Border Collie

Border Collie Price, Appearance and Characteristics

The Border Collie is a herding and working dog breed that was developed in the Scottish bordering county called Northumberland. It was used for herding livestock, and especially sheep. The Border Collie is often called as the most intelligent among all breeds of domestic dogs. They are today kept as working and/or herding dogs, and as pets at home.

Is The Border Collie Popular In India?

The Border Collie, though popular for its positive jolly behavior and cute appearance, is not very popularly found in India. Their reputation in India remains fairly exotic. However, Border Collie is still a fascinating breed for dog lovers in India.

Border Collie Availability In India

The Border Collie is rarely found in India. At the most, you might find a Border Collie in the top Pet Shops of big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. But even then, it is highly unlikely to find one. Some people tend to import such rare and exotic breeds.

Price of a Border Collie in India

The price of a Border Collie in India ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000. But because of how rare they are, don’t be surprised if the price is much higher. Such rare breeds tend to come with higher prices of importing, which in turn is flipped around by dog breeders and pet stores to make a profit.

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Monthly Maintenance Cost

The monthly maintenance cost of a Border Collie is between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 8,000. It’s always good to invest in grooming kits too, even though Border Collies don’t require a lot of grooming. But since these are furry pooches, you will need to brush your Border Collie often. They are also known for pretty rapid nail growth. So make sure you keep an eye on that and cut it frequently. Your monthly maintenance will also include products for oral and dental hygiene.

History And Popularity

Border Collie Dog in India

Originated in Northumberland, the Border Collie is a breed that has its origins in England and Scotland. The nomenclature of the breed is due to the fact that it was developed at the Anglo-Scottish border. The Border Collie that we see today is said to have had the Old Hemp as its ancestral breed, which is a tri-color dog breed which was bred by Adam Telfer. The Old Hemp was one of the most intelligent breeds who were trusted by several shepherds.

The term “Border Collie” was first used in 1915 by James Reid, the secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society. This breed, thereafter, was known as a separate breed apart from the other kinds of collies that had been already registered. Border Collies, from their time of origin, had helped several shepherds in and around the Anglo-Scottish border for hundreds of years. Their skills and intelligence brought huge success and made them a popular breed.

In the late couple of decades of the nineteenth century, the Border Collie was presented as a sheep dog in a trial that took place at Bala, Wales.


The Border Collie is a medium sized breed of dogs, and has a moderate amount of coat. The coat of this breed is thick and the double coat comes in a variation of smooth to rough. The combination of black and white is the commonly found shade for the Border Collie, but it also appears in several other shades of color as well such as tan and lilac, red, brindle and so on. It usually has a tri-color coat, but sometimes is also found in single color coats.

The color of the eye varies from blue to brown, and there are occasional other colors found as well. Some Border Collies have entirely erect ears while others have entirely dropped ears. The males come in 19 to 22 inches of length, while the females in 18 to 21 inches.

Temperament Of A Border Collie

A Border Collie requires some amount of daily physical exercise as well as mental stimulation as compared to other breeds. The Border Collie ranks first in The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren. It is one of the top ten brightest dog breeds across the world. It has now become quite popular as a companion dog.

Border Collies are playful, energetic and quite demanding. They are the best match for human families that can provide the dog plenty of exercise and/or playtime. The breed is friendly towards other pets in the household as well. They are infamous for their habit of chewing, which they tend to do a lot out of boredom if left alone for too long.


A Border Collie usually lives for up to between 12 to 15 years.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic?

No, the Border Collie isn’t hypoallergenic. Since this is a breed that does shed a copious amount, the release of proteins in its skin which causes allergic reactions are higher. If you’re someone who has a severe allergy to dogs or their hair, a Border Collie might not necessarily be the most suited family member for you.

Average Litter Size

The average litter size of the Border Collie is 4 to 8 puppies.

What Is The Border Collie Like As A Puppy?

Border Collie Puppy

The Border Collie puppy is intelligent and highly playful as well as demanding. The Border Collie puppy is best for families where they can be given a lot of scope and time for exercise and training. With proper socialization and training, Border Collie pups can be very good at tracking, flyball and so on. These puppies are obedient, and also have the special ability to learn dancing and mathematical tables. The Border Collie puppy absolutely adores human children and loves to play with them.

