Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Price, Appearance and Characteristics

The Afghan Hound is basically elegance personified. An ancient and unique breed of dog, the Afghan Hound has an extremely unique appearance. It has an exotic face, and a dramatic silky coat all over its body. It is a breed very popular across the world for its fashion model build. The Afghan Hound is often described as quite aloof and yet comical.

Is The Afghan Hound Popular In India?

The Afghan Hound is quite popular in India because of its glamorous looks and its history in the fashion dog industry. It is popular mostly in the metropolitan cities and among people who are regular participants at dog shows.

Afghan Hound Availability In India

The Afghan Hound is rarely found in India. It is available depending upon the demands of the dog lovers, and can be found only in high quality expensive dog stores in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. In some cases, people might prefer importing an Afghan Hound due to how rarely it is found in the country.

Price Of The Afghan Hound In India

The price of the Afghan Hound ranges from between ₹60,000 to ₹80,000. In case you were wondering, it is extremely unlikely that you will find one in a shelter home either. So your best bet is speaking to breeders or figuring out a way to import an Afghan Hound.

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Monthly Maintenance Cost

Afghan Hound’s monthly maintenance cost is ₹6,000 to ₹8,000

The Afghan Hound is known for its thick and long coat which requires a great deal of grooming and proper attention. Afghan Hounds should be bathed whenever necessary. It is recommended that you do not brush the coat of your Afghan Hound in between baths so that it remains long and shiny for a longer period of time.

Also, brushing the dry coat of an Afghan Hound causes damage and further makes it very easily matted. There are special brushes available in the market that are air cushioned, known as the pin brush, which are specially made for brushing the coat of the Afghan Hound and similar breeds. This breed does not shed too often. Its nails need to be trimmed on a monthly basis.

History And Popularity Of The Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound in India

The Afghan Hound is known as a basal breed, which actually happens to predate the emergence of what we know as the modern breeds from the nineteenth century. Most likely, the breed is related to the Saluki.

The purebred Afghan Hound that we have in today’s modern day, descends from dogs that were brought to Great Britain sometime in the 1920s, given by King Amanullah from the Afghan Royal Family as gifts. Some of these dogs were kept as hunting dogs while the others remained as guardians.

The Afghan Hound sometimes comes with a lot more patterned coat on its body. This particular variant of the breed perhaps descents from the Ghazni and the Bell-Murray lines. The breed is no longer used as hunting dogs, but it is still seen in lure coursing sports activities.


The Afghan Hound comes in shades of black, cream and red mostly. The male Afghan Hound is generally between 68 to 74 centimeters long, while the female is between 60 to 69 centimeters. Both the male and the female Afghan Hound weigh between 24 to 34 kilograms. While they might be self-confident and display a sense of class, Afghan Hounds can be hilariously goofy odd-balls at times.

Temperament Of The Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is known for its courageous, sweet, affectionate and loyal temperament. It is a dignified breed that is highly spirited and extremely sensitive. It has a low dominance level and can be quite aloof. The Afghan Hound needs to be trained in a calm, kind and firm manner.

The Afghan Hound tends to be suspicious of strangers, but are never hostile towards them. This breed does better with older people, but are also friendly with children as long as they are given respect and not harmed. The Afghan Hound is a good pack leader, and is amenable to training.


The Afghan Hound lives for up to 12 to 14 years.

Are Afghan Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Yes, the Afghan Hound is hypoallergenic. Although not entirely, because that’s not possible for any dog. It is one of the few breeds of dogs that are mostly hypoallergenic. Afghan Hounds don’t shed a lot either, which only further complements it being hypoallergenic.

Average Litter Size

The average litter size of the Afghan Hound is 6 to 8 puppies.

What Is The Afghan Hound like As A Puppy?

Afghan Hound Puppy

Afghan Hounds are independent, dignified, and aloof in general, but they are affectionate and extremely loyal to humans they have bonded with. This loyalty can make it difficult for an adult Afghan to adjust to a new home. On the other hand, it can make them fairly easy to housetrain, because they want to please their owners.

Unless obedience or agility competition is a goal, teaching basic commands such as come, sit, and stay is generally sufficient. Afghan Hound owners are often quick to point out that no amount of training will overcome the breed’s hunting instinct to break off on a high-speed chase.

