Pembroke Welsh Corgi Price in India, Appearance and Characteristics

A breed that is literally fit for a queen. With its cheerful demeanour, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is truly a furry sight to behold! Dogbreedo has this exciting honour of exploring this lovable breed which has always been a fan favourite. So read on to learn whether getting this breed home is the right choice for you.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Popular is India?

If you’ve been on social media for the past couple of years, you would’ve definitely come across this medium sized breed in no time. It is due to this internet fame that many Indians are aware of the breed’s existence and are familiar with its many quirks.

Availability In India

Despite the hype surrounding the Corgi, many Indians haven’t actually seen or met one in real life. This is probably due to the fact that not many breeders exist in the country yet, making this breed quite rare.

Price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi in India

As it is with any breed, price in India is heavily influenced by Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality. With prices ranging from ₹30,000 to nearly ₹1 lakh, this breed is more on the expensive side. Moreover, due to its rarity, it is highly recommended to double check the legitimacy of the breeder before going through with any purchase or adoption. This is especially vital during international transactions.

Monthly Maintenance Cost Of A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Not much is available online regarding the Corgi in India, but to make an estimate, the cost to maintain a Pembroke Welsh Corgi per month ranges between ₹3,000 to ₹6,000. This of course depends on the amount of grooming, veterinarian visits and most importantly, diet you wish to give your Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

History and Popularity

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis have quite the intriguing history. It is believed that during the 10th century, they were brought over to Wales in order to look after cattle by Flemish weavers, after King Henry I invited the weaver to live and carry out their craftsmanship in the country. Over time, this breed split into 2 distinct breeds, with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi being larger and having a longer tail, as compared to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Characteristics Of A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Both Male and female Pembroke Welsh Corgis have similar characteristics. They stand at a height of 25–30 cm and weigh around 10 to 13 kgs.

Some sources say that the word Corgi comes from the Celtics word ‘cor’, which means dog and ‘gi’ which means dwarf. This can be owed to the breed’s short, sturdy and low to the ground stature, which was a very useful feature they had as working dogs and while herding cattle. Besides that, the Corgi has a fox-like face with a thin muzzle, two pointy ears and depending on the breeder, either bobtail (due to it being docked as a puppy) or a long bushy tail. They commonly come in the colour tan with white markings, but other combinations of red, fawn, black and sable are also seen.

Temperament of Pembroke Welsh Corgi

As mentioned before, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a happy, loyal and affectionate breed. They are pretty energetic and ever ready to play. If you have kids, these furballs will make great pets. Pembrokes are quite talkative when they want to be as well. In case you didn’t know, Pembroke Welsh Corgis love attention and their adaptability as well as size make them great choices for apartments. They are pretty easy to train, and like any breed, with appropriate training and socializing will make an amazing companion.

Lifespan Of A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The average Lifespan of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 12 to 15 years.

Are Pembroke Welsh Corgis Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately the answer is no, Corgis are not hypoallergenic. This basically means that they do have the ability to trigger an individual’s allergies. Corgis are known to be notorious shedders. Therefore if you’re on the look out for a breed but suffer from allergies relating to animal dander, this may not be the choice for you.

Average Litter Size Of A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This breed has an average litter size between 6 to 8 puppies.

What is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi like as a Puppy?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

Corgis are naturally curious and intelligent creatures, even as a puppy. They wish to explore as well as fool around, all while learning how to maneuver around with their long body and stubby legs. As kids, these pooches are very active and need a good amount of exercise.

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The Best Diet for Pembroke Welsh Corgi

As it is with any dog, it is highly recommended for you to get advised by your veterinarian on the basis of its size and weight. Also, pay attention and observe your dog’s preferences and its needs.

Otherwise, a balanced meal of proteins like chicken, eggs and fish, starches such as rice, and vegetables like carrots and pumpkin make excellent meals for your furry friends.

Health Problems

Due to their long bodies, Pembroke Welsh Corgis can fall victim to Intervertebral Disk Disease which make them prone to ruptures in a spinal disc. You can catch signs of this medical condition by observing your Corgi and seeing whether they have any difficulty going up or down stairs. Or for that matter, on and off furniture, unsteadiness, knuckling over of limbs, weakness, and even paralysis are a few other signs to keep an eye out for. Other than that, they can be susceptible to eye issues due to retinal dysplasia and Cataracts due to old age.

Things To Take Care Of

Your Corgi will come fully equipped with a short but thick double coat. Though the breed itself is quite low maintenance, it does need a fair share of grooming and puppy spa time. Make sure to bath your corgi 1 in 2 weeks and have a regular clipping of nails, ears and brushing of hair as well as teeth.

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