Good Diet For Border Collies

It is usually suggested to feed two cups of dry kibbles each day to Border Collies. The things that need to be considered are your pet’s age, size, daily activity and metabolism. Certain health concerns also may bring a change in the diet chart for your Border Collie. A growing puppy would require 1400 calories each day, due to their excessive activeness. An adult Border Collie needs an average of 1000 calories per day. As it grows older, the breed only requires about 700 to 800 calories per day.

Health Concerns

1. Hearing Loss: There are two types of hearing loss associated with the Border Collie. The first is a pigment which is found in Border Collie puppies. The second type is called adult onset hearing loss. These dogs gradually lose their hearing, between the age of one to eight years.

2. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: It is a rare disease that is mostly found in show collies. This is caused due to severe neurological impairment and can lead to death. A Border Collie with this disease generally only survives upto two years after being afflicted.

3. Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome: It is a hereditary health issue which causes the bone marrow of the dog to produce neutrophils or white cells, but failing to effectively release them into the blood. Afflicted Border Collies would have an impaired immune system, and this may lead to death due to their inability to fight several kinds of infections.

There are also a number of other common diseases found in this breed such as hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia and cataracts.

Things To Take Note Of

The Border Collie requires some amount of physical activity every single day, for its well being. If you are planning on adopting a Border Collie, this is one of the first things that you need to take note of. A Border Collie is extremely joyful and loves to play and spend time with its human family.

Frequently Asked Questions about Border Collie

How much does Border Collie cost?

The price of a Border Collie can range from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000. The weight ranges between 30-45 pounds.

Is Border Collie suitable for the Indian climate?

Border Collie dogs are popular as pets because they have a good disposition and intelligence and can adapt to many climates. They can be easily trained for any task you want them to do, including hunting, search-and-rescue missions, or herding sheep. However, the heat in India might cause problems with your dog’s fur coat if it is not cared for properly!

Which is better, male or female Border Collie?

The male or female Border Collie is a tough question. There are many qualities to consider, such as cuddliness and food motivation. Females are more aloof than males; however, the young age of both genders can impact these differences in personality types. Males often maintain exuberance longer than females, but by grooming them well, you may be able to curb this tendency with your pup’s caretaker being aware that it will happen regardless of gender for most dogs.

How many times a day should you walk a Border Collie?

Dog trainers will tell you that a Border Collie needs at least two hours of exercise every day, but they can handle more! A minimum daily dose is 2-hour walks spread throughout the day. We recommend using your dog’s natural energy to keep them busy on top of this with off-leash obstacle courses in an enclosed area.

Do Border Collies like to cuddle?

Border Collie owners say that their dogs love being around people and will happily snuggle with them until they get tired. They are energetic, intelligent animals who need a lot of exercises each day for the best quality of life- so don’t forget about playtime too!

Are Border Collies hard to train?

Border Collies will challenge you. They are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, and many individuals want to please, but they can also be frustratingly difficult for people who don’t know how to break them down into smaller tasks. Some Border Collies use their intelligence to coax a person with treats until they do what they want.

Can Border Collies be left alone?

A Border Collie is a high-energy, intelligent breed of dog. Generally speaking, they are homebodies and do not tolerate being left alone for long periods(not more than 3 to 4 hours) because their need to work and please people can be overwhelming if ignored. This may lead them to escape from the yard or run away when let loose in an unfenced area with little supervision; it’s important that owners carefully consider this before getting one as a pet!

Is Border Collie good for first-time owners?

Border Collies are great for first-time owners because these dogs are gentle and playful. They love to be with their family members, including kids of all ages! When they’re not playing or running around outside, this breed can often be found resting on the couch near a window, looking out at what’s going on in its world.

Does Border Collies get attached to one person?

Border Collies prefer to bond with one person in the family instead of a group of people because they work better when only one leader tells them what needs doing. It’s possible that this instinctual behavior that makes these dogs so great at their job could also make them hard for kids and other pets, but if you’re looking for your next canine companion, then maybe consider getting a Border Collie!

