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Border Collie Price, Appearance and Characteristics

The Border Collie is a herding and working dog breed that was developed in the Scottish bordering county called Northumberland. It was used for herding livestock, and especially sheep. The Border Collie is often called as the most intelligent among all breeds of domestic dogs. They are today kept as working and/or herding dogs, and as pets at home.

Is The Border Collie Popular In India?

The Border Collie, though popular for its positive jolly behavior and cute appearance, is not very popularly found in India. Their reputation in India remains fairly exotic. However, Border Collie is still a fascinating breed for dog lovers in India.

Border Collie Availability In India

The Border Collie is rarely found in India. At the most, you might find a Border Collie in the top Pet Shops of big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. But even then, it is highly unlikely to find one. Some people tend to import such rare and exotic breeds.

Price of a Border Collie in India

The price of a Border Collie in India ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000. But because of how rare they are, don’t be surprised if the price is much higher. Such rare breeds tend to come with higher prices of importing, which in turn is flipped around by dog breeders and pet stores to make a profit.

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Monthly Maintenance Cost

The monthly maintenance cost of a Border Collie is between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 8,000. It’s always good to invest in grooming kits too, even though Border Collies don’t require a lot of grooming. But since these are furry pooches, you will need to brush your Border Collie often. They are also known for pretty rapid nail growth. So make sure you keep an eye on that and cut it frequently. Your monthly maintenance will also include products for oral and dental hygiene.

History And Popularity

Border Collie Dog in India

Originated in Northumberland, the Border Collie is a breed that has its origins in England and Scotland. The nomenclature of the breed is due to the fact that it was developed at the Anglo-Scottish border. The Border Collie that we see today is said to have had the Old Hemp as its ancestral breed, which is a tri-color dog breed which was bred by Adam Telfer. The Old Hemp was one of the most intelligent breeds who were trusted by several shepherds.

The term “Border Collie” was first used in 1915 by James Reid, the secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society. This breed, thereafter, was known as a separate breed apart from the other kinds of collies that had been already registered. Border Collies, from their time of origin, had helped several shepherds in and around the Anglo-Scottish border for hundreds of years. Their skills and intelligence brought huge success and made them a popular breed.

In the late couple of decades of the nineteenth century, the Border Collie was presented as a sheep dog in a trial that took place at Bala, Wales.


The Border Collie is a medium sized breed of dogs, and has a moderate amount of coat. The coat of this breed is thick and the double coat comes in a variation of smooth to rough. The combination of black and white is the commonly found shade for the Border Collie, but it also appears in several other shades of color as well such as tan and lilac, red, brindle and so on. It usually has a tri-color coat, but sometimes is also found in single color coats.

The color of the eye varies from blue to brown, and there are occasional other colors found as well. Some Border Collies have entirely erect ears while others have entirely dropped ears. The males come in 19 to 22 inches of length, while the females in 18 to 21 inches.

Temperament Of A Border Collie

A Border Collie requires some amount of daily physical exercise as well as mental stimulation as compared to other breeds. The Border Collie ranks first in The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren. It is one of the top ten brightest dog breeds across the world. It has now become quite popular as a companion dog.

Border Collies are playful, energetic and quite demanding. They are the best match for human families that can provide the dog plenty of exercise and/or playtime. The breed is friendly towards other pets in the household as well. They are infamous for their habit of chewing, which they tend to do a lot out of boredom if left alone for too long.


A Border Collie usually lives for up to between 12 to 15 years.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic?

No, the Border Collie isn’t hypoallergenic. Since this is a breed that does shed a copious amount, the release of proteins in its skin which causes allergic reactions are higher. If you’re someone who has a severe allergy to dogs or their hair, a Border Collie might not necessarily be the most suited family member for you.

Average Litter Size

The average litter size of the Border Collie is 4 to 8 puppies.

What Is The Border Collie Like As A Puppy?

Border Collie Puppy

The Border Collie puppy is intelligent and highly playful as well as demanding. The Border Collie puppy is best for families where they can be given a lot of scope and time for exercise and training. With proper socialization and training, Border Collie pups can be very good at tracking, flyball and so on. These puppies are obedient, and also have the special ability to learn dancing and mathematical tables. The Border Collie puppy absolutely adores human children and loves to play with them.

Good Diet For Border Collies

It is usually suggested to feed two cups of dry kibbles each day to Border Collies. The things that need to be considered are your pet’s age, size, daily activity and metabolism. Certain health concerns also may bring a change in the diet chart for your Border Collie. A growing puppy would require 1400 calories each day, due to their excessive activeness. An adult Border Collie needs an average of 1000 calories per day. As it grows older, the breed only requires about 700 to 800 calories per day.

Health Concerns

1. Hearing Loss: There are two types of hearing loss associated with the Border Collie. The first is a pigment which is found in Border Collie puppies. The second type is called adult onset hearing loss. These dogs gradually lose their hearing, between the age of one to eight years.

2. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: It is a rare disease that is mostly found in show collies. This is caused due to severe neurological impairment and can lead to death. A Border Collie with this disease generally only survives upto two years after being afflicted.

3. Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome: It is a hereditary health issue which causes the bone marrow of the dog to produce neutrophils or white cells, but failing to effectively release them into the blood. Afflicted Border Collies would have an impaired immune system, and this may lead to death due to their inability to fight several kinds of infections.

There are also a number of other common diseases found in this breed such as hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia and cataracts.

Things To Take Note Of

The Border Collie requires some amount of physical activity every single day, for its well being. If you are planning on adopting a Border Collie, this is one of the first things that you need to take note of. A Border Collie is extremely joyful and loves to play and spend time with its human family.

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