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Poodle Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

A common feature in several Hollywood flicks, these fancy pooches are easily recognizable. But don’t be fooled by their good looks – poodles are known to be quite intelligent. Additionally, they have an amusing draw to being ridiculous, and are quite the adorable entertainers. Read on to know every last detail about poodles, and whether they make the right companion for you.

Is The Poodle Popular In India?

Due to their grooming needs, poodles can become expensive to look after. Additionally, they need a little space to run around and get in some activity. Being locked up in an apartment is detrimental for poodles. For all these reasons, poodles are indeed found in India, though the demand for these dogs comes from the higher rungs of society.

Poodle Availability

High quality breeders and pet stores may have poodles for sale. It may take some looking, as it is still a relatively rare breed to be found in India. However, it isn’t impossible.

Price Of A Poodle In India

A Poodle can cost anywhere from ₹40,000 to ₹70,000. However, certain types of poodles can be bought for as low as Rs. 30,000. Generally, if the pedigree is that of a show dog, it is more expensive. Some poodles can even be sold for higher. Additionally, poodles that are KCI registered are more expensive. KCI is the Kennel Club of India. It is important to get your poches KCI registered for legal and safety reasons.

Monthly Maintenance Cost Of A Poodle

Monthly upkeep for your poodle will be and ₹2,500 to ₹4,000. This will highly depend on the grooming it requires. Show poodles that require higher levels of grooming will cost around ₹7,000 to ₹8,000 per month.

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History And Popularity


The exact origin of the poodle is much debated, with some tracing the breed back to Germany, others to France. Their name is derived from the German word ‘pudel’, which means ‘one who enjoys water’. Indeed, these aesthetic dogs were once used by the Germans as a retrieving dog that specialized in water. Their thick coats served as protection from the elements, and their long legs made them strong swimmers.

A thick, unshaved poodle is at risk of drowning in water. So, people would shave their top halves and retain fur on the bottom half to enable poodles to float better. Hair would be retained around the chest and joints to act as a protective barrier from injury and to protect the organs.

Their exceptional intelligence and interesting personalities gained them favor with the nobility in France. To this date, poodles are closely associated with France, some even calling them ‘French poodles’. However in France itself they are called ‘caniches’, meaning ‘duck dogs’. This echoes the fact that poodles were indeed water retrieving dogs.

Characteristics Of A Poodle

Poodles actually come in three size variants. The most recognizable is the standard poodle, more than 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Poodles under 15 inches are known as miniatures, while the tiny ones under 10 inches are called toys. Male standard poodles can weigh between 20 to 32 kg, and females from 19 to 25 kg. Miniatures can weigh between 5 to 9 kg, and toys are a mere 2 to 3 kg.

Poodles don’t have fur so much as they have hair, which is tight and curly unless combed out, and tends to get matted. They have thick coats that come in a range of colors, from black and white to apricot, chocolate, and shades of red. All poodles tend to look spindly, and have long and narrow muzzles. Their long legs make them very athletic, and they are high jumpers. Overall, the poodle has an air of pride and elegance, and they can be proud dogs in personality as well.

The poodle’s coat is its crowning glory. Being formerly water breeds, they were groomed according to need, which is a different case today. Poodles’ shaved styles are called clippings. While show dogs get the more elaborate clippings, home poodles can just have a short coat. Add to this the characteristic puff over the head and tail, called pompons.

Temperament Of A Poodle

Poodle in India

Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs that thrive on attention and don’t like getting ignored. They are protective in nature, and the smaller poodles can be aggressive to strangers or other dogs. They are good in a family, and are fun and smart. Thus they are easily trained as well. Their high intelligence and need for attention means they like being around people and can develop social skills.

It is important to remember that poodles are inherently hunting dogs. It takes adequate exercise and good training to make them acceptable as house dogs.

Poodle Dog Lifespan

Standard poodles can live for up to 10 to 14 years. The miniatures and toys can live for even longer, up to 17 or 18 years.

Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

Yes, poodles are hypoallergenic and make good companions for anyone with severe allergies. The nature of their hair causes it to mat together instead of shed. However, this does mean the poodle needs constant grooming. Hair grown out and neglected for too long can cause tough and painful matts. Unless your poodle is a show dog, we recommend a short coat so it is easier to manage. Regular weekly combing is required, as well as a visit to the groomers for their clipping.