Good Diet For Afghan Hounds

The suggested diet plan for the Afghan Hound is two and three cups of high quality dry food, that is to be given twice each day. The food should not be left out all day long, as it may create an imbalance or irregularity is consumption. The vet should be consulted for proper details of what is best for your pet depending on their age, size, build and metabolism.

Health Concerns

There are almost no major health concerns for the Afghan Hound. However, they have the possibility of developing certain genetic health issues. It is recommended that you go for regular health checkups to ensure a good health of your pet. It is also important that you ask for a valid health certificate before adopting an Afghan Hound, so that you have the history of the genetic line of your puppy.

The following are some of the most common health concerns for Afghan Hounds:

1. Cataracts: Cataracts is a minor health issue that is found in an Afghan Hound. It is caused when the lens of the eyes are clouded. This is caused due to water imbalance or a change in the proteins within the lens of the eyes. A cataract looks like a white disc and can cause blindness in older dogs.

2. Myelopathy: It is a neurological deficit that is found in the spinal cord and is genetically common in Afghan Hounds. It is known as an acute spinal cord injury when caused because of trauma. It is called myelitis when caused due to inflammation.

3. Laryngeal paralysis: It is a condition in animals that causes the nerves and muscles of the arytenoid cartilages of the larynx to stop functioning. The arytenoids, in this condition, remain stationary. This could lead to inadequate ventilation and incomplete safety during swallowing.

Things To Take Note Of

The Afghan Hound is a very affectionate, adaptable and beautiful breed of dogs that are perfect for any size of family. There is quite a bit of time and attention that is required for you to give to your Afghan Hound. It is important to make sure your dog does the amount of exercise they need.

Frequently Asked Questions about Afghan Hound

What is the average cost of an Afghan hound?

The price for an Afghan hound can range from ₹60,000 to ₹80,000

Are Afghan hounds easy to train?

The Afghan Hound is a loyal and intelligent breed of dog that can be difficult to train. They are stubborn creatures but respond best with gentle guidance from their humans. Regular grooming will keep the coat looking shiny!

Why are Afghan hounds so expensive?

One of the most popular reasons is that the Afghan Hound was bred to be a sighthound, and they are very intelligent. However, some other more prominent reasons for why these dogs are so expensive is because it takes them time to grow up and old enough to breed (due to their large size), there aren’t too many breeders willing in maintaining this dog as they can be intimidating, and because many people just don’t know how much time needs to go into one of these dogs from pup-hood.

Is the Afghan Hound the dumbest dog?

The Afghan Hound is a notoriously difficult breed to train, not because they are dumb, but due to their independent and stubborn nature.

Are Afghan Hounds good pets?

Afghan Hounds are an excellent pet for people who want an indoor companion that’s quiet, doesn’t shed often, and is calm. They can get along with other pets if they’re socialized from the time they’re puppies.

Is the Afghan Hound dangerous?

One of the more popular breeds, Afghan Hounds, is considered one of the most docile dog breeds. However, with such high prey drive and hunting instincts, it’s better not to leave these pups around smaller animals too often, especially because those urges can lead to aggression if left unchecked for long periods! They have a laid-back character and don’t mind their own space, so it’s just best to let them do what they want when they seem to like that need some me time.

Do Afghan hounds bark a lot?

Afghan Hound is relatively a much quieter breed of dog than another breed of dogs.

Are Afghan hounds intelligent?

The short answer is that Afghan hounds are very intelligent. Although Afghan Hounds do not show their intelligence in the standard obedience context, they respond best to a trainer’s intuition and training skills from someone who understands the breed. It is much better and more efficient for an owner of one of these breeds to invest time in training self-control techniques than it would be to put much effort into teaching all-day “obedience exercises” like sit, stay, or heel. Obedience training can be fun for some breeds, while it may seem futile with others like this one.

Can Afghan hounds be left alone?

The Afghan Hound is a great hunting dog, and they have an incredible sense of smell. However, their loyalty to humans means that you need to be careful not to neglect them while they’re home alone for too long – otherwise, they may start tearing up the furniture!

Are Afghan hounds fast?

With a top speed of 40 miles per hour, they are one of the fastest breeds around. But like other sighthounds, their aloofness, as well as stubbornness, might make them difficult to train.

