Caucasian Shepherd Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

When grown properly a healthy Caucasian resembles a lion. The dog is commonly bred in mountainous regions of Transcaucasia. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog price in India

The average price for Caucasian Shepherd Dogs in India ranges from INR 60,000 to 80,000.


Caucasian Shepherd Dog price in India

  • They are muscular, strongly boned, but handsome and even-tempered dogs (mollosers). If we talk about plain dogs (this breed in plain region) then they have short coat thus appear taller as they are less strongly built. But, this breed in mountain area has heavier coat and are more muscular.
  • Caucasian Dogs are large in size. The minimum height of a female Caucasian Shepherd is 64 centimeters (25 inches) with a desirable height of 26 and 29 inches (67 and 70 centimeters) and minimum weight of 99lb or 45 kilo grams.
  • The minimum height of a male Caucasian Shepherd dog is 27 inches or 68 centimeters with a desired height of 72 to 74 centi meters or 28 to 30 inch. and a minimum weight of 50 kilo grams or 110 lb.
  • This breed has two layers of coat with a properly developed under coat. The outer one has straight, coarse and stand-off coat which makes it what it is. A very furry, giant and cute dog.
  • Color of this breed is not definite, it can wear any solid color, piebald or spotted color, except there on his liver, it is generally blue or solid black.


The Caucasian Shepherd is an extremely independent, intelligent, fearless and self-confident dog. It protects its territory with full devotion so it is a highly territorial protective dog that is wary of unfamiliar people. 

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Generally, it is a low activity dog, seems lethargic when doing nothing, but noisy and dangerous when any threat to his family is recognized by him. Although there is variety in viciousness but they are often more territorial and aggressive for other dogs. They need an early and careful socializing activity to ensure its proper social growth, also they require a consistent yet not forceful handling. If it is well-trained and socialized properly then this can be a very good family pet.

Lifespan of this kind and gentle giant dog is similar to other small dogs. A Caucasian Shepherd can live only upto 10 to 12 years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Caucasian Shepherd Dog

How much do Caucasian Shepherd puppies cost?

In India, the average price for a Caucasian Shepherd Puppy is INR 60,000 to 80,000.

Are Caucasian Shepherds good family dogs?

Absolutely! With proper training, they can make lovely family pets and guardians. These furry friends love to be indoors with their human families as much as possible.

Are Caucasian dogs aggressive?

The truth is, they can be. They’re bred to protect their families and property, so it’s not surprising when one turns on an unfamiliar face or a scent that seems threatening to them. But with the proper training, these white pups will grow up into lovable members of your family!

At what age do Caucasian dogs start barking?

Their first sounds are usually grunts and whines. As they get older, these develop into yips and barks, but some can wait until closer to 16 weeks before barking for the first time.

Can you ride a Caucasian Mountain Dog?

A typical misconception with the CMD breed is that they can be ridden, injuring both riders and the dog! Also, the muscles on their backs are not built for holding people or animals up, so don’t do any of that – walk your dog instead!

How can you tell a Caucasian dog?

A Caucasian Shepherd dog is a large breed of dog descended from Soviet mountain dogs, such as the Caucasian Ovcharka. They typically exhibit heavy overcoats and undercoats with guard hairs and also have pronounced eyebrow ridges. Most people think white German Shepherd is Caucasian Shepherd Dogs because they are both historically used for guarding livestock against predators, but in fact, there’s no relation between them!

Is the Caucasian Shepherd the largest dog?

The Caucasian shepherd is not the largest dog because there are also Alaskan malamutes, Saint Bernards, Irish wolfhounds. Alaskan malamutes are larger than Caucasians and can be up to 27 inches tall. Saint Bernards weigh more than 160 pounds, whereas Caucasians weigh between 110 and 140 pounds at full grown. Irish wolfhounds can get to 28 inches tall and 40-100 pounds in weight.

Do Caucasian Shepherds attack their owners?

If you are a first-time dog owner, this is not the breed for you. The white shepherd will fiercely protect his family and friends but have no qualms about attacking anyone he does not know well or has never met before.

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