has dark eyes and short fur on the face. Male Bolognese is 27-30 cm, whereas female ones are 25-28 centimeters tall with weights of 2.5 to 4 kilograms.

Are Bolognese dogs easy to potty train?

Bolognese dogs are typically very easy to potty train. When they need to go outside, take them out and use the command “go potty” or “hurry up.” After they go, be sure to praise your pup or give him a treat! You can also use a long word like “outside.” Speak it in such a way that you’re using your voice to tell the dog where he should do his business.

Do Bolognese dogs need clipping?

Bolognese dogs are cute, but they’re not easy to take care of. Adult Bolognese have more coarse fur and need much commitment if you want the coat to look good. Puppies don’t require as much maintenance until their adult coats come in – but it’s still important for them too!

Are Bolognese dogs healthy?

Bolognese dogs are one of the most healthy dog breeds.

What is a Bolo Poo dog?

The Bolonoodle is a famous hybrid dog, the result of crossbreeding between the lovable Bolognese and Poodles. The intelligent little dogs are personable with anyone who meets them; they’re entertaining and make for an excellent companion dog.

Are Bolognese dogs good for novice owners?

There are many reasons why Bolognese dogs make the perfect first-time dog. They’re loving, responsive to their owner’s commands, and very people-oriented. Their sweet temperament means they won’t give you any trouble when it comes time for them to settle down at night!

Are Bolognese dogs good with cats?

Bolognese is a friendly breed of dogs and would do great with a pet cat; the only prerequisite is to socialize them appropriately.

Things To Take Care Of

The Bolognese is stubborn and does not respond well to punishment or harsh training methods. This can be overcome with patience and early training. They also do not favour loud noises or shouting. The Bolognese is a friendly dog best suited for newly married couples or retired people. In fact, the peaceful and affectionate nature they display is what they’re all about. So they would surely love to get what they give. Give them love, time and affection and you will have a companion that feels nothing less than tailor made for you.

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