What Is The Average Litter Size Of A Poodle?

A toy poodle on average will birth up to 3 puppies. Miniatures have an average litter size of 5, and standards of 7. Keep in mind that these are averages; toy poodles can even birth just 1 puppy.

What Is The Poodle Like As A Puppy?

Poodle Puppy

Poodle puppies do not require much exercise or grooming. This changes as they start to grow and it is important to introduce grooming as a positive experience early on. Pair it with positive reinforcement and a few treats for your dog to get well acclimatized to it. Their intelligence means they can be easily trained, but the training should start young. Be polite and soft but firm, as poodles are sensitive breeds. Keep your puppy occupied and introduce them to a bit of social interaction to hone their socialization skills.

Good Diet For Poodles

The best diet for your poodle will have to be vet recommended, as the size and type of poodle requires a customized diet. Poodles can tend to get overweight. Be careful of your dog’s calorie consumption, and don’t feed them too many treats. Obesity is dangerous for a poodle and must be avoided.

Health Concerns For Poodles

Poodles are at risk for a few specific disorders. Read to know more.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is when the dog’s thigh bone doesn’t properly fit into the hip joint. Generally inherited, it is spotted when your dog shows signs of discomfort like limping and lameness. The discomfort can be seen in one or both hind legs.

Eye Diseases

Poodles are susceptible to a range of diseases that affect their eyes like glaucoma or cataracts. They are known to carry a gene for optic nerve Hypoplasia, a condition where a poodle is born with full or partial blindness or develops it over time. They can also inherit progressive retinal atrophy, a saddening condition where several diseases damage the poodle’s eyeballs. This has no cure and they eventually lose all sight. It is important to reassure them as much as possible and support them throughout.


Your poodles’ diets need to be watched as they can get bloated, which is life threatening. Ensure your poodle doesn’t run around or get exercised immediately before or after a heavy meal. Avoid giving them one heavy meal in a day, or letting them drink lots of water right after a big meal. If your dog seems to be retching but not throwing up, drooling excessively, having a swollen belly, or is panting and in discomfort, seek medical help immediately.

Addison’s Disease

This is a failure of the Adrenal glands to produce the right level of hormones. It can be fatal if left untreated. Symptoms can be vague, like loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. A blood test and measuring the hormone levels should help you diagnose it.


Conditions that cause an epilepsy can be due to injury or brain trauma, or hereditary. DO not try to control your dog’s mouth when it is having a seizure. Instead, wait for it to pass while making sure it doesn’t injure itself. Lifelong medication will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poodle

What is the average cost of a Poodle?

Poodles come in all shapes and sizes, but on average, the cost for a Poodle ranges from INR 40,000 to INR 70,000.

Why are Poodles so expensive?

Poodles are pricier than most dogs because of the high costs associated with breeding them. Reputed breeders invest a lot of time and money to ensure that their animals are healthy, happy, and well cared for. Poodles also have expenses after purchase – grooming, training food for themselves, or vet visits can pose an additional cost on top of what you’ve already spent when adopting your new dog friend!

What is the rarest Poodle color?

Apricot Poodles. Caused by a recessive gene, this light red that borders on cream comes off as one of the last colors developed in these dogs. However, as they’ve been genetically bred for generations to have specific characteristics such as size and temperament, apricot may be seen to some people as being an unjustified choice when breeding purebred canines with specific genetics.

Do Poodles get attached to one person?

Yes, they could easily pick their favorite human in the house. Poodles are known for clinging onto a single family member with undying devotion and love. It’s as if they have already picked out who will be their lifelong companion from all other humans living inside of your home!

Can Poodles be left alone?

Poodles are intelligent, social animals that can be left on their own for up to 2 hours per month of age. However, Poodles can become lonely if left to spend too much of their day alone and without stimulation. Therefore, it is important that Poodle owners set up an environment in which the animal will be stimulated when they have some free time on their own and give it plenty of attention during shared times so that no feelings of loneliness arise or persist over extended periods.

Do Poodles bark a lot?

