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Poodle Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

A common feature in several Hollywood flicks, these fancy pooches are easily recognizable. But don’t be fooled by their good looks – poodles are known to be quite intelligent. Additionally, they have an amusing draw to being ridiculous, and are quite the adorable entertainers. Read on to know every last detail about poodles, and whether they make the right companion for you.

Is The Poodle Popular In India?

Due to their grooming needs, poodles can become expensive to look after. Additionally, they need a little space to run around and get in some activity. Being locked up in an apartment is detrimental for poodles. For all these reasons, poodles are indeed found in India, though the demand for these dogs comes from the higher rungs of society.

Poodle Availability

High quality breeders and pet stores may have poodles for sale. It may take some looking, as it is still a relatively rare breed to be found in India. However, it isn’t impossible.

Price Of A Poodle In India

A Poodle can cost anywhere from ₹40,000 to ₹70,000. However, certain types of poodles can be bought for as low as Rs. 30,000. Generally, if the pedigree is that of a show dog, it is more expensive. Some poodles can even be sold for higher. Additionally, poodles that are KCI registered are more expensive. KCI is the Kennel Club of India. It is important to get your poches KCI registered for legal and safety reasons.

Monthly Maintenance Cost Of A Poodle

Monthly upkeep for your poodle will be and ₹2,500 to ₹4,000. This will highly depend on the grooming it requires. Show poodles that require higher levels of grooming will cost around ₹7,000 to ₹8,000 per month.

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History And Popularity


The exact origin of the poodle is much debated, with some tracing the breed back to Germany, others to France. Their name is derived from the German word ‘pudel’, which means ‘one who enjoys water’. Indeed, these aesthetic dogs were once used by the Germans as a retrieving dog that specialized in water. Their thick coats served as protection from the elements, and their long legs made them strong swimmers.

A thick, unshaved poodle is at risk of drowning in water. So, people would shave their top halves and retain fur on the bottom half to enable poodles to float better. Hair would be retained around the chest and joints to act as a protective barrier from injury and to protect the organs.

Their exceptional intelligence and interesting personalities gained them favor with the nobility in France. To this date, poodles are closely associated with France, some even calling them ‘French poodles’. However in France itself they are called ‘caniches’, meaning ‘duck dogs’. This echoes the fact that poodles were indeed water retrieving dogs.

Characteristics Of A Poodle

Poodles actually come in three size variants. The most recognizable is the standard poodle, more than 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Poodles under 15 inches are known as miniatures, while the tiny ones under 10 inches are called toys. Male standard poodles can weigh between 20 to 32 kg, and females from 19 to 25 kg. Miniatures can weigh between 5 to 9 kg, and toys are a mere 2 to 3 kg.

Poodles don’t have fur so much as they have hair, which is tight and curly unless combed out, and tends to get matted. They have thick coats that come in a range of colors, from black and white to apricot, chocolate, and shades of red. All poodles tend to look spindly, and have long and narrow muzzles. Their long legs make them very athletic, and they are high jumpers. Overall, the poodle has an air of pride and elegance, and they can be proud dogs in personality as well.

The poodle’s coat is its crowning glory. Being formerly water breeds, they were groomed according to need, which is a different case today. Poodles’ shaved styles are called clippings. While show dogs get the more elaborate clippings, home poodles can just have a short coat. Add to this the characteristic puff over the head and tail, called pompons.

Temperament Of A Poodle

Poodle in India

Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs that thrive on attention and don’t like getting ignored. They are protective in nature, and the smaller poodles can be aggressive to strangers or other dogs. They are good in a family, and are fun and smart. Thus they are easily trained as well. Their high intelligence and need for attention means they like being around people and can develop social skills.

It is important to remember that poodles are inherently hunting dogs. It takes adequate exercise and good training to make them acceptable as house dogs.

Poodle Dog Lifespan

Standard poodles can live for up to 10 to 14 years. The miniatures and toys can live for even longer, up to 17 or 18 years.

Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

Yes, poodles are hypoallergenic and make good companions for anyone with severe allergies. The nature of their hair causes it to mat together instead of shed. However, this does mean the poodle needs constant grooming. Hair grown out and neglected for too long can cause tough and painful matts. Unless your poodle is a show dog, we recommend a short coat so it is easier to manage. Regular weekly combing is required, as well as a visit to the groomers for their clipping.

What Is The Average Litter Size Of A Poodle?

A toy poodle on average will birth up to 3 puppies. Miniatures have an average litter size of 5, and standards of 7. Keep in mind that these are averages; toy poodles can even birth just 1 puppy.

What Is The Poodle Like As A Puppy?

Poodle Puppy

Poodle puppies do not require much exercise or grooming. This changes as they start to grow and it is important to introduce grooming as a positive experience early on. Pair it with positive reinforcement and a few treats for your dog to get well acclimatized to it. Their intelligence means they can be easily trained, but the training should start young. Be polite and soft but firm, as poodles are sensitive breeds. Keep your puppy occupied and introduce them to a bit of social interaction to hone their socialization skills.

Good Diet For Poodles

The best diet for your poodle will have to be vet recommended, as the size and type of poodle requires a customized diet. Poodles can tend to get overweight. Be careful of your dog’s calorie consumption, and don’t feed them too many treats. Obesity is dangerous for a poodle and must be avoided.

Health Concerns For Poodles

Poodles are at risk for a few specific disorders. Read to know more.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is when the dog’s thigh bone doesn’t properly fit into the hip joint. Generally inherited, it is spotted when your dog shows signs of discomfort like limping and lameness. The discomfort can be seen in one or both hind legs.

Eye Diseases

Poodles are susceptible to a range of diseases that affect their eyes like glaucoma or cataracts. They are known to carry a gene for optic nerve Hypoplasia, a condition where a poodle is born with full or partial blindness or develops it over time. They can also inherit progressive retinal atrophy, a saddening condition where several diseases damage the poodle’s eyeballs. This has no cure and they eventually lose all sight. It is important to reassure them as much as possible and support them throughout.


Your poodles’ diets need to be watched as they can get bloated, which is life threatening. Ensure your poodle doesn’t run around or get exercised immediately before or after a heavy meal. Avoid giving them one heavy meal in a day, or letting them drink lots of water right after a big meal. If your dog seems to be retching but not throwing up, drooling excessively, having a swollen belly, or is panting and in discomfort, seek medical help immediately.

Addison’s Disease

This is a failure of the Adrenal glands to produce the right level of hormones. It can be fatal if left untreated. Symptoms can be vague, like loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. A blood test and measuring the hormone levels should help you diagnose it.


Conditions that cause an epilepsy can be due to injury or brain trauma, or hereditary. DO not try to control your dog’s mouth when it is having a seizure. Instead, wait for it to pass while making sure it doesn’t injure itself. Lifelong medication will be required.

Things To Take Note Of

Poodles are pleasant house and family dogs. However, they need adequate physical and mental stimulation. While an everyday walk is essential, give your poodle some time off-leash in a secure area to wander around uninhibited. Having a swimming pool is more than ideal, as your poodle is sure to love a splash and swim or two. Additionally, just a chew toy or two isn’t enough. Engage in games of fetch and retrieving with your poodle to avoid them turning into depressed, aggressive dogs. Keep them around your family members. Neglect does not bode well for a poodle.

Remember that your poodle will need love, care and attention. If you are someone with a lot on your hands in search for a dog companion, you may be better off with another breed. The beauty of dogs is that there are breeds to suit almost every type of person. All you have to do is read on to find out which breed is best suited for you.

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