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Boxer Dog: Price, Appearance & Characteristics

Boxers are one of those dog breeds you could describe as fun-loving and versatile. Their huge appearance is intimidating but they are actually very friendly. They have been named as “Boxer” because of their tendency to stand up on their hind legs and box with their front paws. There are a lot of things about this dog breed that makes it unique. In this post, you will find out some interesting facts and features of this dog breed which makes it popular in India and all over the world.

Boxer price in India

The price of a boxer dog in India can range from anywhere between ₹6,000 to ₹18,000.

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It is available in pet stores and all major pet breeders in the country.

History and popularity
Boxers are believed to have been a part of the Molosser dog group which was developed in Germany in the late 19th century. By the end of the 19th century, this breed was introduced to other parts of Europe. It came to the US by the turn of the 20th century. Today, you can find this dog breed all over the world.



Boxers are large and intimidating. They have long and strong legs which make them appear huge. They have wrinkles and folds on their faces. One of the most prominent features in their body is their brachycephalic skull. This is what gives them a broad look to their face. Many dog lovers choose them because of their looks.



Boxers are one of the most intelligent dogs you will find. When trained properly, they can do a lot of amazing things.


Like all dog breeds, boxers are devoted to their humans. They love human companionship and always want to be around you.


Boxers are fearless dogs and are very protective of their family. They can get fierce when it comes to guarding their home against strangers.


Boxers are high-energy dogs. They need regular exercise and you have to ensure that they remain busy throughout the day.

Things to take note of

Boxers love to be outside. They are not meant to be left alone in the house. They tend to be destructive when left home alone. If you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to give time to your dog, you should reconsider getting a boxer dog.

Boxers are ideal dogs for busy families. If you live in an apartment, you have to make sure that your dog gets enough space to move around and play. Regular walks are a must for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxer

What is the average price of a Boxer dog?

There are many different breeds of dog, and each breed has its own unique price range. For example, Boxers have a wide variety in pricing depending on the factors discussed above; typically, these dogs cost anywhere from INR 6000 to INR 18000.

Is Boxer dog dangerous?

Boxers are not dangerous dogs. On the contrary, they’re loving and gentle, especially when they play with children. Boxers have a reputation for being the best family dog because of their natural love for people and animals in general!

Are Boxers easy to train?

Boxer dogs are easy to train because they’re quick learners! They often only take a few minutes or hours before the dog is performing all sorts of tricks. One thing that makes Boxers so fun and rewarding, though, despite being an easy breed for training, is their personality traits; some will be more stubborn than others when it comes time to learn something new.

Will a Boxer dog protect you?

Boxers are known for their protective nature, but did you know that they make great guard dogs? And not just because of how strong and fierce they appear. Boxers will form a powerful bond with the family who cares enough to train them. In addition, they take patience and empathy when dealing with children, so if your child needs someone trustworthy by their side during soccer practice, it might be worth considering bringing Fido along!

Are Boxers cuddlers?

Boxers are great cuddlers. Boxers are popular for their loving nature and tendency to bond firmly with families, so it makes sense that they’re also enthusiastic cuddle partners! Boxer dogs have a knack for getting on the couch whenever you let them in your house (they know where all of our best furniture is!). They’ll then burrow into any cushions or blankets nearby until they find just the right spot to lie down – usually head-to-toe with someone else who’s already lying there!

Is a Boxer a good house dog?

Boxers are the perfect house dog, especially if you have kids! They were one of the first breeds employed as a police dog, and they’re good at seeing-eye work. Boxers also make excellent guard dogs because they love to be around people – so much that some call them “nannies.”

Do Boxers sleep a lot?

The answer is different for each individual. Some might sleep as little as nine hours a day, while others may need up to 18 hours of rest! Sleep can be erratic during this time, and it takes about four to six weeks until they’re getting the hang of things on average.

Do Boxers smell?

Boxers have been a smelly lot, and the warm summer months can make them even more pungent. The oils found on the skin of your Boxer will mix with dirt and rainwater to create a smelly aroma. Therefore, it is essential for you as an owner to keep their coat clean between baths so that it does not get dirty or wet for them not to be stinky all day long.

Do Boxers bite?