Poodles are highly intelligent and often trained not to bark. Poodle owners will be happy to hear that Poodles do not usually bark for no reason, but they may if there is a trigger, such as someone coming into the room or going outside when it’s time for their walk. They also might respond in this way after hearing another dog barking or playing nearby.

At what age do Poodles calm down?

Poodles generally reach maturity at 2 years old. Around 18 months, you’ll start to notice their behaviors change and develop into those of an adult Poodle. They won’t be as rowdy or demanding attention like they were when younger; things would have calmed down quite a bit by this point! When it comes to Poodles, one thing is for sure: they are very clingy.

Are Poodles hard to potty train?

Poodles are intelligent dogs, so don’t be nervous about potty training them! Having some patience and consistency, you can have your new Poodle trained in no time.

Do Poodles like to cuddle?

The truth is that most dogs love affection. Poodles, in particular, seem to enjoy it more than any other type! So, of course, they’ll give kisses too – even sometimes when you’re just petting them. But don’t worry if your pup doesn’t want hugs or anything close; their tail will be wagging for sure as long as someone’s there with them for some good time together.

How often should I bathe my Poodle?

Poodles need to be bathed every 3 weeks! There are many benefits to bathing your doggy once every 3 weeks, such as it helps keep skin healthy by removing dead cells, bacteria, yeast infections, or dryness. It also prevents matting from forming in their coat while keeping its natural oils on board to avoid frizziness which means they stay soft and fluffy for longer without needing additional grooming services like brushing or trimming.

Are Poodles good pets?

Poodles are perfect pets. They’re docile, they don’t shed much, and they can go for a long time without needing to be groomed. In addition, Poodles are quick learners, so training them is easy as well!

Do Poodles stink?

Dogs are known for their stench–however, Poodles don’t carry that same odor. Poodles often have a dog smell to them which is tolerable and common in all breeds of dogs. Some owners may not even realize they own the stinkiest pup!

Are Poodles high maintenance?

Poodles are high-maintenance dogs. They require a lot of grooming, but that’s the only time they need to be groomed because their coats do most of the work for them. However, Poodle parents still have to take care when bathing and styling these fuzzy friends to keep up with all those lovely locks!

Are Poodles good for first-time owners?

Poodles are a perfect choice for first-time dog owners, as they have the traits of being energetic, easy to train, and not require much exercise. However, Poodle socialization must begin early with other people so your pup can grow up around many different types of personalities!

Are Poodles stubborn?

Poodles are one of the most mischievous dog breeds, so consistency is key to training. Poodles can be stubborn and very wary about going to a park before they’re 12 months old. Be mindful that toy Poodle Miniature Poodle crossbreeds will also have these traits!

Why are Poodles so clingy?

Poodles and other toy breeds are so sensitive that they may become clingy at a young age. Despite significant efforts to discourage it, they have strong attachments to their people, even becoming excessively dependent on them. Often this is because the owner unwittingly rewards clingy behaviors, making them more pronounced and difficult to correct. This problem intensifies as the dog grows up and becomes an adult, which may result in severe separation anxiety that can lead to any number of issues such as housebreaking problems, compulsive, destructive behavior both during attempted separations from people or animals besides the owner’s family member.

Which is better, male or female standard Poodle?

The females are far more intelligent than the males, making them less obedient as they trust their own opinion before following any direction given by an owner or trainer. Female Poodles tend to be independent and protective of their family unit – sometimes not seeking attention from others but loving, affectionate playfulness when offered willingly. On the other hand, male Poodles can at times become distant with no interest in what happens around him unless he’s being petted; this higher need for approval often leads them into trouble!

How smart is a Poodle dog?

Poodles are intelligent dogs with the second-highest intelligence of all dog breeds regarding obedience and work. In addition, they have high instinctive intelligence, ranking among water retrievers as one of those animals that have adapted well to their environment through survival skills such as hunting for food!

How do you discipline a Poodle?

A Poodle is an excellent pet for any owner! They are small and don’t need much room to live in. The only trouble with these adorable dogs, though, is that they can be tough to train if you take on the task yourself. So it would be best to start by setting up rules early so your puppy will learn from your words and actions – even when there aren’t consequences right away, like getting scolded after doing something wrong.

Do Poodles shed a lot?