Why do Border Collies cry?

Border Collie’s are very vocal, and the tone of their bark or whine is often in direct correlation to what they want. So, for example, if they’re crying from fear rather than boredom in their crate, this could indicate separation anxiety.

Are Border Collies jealous dogs?

Border Collies are known to be jealous dogs. They get jealousy very quickly and always seek the owner’s attention. So whenever your Border Collie gets jealous, jump up on you for love or attention, try telling them “sit” in a firm voice while using hand gestures as well. If that doesn’t work after several tries of repeating it over again, then give him what he wants, like petting his head or giving him some food so they won’t feel neglected by their owners anymore.

What are Collies scared of?

Collies are frightened by the sounds outside, construction work next door, and even what’s going on in their neighbor’s house. In addition, your Collie might be sensitive to new arrivals who make a lot of noise or have different smells from before.

How do you discipline a Border Collie?

Border Collies are very sensitive and can get their feelings hurt, so sometimes “less is more” when disciplining your pup. The best way to start teaching them what they shouldn’t do or how far away from the owner they should go while on leash are: teach your puppy its name; “come” whenever called (with treats in hand); sit and down commands for obedience training purposes only, and stay as well as drop-off command once appropriately trained.

Do Border Collies swim?

The Border Collie is a breed that not only loves to swim but needs room for exercise. Swimming provides this constant need in the form of an aquatic activity where it can run free and splash around without being confined by land and getting its needed workout with water resistance.

Are Border Collies high maintenance?

Border Collies are one of the most high-maintenance breeds. They need plenty of physical and mental stimulation, lots of space to run around, a job to do, and proper socialization to be happy and healthy dogs. If you let them go without exercise or attention (which often happens when they’re home alone all day), their natural energy can manifest as hyperactivity and destructive behavior.

How many times a day should a Border Collie be fed?

It is recommended to split the Border Collie’s daily allowance into two meals. Feed them a good quality, commercially available, wholesome dog food that is specially formulated for your Collie’s specific needs and wants.

Are Border Collies indoor or outdoor dogs?

Border Collies are not just an outdoor breed. They need both the stimulation of being outside and being inside with their family members and a healthy balance.

Are Border Collies destructive?

Border Collies are very high-energy dogs, and they have to be kept busy with a lot of exercises, or else the energy can turn into destructive behavior. They’re like little kids! Even outdoor dogs need playtime, and they can be destructive no matter what, so if you see them digging holes in your yard, chewing on trees or fences – give them something better for their teeth to chew on instead.

Why does my Border Collie keep running away?

Dogs will tend to run away from their owners if they are not properly fenced in or provided with the proper amount of exercise. It can also happen when an owner neglects a dog’s training, leading them to become bored and uncontrollable enough for bolting at every opportunity.

How should I get my Border Collie to relax?

The first step for training a Border Collie is to make sure you have the right tone of voice. If your dog feels threatened, it will not respond well. The key is reassurance and calmness. Think about how you would talk if you were trying to teach someone else; low tones with slow speech patterns are best when teaching young dogs as they can become anxious in new environments or around other people/dogs that they do not know very well yet.

Do Border Collies bite a lot?

Border Collies only bite when they are being threatened. Border Collies snarl with teeth and lips drawn back in a hostile situation. They generally do not snap to release something sharp, such as their canine teeth. This wolfish behavior is an intuitive warning that indicates an animal feels frightened or threatened by what it perceives as a potential aggressor.

How many sleeping hours should a Border Collie get?

Border Collies are famous for their intelligence and energy, so it’s no surprise that they need a lot of rest. Border Collie sleeps 12-14 hours daily as this is the optimal amount to keep them performing at peak levels all day long. However, they also require both daytime AND nighttime naps because these dogs have an internal clock that triggers activity periods with daylight or darkness, respectively. Therefore, these walks should be taken regularly to help release any pent-up energies from too much sleeping.

How long can you leave a Border Collie at home?

Like many herding dogs, Border Collies are bred for a specific task which they are very good at. They are energetic and active, making them lonely when left independently for long periods without the proper outlets for these energies.

