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Boxer Dog: Price, Appearance & Characteristics

Boxers are one of those dog breeds you could describe as fun-loving and versatile. Their huge appearance is intimidating but they are actually very friendly. They have been named as “Boxer” because of their tendency to stand up on their hind legs and box with their front paws. There are a lot of things about this dog breed that makes it unique. In this post, you will find out some interesting facts and features of this dog breed which makes it popular in India and all over the world.

Boxer price in India

The price of a boxer dog in India can range from anywhere between ₹6,000 to ₹18,000.

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It is available in pet stores and all major pet breeders in the country.

History and popularity
Boxers are believed to have been a part of the Molosser dog group which was developed in Germany in the late 19th century. By the end of the 19th century, this breed was introduced to other parts of Europe. It came to the US by the turn of the 20th century. Today, you can find this dog breed all over the world.



Boxers are large and intimidating. They have long and strong legs which make them appear huge. They have wrinkles and folds on their faces. One of the most prominent features in their body is their brachycephalic skull. This is what gives them a broad look to their face. Many dog lovers choose them because of their looks.



Boxers are one of the most intelligent dogs you will find. When trained properly, they can do a lot of amazing things.


Like all dog breeds, boxers are devoted to their humans. They love human companionship and always want to be around you.


Boxers are fearless dogs and are very protective of their family. They can get fierce when it comes to guarding their home against strangers.


Boxers are high-energy dogs. They need regular exercise and you have to ensure that they remain busy throughout the day.

Things to take note of

Boxers love to be outside. They are not meant to be left alone in the house. They tend to be destructive when left home alone. If you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to give time to your dog, you should reconsider getting a boxer dog.

Boxers are ideal dogs for busy families. If you live in an apartment, you have to make sure that your dog gets enough space to move around and play. Regular walks are a must for your dog.


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