It is true that poodles shed. However, they do not shed as much as other dog breeds, such as the Bichon Frise. A Poodle will have a slightly different look based on its coat type and color. For example, a black poodle may need more brushing than their lighter counterparts due to added dirt from outside with this natural hair coloring. The best way to keep your furry friend in tiptop shape is by brushing them regularly and trimming their nails when necessary! In general, adopting any mutt or pup of any breed will require some extra attention and care nonetheless–just don’t worry too much about shedding!

Is Poodle available in India?

Yes. Poodles are available in India, but they are often mixed breeds that don’t have the same show quality or Poodle type as they do in the US. The best place to find a Poodle is by contacting a reputed Poodle Dog Breeder near you.

Why are Poodles so mean?

Poodles can be very aggressive at a young age. This is likely due to being trained as a puppy or from their parents with this behavior. Dog Trainers recommend socializing your pup around many different people to curb the problem early on and give them what they want instead of resorting to violence for attention!

What color Poodle is the smartest?

Light-colored, black, and white are often considered to be smarter than other colors because of their original standard. Nowadays, this ranking may not hold as some breeds have been created that don’t rely on intelligence or temperament for success in dog shows, but there’s still no denying these dogs were bred with them both being key features over centuries.

What is the cutest Poodle mix?

The most popular and common mixes are Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Peekapoos. Other more unusual mixes include Schnoodle (a Poodle crossbreed with a Schnauzer), Pomapoo (Pomeranian mixed with a Pekingese), or Yorkie Poo, which has Yorkshire Terrier genes added to it!

What is the most popular Poodle color?

White. If you’re looking to purchase a Poodle, the chances are that white will be one of your top colors. The majority of Poodles in existence have this coloring, and it’s likely because they suit different hairstyles best. For example, white looks great with long flowing locks or an all-over shaved look like military dogs can often find!

Can Poodles live in India?

Poodles can live in India, as they have good to great tolerance to both heat and cold climates due to their coat being able to retain moisture better than other breeds, which helps them cool off when it gets hot outside or warm-up it’s too cold. With this unique characteristic, these dogs could be perfect companions during your summer vacations!

What’s wrong with Poodles?

For all three types of Poodle, hip dysplasia or an abnormal formation in the socket that connects the thighbone to the pelvis is a common ailment. It can lead to arthritis and lameness if left untreated. Still, surgical options and supplements like glucosamine chondroitin sulfate work towards healing cartilage tissue damage and rebuilding new collagen around affected joints.

Do Poodles get jealous?

Poodles are susceptible dogs, so they might get jealous if you give attention to other animals. If your Poodle is getting upset with this behavior, then talk to its veterinarian about the best way of handling it.

Do Poodles like to be held?

Yes, they do! Poodles are intelligent and affectionate dogs. This is because these canines often enjoy being around people more than other breeds of canine counterparts. Holding your pup will make it feel safe, which could lead to a better temperament overall.

What is bad about Poodles?

One of the bad things about Poodles is how their hair gets everywhere. One thing many people don’t know about Poodles is that due to their high intelligence level, they can be complex or very challenging pets for some owners. In particular, if you happen to live in an apartment with small children running around all over the place- this may not be your best idea as these dogs tend to nip at kids’ heels when they’re just trying playfully run away from him/her while on his leash (especially during summertime).

Which size Poodle is the smartest?

Poodles are well known for their intelligence. There’s a wide range of Poodle sizes to choose from, and one option that may be perfect if you want something small or prefer dogs with fewer exercise needs would be a toy Poodle. These little guys need about 15-30 minutes per day outside to get their mental stimulation, making them excellent choices for people who live in apartments without yards or active lifestyles due to aging, pregnancy, disability, etc. On top of this, they make excellent companions as they love children but tend not to enjoy roughhousing, so they can keep other pets safe around your home while still providing hours of entertainment when needed!

What two breeds make a Poodle?

The four varieties of Poodles are the Standard, Medium, Miniature, and Toy. The standard is more than 20 inches high at the shoulder; mediums range from 16 to 17 inches in height; miniatures measure up to 15-16″ tall while toy Poodle’s stand under 10″. So it isn’t as easy for this breed due to its size. However, they can still be trained using different methods that make it easier on them, like smaller obedience courses or even practice sessions where you have a much lower voice tone, so they don’t get too overwhelmed with your commands.