Is a Border Collie a good first dog?

Yes, they are great! Border Collies can be perfect for people who live in an area where there are lots of wide-open spaces. They’re also excellent working dogs with happy natures and high intelligence levels–perfect if you want to try herding sheep or teaching your kids the basics on how to train their new puppy.

Which is better, Border Collie or Australian shepherd?

Both breeds have similar coat patterns, but the Border Collie usually has more coat patterns. The Border Collie is a little more timid than an Australian shepherd; though both very clever and capable of learning new tricks easily, it’s considered that they’re smarter thanks to their intelligence which earned them a top spot among all other types of dogs in terms of this trait!

Are Border Collies easy to potty train?

Border Collies are one of the easiest breeds to potty train. It can be easy and straightforward to teach your Border Collie this fundamental behavior with a bit of consideration and understanding.

Are Border Collies a good family dog?

Yes, they are great! Border Collies can be perfect for people who live in an area where there are lots of wide-open spaces. They’re also excellent working dogs with happy natures and high intelligence levels–perfect if you want to try herding sheep or teaching your kids the basics on how to train their new puppy.

Are Border Collies aggressive?

Border Collies are generally not an aggressive breed of dog. Sure they’ll herd anything that moves (and may nip as part of this behavior), but you will never see them do so with malicious intent, even if it is the family pet or a child who has been annoying your Border Collie all day long!

Do Collies shed a lot?

The Collie is a highly versatile breed, and this includes being among the dogs that shed more. However, when brushed daily, they will not be too noticeable.

How many miles should a Border Collie walk a day?

Border Collies are highly intelligent and require a lot of challenging mental stimulation. Therefore, they need 30-60 minutes or more physical exercise daily, but preferably even more, to keep them from getting bored!

Do Collie’s smell?

Border Collies should not have a strong odor; bathing is necessary only when your dog starts feeling dirty to you or if the dog has rolled in something noxious. However, if your Border Collie starts smelling bad soon after getting bathed, then it may be time for an appointment at the vet’s office!

Do Collies like water?

Collies do like water. Water is vital to the dog for its hydration and cooling needs, but it can also feel suitable for a Collie on a hot day. Frequent splashing or dips in water can cool your dog down quickly, and the physical stimulation of jumping over waves or puddles will help exercise, which is one of the biggest maintenance challenges with these breeds.

How do you say no to a Border Collie?

For many dog owners, saying no to their pet can be one of the hardest things they need to do. If he doesn’t obey and let go of what’s in his teeth, then say “no” firmly. You may find this battle easier if you avoid getting into power struggles with them by not giving them two commands at once, for example, asking for your toy back and insisting that they stop barking.

At what age do Border Collies usually slow down?

Border Collies usually slow down at the age of 2 to 3.

Are Border Collies scared of everything?

Some Border Collies are scared of some things, but they also have a high tolerance for fear. Many dogs do not react well to strange or loud noises and unfamiliar animals that pose threats like snakes. However, it’s important to note how often these types of situations occur in the lives of most dog owners-not very frequently at all! It is natural for your pet to feel this way when you’re out walking them around town because he had never seen those people before nor heard such an uproar from so many different directions.

Can Border Collies walk off-leash?

Border Collies are good dogs for an owner with a lot of time to spend on training. You can teach your Border Collie not to chase cars, but it takes some commitment and patience from you first. If you leave him without leashes before his training is complete, he’ll start chasing anything that passes by-to the frustration of all around!

Why are Collies no longer popular?

Collies are an excellent breed for many reasons, but there is one reason, in particular, that has caused their popularity to decrease. Collie’s were initially bred by shepherds living on farms in Scotland who needed a dog good at catching animals like foxes or hares as they wandered into nearby fields where farm livestock was grazing. These days, most households don’t need such an animal catcher anymore because we keep our pets indoors!

How old is a 17-year-old Border Collie?

A 17-year-old Border Collie is typically considered a senior dog. However, a dog’s age can be determined by the number of periods they have lived in their lifetime; here is an amazing tool to determine a dog’s age.

Is Border Collie available in India?