Many people are under the impression that a Boxer’s bite is not very serious. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth! If your dog attacks, you need to know what it means for them and how likely they might hurt someone or something in their vicinity.

How strong is a Boxer dog?

When it comes to the bite force, boxer dogs are undisputed champions. They can exert up to 230 pounds per square inch of pressure with their jaws! This is a considerable amount and would be about twice as much as most other pets or domesticated animals in your home. Boxers also have one of the friendliest personalities when adequately trained, making them great family companions.

How long can you leave a Boxer dog alone?

Boxer dogs are the perfect family pet. They love to play and can quickly strike up a conversation with just about anyone they come across, but only if you give them attention! If your dog is left alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time, it may lead to separation anxiety or other harmful behavior like destructive tendencies that Boxers do not cope well with on their own.

Are Boxers cute?

Boxers are one of the highly loved breeds in America, and they have an adorable face. But beyond that undeniable cuteness, there’s so much more to these dogs! Boxers rank as some of the most loyal companions you could hope for: They’re intelligent enough to learn tricks like playing dead or rolling over and sweat just about all year round—even when it’s hot outside. Plus, their wrinkly faces will always be endearing no matter what moods your friends might be having today!

Do Boxers like hugs?

Boxer dogs are very affectionate! They like to cuddle and give kisses. My dog will do anything for a belly rub, especially when tired after playing all day in the yard. Boxers soon develop strong bonds with their family and love showing their affection in many different ways, such as hugs or giving you little pecks on your nose.

What do Boxer dogs die from?

Boxers die from cancer – the fifth most common cause of death for these breeds is their high likelihood of contracting and succumbing. Physical contact can promote well-being in humans, so pets like boxers offer such comfort when dealing with difficult situations or illnesses (such as depression). Unfortunately, boxer dogs often get cancers that affect many different parts of their body, including lymphoma, mast cell tumors, and bone cancer, just to name a few!

What age is Boxer full grown?

Boxers are a hard-working breed. They don’t consider themselves fully mature until they’re three years old, making their puppyhood one of the longest in history!

What should a Boxer eat?

The boxer breed is hearty, but they have to be fed the right way. If you don’t give them enough fuel for their bodies daily, your pet will get sick and pass out low blood sugar levels. Boxers should eat natural carbohydrates such as those found in sweet potatoes, peas & beans; wholegrain bread-like oats or rice; fruits including honey-sweetened applesauce, which are high-quality carbs with more fiber than refined sugars and starches without all of the adverse side effects.

How can you tell if a Boxer is purebred?

Boxer owners should have all paperwork that proves the lineage of their dog. When purchasing a boxer, make sure to ask if you can see any documentation proving it’s purebred and what generation (5th or higher) they are from.

Are Boxers good with kids?

Yes, Boxers are great with kids. They love to play and have a goofy personality that is very attractive for children of all ages. However, as playful companions, they can be clumsy at times, so it’s essential to make sure their environment is safe and clear of hazards like rugs or furniture pieces in the way when playing chase games around the house!

How do you punish a Boxer dog?

The Boxer is a very energetic dog that needs to be trained and disciplined often. This breed loves playing fetch, so make sure your house has enough room for this game! The best way to implement discipline into the playtime routine with your pup is by incorporating command words like “sit” or “stay.” If they start acting up on walks (such as when passing another dog), redirect their attention to keep them from starting fights.

Why does my Boxer stare at me?

Boxers are known for their affectionate disposition. If your dog is staring at you, it might be because he can’t get enough of the attention. When he stares, it’s as if he’s really trying to convey a love for you. A “serious” look on a boxer’s face is one way they tell us they’re happy to see us when we come home from work.

Why do Boxers fart so much?

Boxers are notorious for their tendency to fart a lot. The Boxer has the unfortunate circumstance of having a short snout that creates suction when they drink, which means more air is gulped in and released all at once. This is true with any dog who eats quickly or if it swallows too much air while drinking water. Boxers tend to be gassy due to how fast they eat and/or from getting lots of extra-large breaths every time because there’s not enough room in those little noses!

Do Boxer dogs smile?

Boxers will always be the most comical and entertaining pup in your pack. They love to make you smile with their quirks, but they are also happy just hanging out on the couch next to you watching TV!

How often should a Boxer be bathed?