Do Afghan hounds like to swim?

Understandably, dogs would feel anxious about being lifted off the ground in cold water, as they’re unable to regulate their body temperature quickly enough during drenching exercises. They don’t like to swim because of the length of their coat, but most Afghan hounds can learn. For this reason, all new dog owners need to be mindful, knowing how much their pet weighs or how long and heavy the coat is before deciding whether it’ll agree with a dip. It’s also important not to pressure your dog into anything it doesn’t want to do.

Are Afghan hounds loyal?

In many ways, the Afghan Hound is a breed apart. They are loyal and loves to please their owner. However, they are also known for being very independent and aloof.

Can the Afghan Hound survive in India?

Certainly, an Afghan Hound can survive in India with a few precautions. Be sure to wash them at least once a week and have their nails trimmed once every 3 months. Keep them out of the sun during the hottest hours (approximately 10 am-3 pm) and always on something cool, preferably natural like grass. Watch your dog for signs of heatstroke such as lethargy, shallow breathing, thirst, or listlessness. Take them inside if you notice any behavior change like this! Always remember to keep your Afghan Hound on a leash in areas where there is a large animal.

How old are Afghan hounds?

The lifespan of an Afghan Hound can range from 12 to 14 years.

What are Afghan hounds used for?

The Afghan Hound was specifically bred for hunting in the mountains and deserts, but today he also has many other uses, such as being an excellent companion animal, show competitor, or therapy dog.

Do Afghan hounds shed?

They’re about as low-shedding a breed as you can find, so if that’s what you want in your dog, this is the one for you. And because they don’t need to be groomed quite often, it’ll save both time and money!

Are Afghan hounds cuddly?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Afghan Hounds are not generally known for their friendliness or affection, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be loving pets! One of the best things about them as dogs – other than how ridiculously lovable and fluffy they are- is that in wintertime, these beauties will keep you warm while indoors. In summer, it’s another story: though we love our little furballs all year long, don’t get one if your living situation has less air conditioning because even clipped down with shorter hair, there won’t be enough ventilation to cool off an overheated dog on hot days.

What is it like owning an Afghan hound?

A rather independent and proud temperament characterizes Afghan Hounds. They can be warm with the family members that they know but may appear aloof around people who don’t have familiarity with them – which makes sense given their long history of guarding tribesmen’s tents in Afghanistan! Other pros include minimal shedding and low doggie odor for those looking to avoid allergies or other respiratory issues.

How high can an Afghan hound jump?

An Afghan Hound’s speed is unmatched, and it can jump up to 7 feet off the ground.

Are Afghan hounds smelly?

Afghan hounds do have an odor that is different from other breeds. The odor comes from natural oils the dog produces to combat bacteria on their skin and in their coat.

How do you take care of an Afghan hound?

They need to be brushed or combed in order to maintain their coat. Bathing is usually not crucial unless it is filthy. The topknot and ears should be checked periodically for blackheads and removed if necessary. They do not have a strong odor, but some dogs will need a bath if they are overly stinky.

Are Afghan Hounds good with other dogs?

Afghan Hound enjoys interacting with other dogs and even people. However, due to their strong hunting/prey instincts, they should not be trusted around smaller pets if you want them to keep from chasing or attacking.

Are Afghan hounds hard to potty train?

Afghan Hounds are a tough breed to potty train. They come with very poor bladder control, making it difficult for them to learn the rules of going outside, but patience and consistency will eventually teach these puppies!

Can Afghan hounds be off-leash?

Yes. However, it is important to note that these dogs are natural hunters and will seek out prey if given the opportunity. Though many people have free-roaming Afghan Hounds in their neighborhoods without any incidents of biting other animals or humans, it’s best to be safe and supervise your pet if you have them off-leash. For those with a Safer City Initiative or “nuisance” animal laws within their city so as not to ticket residents for things like letting a dog run loose on private property, this may not matter, but most cities don’t have nuisances laws, and Fido will soon find himself at Animal Control for being streaking through your backyard.

Are Afghan Hounds good for first-time owners?

Absolutely! Afghan Hounds are an obedient breed that is as smart and active as you want them to be. They can do okay in small homes, but they’re happiest living in a big house with plenty of space for running and playing. They make amazing first-time dogs because of their loving and guarding nature.

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