Why do Poodle’s breath stink?

Poodles are known for their fluffy hair and cute faces, but did you know that they can also have bad-smelling breath. As a result, Poodles require regular dental care. The buildup on teeth is a cause of the foul smell in your puppy’s mouth. To fix this problem yourself at home, please follow these steps:

  1. Brush his teeth with toothpaste
  2. Use a dog-specific water pick or sponge
  3. Floss between all six sets of back molars
  4. Give him chew toys like Kongs

Do Poodles get wet dog smell?

Poodles are known for their adorable curly coats and often silly dispositions. They also tend to smell more than other breeds of dog—even after getting all dolled up in the groomer’s chair! Well, it might be because they don’t shed or that we can’t bathe them as well as some dogs (or maybe both). Regardless, there is no denying that when they’re clean, Poodles want to play with everyone else around.

Do Poodles need another dog?

The average Poodle can do well living with another dog, but they are just as happy to live alone. But, of course, they want a lot of attention from their human companions too!

How do I stop my Poodle from peeing in the house?

No one wants to clean-up after their pets, but now you don’t have to. The key is knowing what motivates your pup and using it as reinforcement for good behavior. For example, if they go outside – give them praise, treats, or petting – whichever works best! And remember: if he’s not going out there with supervision. He may be going inside instead of getting his reward!

Why does my Poodle bite me?

Poodles are a very misunderstood breed. They’re not as fluffy and cuddly-looking, so that they may be passed over for the more popular breeds in pet stores. But Poodle owners know that this is where their charm lies: with intelligence that can surpass many other dog breeds; devotion to chewing on anything without limits (including fingers); high biting rates – but also trainable! Once trained, these bites will happen less often than before because of obedience training from early puppyhood.

Do Poodles like to swim?

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Poodles are a breed that has always been water-ready. They have specially designed coats and webbed feet, which make them well suited for swimming. So don’t be fooled by their often prim and proper appearance — they’re good swimmers!

Is the Poodle the smartest dog breed?

Poodles are some of the smarter dogs out there and will be a great addition to your home. They’re ranked second in intelligence compared to other dog breeds, so they’ll have plenty of mental stimulation at home! Poodle’s even rank number one on certain lists for their ability to learn tricks; that means you can teach them all sorts of new skills.

What should I look for when buying a Poodle puppy?

Poodles are quite a popular breed of dog. They’ve been around for centuries, and people love them because they’re so friendly with humans! Before buying your Poodle puppy, though, it’s essential to consider what you want in one, whether that be size or temperament (or both!). Then go find yourself a reputable breeder who has the type of pup you’re looking for. Once at the breeder’s home, make sure to take time observing how well-behaved these puppies already are when interacting with each other – this is an excellent indicator of their upbringing quality as adults!

What does owning a Poodle say about you?

A person who owns a Poodle is elegant, timeless, and sophisticated. They enjoy the finer things in life, such as wine and painting, but they can also be intelligent or learn quickly when given a chance to do so. People with pets like these often care for animals around them due to their namesake, this breed of dog, which has been seen throughout history.

What do you need to know about owning a Poodle?

Poodles are a people-oriented breed and need a lot of attention. They love learning new tricks, such as fetching balls or doing high jumps! You’re going to have trouble leaving your Poodle alone in the backyard for long periods at any time during the day due to their strong impulse to play with toys; however, one thing they do not like is water, so don’t plan on giving them baths often.

Things To Take Note Of

Poodles are pleasant house and family dogs. However, they need adequate physical and mental stimulation. While an everyday walk is essential, give your poodle some time off-leash in a secure area to wander around uninhibited. Having a swimming pool is more than ideal, as your poodle is sure to love a splash and swim or two. Additionally, just a chew toy or two isn’t enough. Engage in games of fetch and retrieving with your poodle to avoid them turning into depressed, aggressive dogs. Keep them around your family members. Neglect does not bode well for a poodle.


Remember that your poodle will need love, care and attention. If you are someone with a lot on your hands in search for a dog companion, you may be better off with another breed. The beauty of dogs is that there are breeds to suit almost every type of person. All you have to do is read on to find out which breed is best suited for you.

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