A boxer’s hair is not just there to make it look good but instead serves as a protective layer against dirt and other foreign agents. Therefore, boxer owners will need to stay on top of their dog’s bathing schedule so that its coat stays healthy even in the heat of summer when they can’t stop rolling around in the mud. Depending on your location or climate, you may have more frequent baths than others, depending on how often your pup gets dirty!

Are Boxer dogs intelligent?

Boxers are the perfect dog for an active family. They enjoy spending time with their humans and will enthusiastically play fetch, tug-of-war, or chase! In addition, boxer dogs love to explore new areas and keep everyone on their toes by barking at anything they find interesting outside.

Is Boxer a good guard dog?

Boxers are powerful guard dogs. They form strong bonds with families and protect children from potential threats, such as strangers approaching the house or car. Boxers have a protective nature that’s perfect for guarding your home!

Will a Boxer attack an intruder?

Boxers are natural-born guard dogs who were bred to attack intruders. They will not always do this, especially if they have been trained as a companion animal instead of a defense dog; however, untrained boxers may be difficult for strangers and pets alike to handle! The boxer breed was created with self-defense in mind – their high energy is coupled with strong jaws that can deliver painful bites when necessary. Boxer’s instincts make them perfect watchdogs or home guards against burglars.

How do you discipline a Boxer dog?

The Boxer is a high-energy dog who thrives off of attention. If you commit to the job, your Boxer will love you forever! They are very loving and have an outgoing personality which can be great for children or people with disabilities that need assistance in going outside and interacting with others. With this breed’s natural inclination towards being social, they thrive on human interaction, so go ahead and start teaching them manners now before their energy becomes unmanageable as they get older – teach them tricks like sitting nicely when asked by barking at strangers or other animals (or just say “sit” quietly).

At what age do Boxers teeth?

A boxer’s adult canines usually appear around six months old, and by the time they reach two years of age, their full set should be in place. However, they are born with baby teeth that will eventually fall out before permanent ones take over.

Do Boxers get jealous?

The answer is yes, but not as much as other dog breeds do. A boxer will become upset if his or her human spends a lot of time with another dog and may even chase the new visitor away by snapping at them. This doesn’t mean that boxers don’t like to be around people – they just need their alone time too! So it’s important for both you and your pup to have some space from each other every now and then so it can recharge its batteries 🙂

Do Boxers poop a lot?

Boxers, in general, poop a lot. They are also popular guard dogs because of their high energy levels and beefy size. Boxer dogs, as they’re called, excrete more than most breeds due to the shape of their bodies which causes them to eat quickly then defecate often – meaning that you may need some extra loo rolls on hand!

Are Boxer dogs powerful?

Boxer dogs are much more than hunters. Though their heritage as powerful and courageous hunting dogs persist, one of the modern breed’s most appealing traits is a tremendous love for humans that has been passed down through generations – or maybe they just know how to please people so well! A Boxer is happiest when he wants to be with his family, especially children who can offer him unconditional affection (though not all kids will enjoy them around). The boxer dog makes an ideal addition to any loving home: protective enough without being overbearing and patient with small children.

Why are Boxers so hard to train?

As for most dogs, the most specific behavior to start with is obedience. With general control over a Boxer’s behavior comes more specific training goals like agility and protection work. The obedient, well-trained dog has qualities that people like – they seem pretty muscular and sleek rather than being big, shaggy beasts who are usually found out in the wild. Training your dog will make him much better behaved as well as intelligent. In short, it’s just plain easier to enjoy the company of a well-behaved pet when all he wants to do is please his master!

Are Boxers lazy?

Boxers are a lazy breed! When they’re in “ultra-lazy mode, it is impossible to get them to do anything at all. They can be trained for various tricks and will sometimes oblige you when the mood strikes them but don’t count on that happening too often. Boxers are an easygoing breed of dog who loves attention from their humans or other dogs if there’s no one else around to pay any mind to him/her.

Are Boxers a good family dog?

Boxers are regarded as one of the most popular family dog breeds because they’re so energetic, intelligent, and devoted to their families. Typical boxer temperament is playful yet sweet, which makes them a perfect companion for your home. Boxer dogs often get along with children very well, giving them an instinctive need to protect them from harm. The boxers come with smarts that make them great companions for any household while also possessing traits like loyalty, gentleness, and energy that make these animals ideal around kids who may not know how fragile some pets can be when playing too aggressively or without supervision.