Yes, of course. The Border Collie is rarely found in India and Eastern countries, but it’s worth checking out dog breeders near you if you’re an avid dog lover. You might be lucky enough to find a beautiful Collie on offer!

How do you know if your Border Collie loves you?

A relaxed facial expression and blinking eyes show that the pup trusts its owner wholeheartedly. Some other signs include rolling over for belly rubs or wagging his tail side to side when he sees their human in the morning!

Do Border Collies need haircuts?

The Border Collie’s grooming needs are basic. Even the show standard for a Border Collie only calls for minimal trimming around the feet and back of legs to give the tidier appearance. They need very little maintenance, so they’re perfect if you have an active lifestyle.

What job can I give my Border Collie?

If your family has a dog, their job can likely be something as simple as understanding obedience commands or more complex tasks. For example, one of the first jobs to give Border Collie is to fetch and retrieve tennis balls from all over the yard without destroying them!

Do Border Collies bark a lot?

Collie Dogs can be very vocal. They will bark when they are bored or stressed. When terrified of something new–they may also yelp and growl, but that’s normal for them. Border Collie dogs won’t just sit there like some other breeds might do; instead, they’ll let you know about their fear by barking loudly at the thing causing it while usually keeping an eye on the said object so as not to lose sight of what has frightened them.

Why does my Border Collie stare at me?

Border Collies do not just stare. They’re trying to establish a connection with you that goes beyond commands and training sessions, but they don’t know how!

Should Border Collies sleep inside?

Dogs need to have periods of relaxation, be it in their crate or out at night. However, it’s difficult to generalize about how long a dog should sleep out from home or outside the cage because various factors determine whether or not your Border Collie would do well on this type of schedule. Such factors might include age, and amount (quality), and time spent training your Border Collie at home so far.

Why do Border Collies love balls?

Most dogs love to chase balls because they are chasing something that will keep moving away from them. A ball also has a nice squeak and bounces in unpredictable ways, making it more fun for stoic dogs than still toys like squeaky squirrels or hoops! Border Collies have been bred (both as working animals and pets) with an almost obsessive focus on high prey drive. For Border Collies; that are genetically programmed to chase anything that moves – the idea of capturing an object gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Should I get Border Collie?

Border Collies are very popular dogs, but they require a lot of time and attention. You’ll need to take them on walks every day and work with them regularly each week if you want the best chance at training this particular breed.

Do Border Collies get on with other dogs?

A Border Collie’s instincts make them want to chase and herding smaller creatures, including other types of dogs such as toy poodles or dachshunds since these were bred originally for herding purposes (to help shepherd sheep). However, this often leads to conflict between more significant, more dominant pack members like German Shepherds because they don’t take kindly when another type takes over.

How much work does a Border Collie need?

Border Collie dogs need a lot of physical activity. This is because border Collies were initially bred as sheepherders and working dogs, requiring at least 1 hour each day for exercise! They’re not much trouble, though – their high energy levels will make up for the work you put in with them because they enjoy it that way.

Can you overwalk a Border Collie?

It is not recommended to overexert your dog with too much walking. Walking about an hour per day should be sufficient for most breeds of dogs, but some Border Collies may need 120 minutes or more a day. Your veterinarian can advise you to gauge how often and for the individual needs walked based on their breed type, age, health conditions (such as hip dysplasia), weight/size ratio versus height ratios which will impact energy consumption levels.

How far should you walk a 5-month-old Border Collie?

Border Collies are known for being quite energetic, so it is essential to keep them from getting too excited and not tiring themselves out completely. So, it’s perfect that a 5-month-old Border Collie owners give their pup a good half hour twice a day walk because they will enjoy this close contact with you while also feeling productive after going on an adventure!

How much food should a 2-year-old Border Collie eat?

A Border Collie is an energetic and active breed of herding dogs that requires daily exercise. That said, they might not have as big an appetite compared to other breeds but can still enjoy treats like carrots or apples. The recommended size would be about 1/2 cup per day if your pup weighs 25-30 pounds; ¾ cups if 30-40 pounds; one cup if 40 – 60 pounder (or more).

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