Is Boxer good for a first-time dog owner?

Boxers are an excellent choice for first-time dog owners! These high-energy dogs will provide excellent protection with their intelligence and alertness while also getting along well with everyone in your home. Boxer s make a great addition to families who have children or other pets.

Are Boxers easy to potty train?

Boxers are easy to potty train! Some people might think that Boxers may be too energetic or stubborn for them, but they can be one of the easiest breeds to housebreak in reality. If you want your dog trained as soon as possible and at a low cost, this article will help get you started with some tips on going about it.

How do you calm down a Boxer dog?

Ensure that they get enough daily activity to release energy, like running in the park or playing fetch with a frisbee. Be patient when teaching tricks, as this can take time for some dogs who are more stubborn than others. Play games with them so that they can learn how to solve problems creatively by thinking outside of the box–but not too much! Give them interactive toys- such as puzzle boxes, treat-dispensing toys, or ones within other toys that will require their brainpower while still having fun—to keep things fresh.

Do Boxers ever calm down?

Boxers are known for being energetic and full of energy. But when they’ve calmed down, this is a great dog breed to own! Boxers typically calm down by the age of 2 years old, but it’s not an instant process- so don’t worry if your pup seems hyper all the time.

Are Boxers smart or dumb?

Boxers are a loyal and independent breed. Although Boxers may lack obedience, working intelligence, or some other canine skillset that you might need for your current living situation – these dogs have the potential to be great learners if given enough time and experience!

Do Boxers shed?

Boxers clean their coats themselves. It’s recommended to brush them weekly with a bristle brush or hard rubber grooming mitt, which will help keep their hair under control and minimize shedding.

Why do they cut off Boxer’s tails?

It is claimed that it’s cut because it helps with health issues like Happy Tail, where an exuberant boxer’s tail repeatedly smacks against hard surfaces and is injured over time. Left natural, their tails can grow too long and narrow, which leads them to injuries such as skin ulcers from constant contact with furniture, for example.

Do Boxers need another dog?

When it comes to Boxers, the question of another dog is never one that should be answered lightly. Indeed, most dogs are OK with other family pets and even children (albeit some breeds may need more socialization than others). However, for a breed as dominant or aggressive towards same-sex members of their species as Boxers can often be – not to mention cat chasers in many cases – there will always need someone around who is willing to provide leadership!

Is 11 old for a Boxer?

It is important to note that many factors contribute to the life span of your Boxer dog. Specifically, if he or she has a shorter than average lifespan for this breed and breeds typically live 9-12 years, then it’s safe to say they’re in their senior years!

How do I know if my Boxer dog is dying?

From the moment you notice that your boxer dog is shaking, convulsing, or acting disoriented, it’s time to get them to a vet. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for dogs with these symptoms because their balance and motor control will deteriorate quickly by this point due to an illness such as rabies.

What is the longest a Boxer dog has lived?

There are very few documented cases of Boxer living to 16 years old, but it’s amazing when they do! For example, Jessica Kolis from Northern California owned Maccabee for over 12 years before he passed away in 2013 at age 16.

Do Boxers bite their owners?

Boxers have a reputation for being aggressive, but this is not always the case. Instead, boxer puppies can be mischievous and prone to biting their owners when left alone or with inexperienced caretakers who don’t know how to approach them correctly.

Why do Boxer dogs hug?

Boxers are so affectionate that they might even hug you! Boxer dogs often lean to communicate their love for a human family member. They’re also known as cuddly and will seek your company to show how much they care about you.

Are Boxers good indoor dogs?

Boxers are the perfect indoor pet. They’re gentle, well-behaved dogs who enjoy spending time with their family and often get along great with children! Boxer owners should still take care to keep them indoors during extreme weather, though; it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry when you have a dog in the house.

Should I buy a Boxer dog?

If you’re looking for a faithful companion, the Boxer is an excellent choice. They love spending time with their owners and enjoy going on walks or hikes to explore new territory! As they get so attached to their owners, it’s best to have someone around all day with your dog.


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