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Bulldog Price, Characteristics & Life Expectancy

Bulldogs are heavy, muscular, low slung, wrinkled appearance and has a distinctive nose pushed in. They are very popular dogs. It is often described as being friendly, courageous and calm. It got its name because of its use historically in the sport of bull-baiting.

Buldog price in India

One of the most common dogs in today’s pet world, the bulldog, is one of the first choices of pet owners when looking to adopt a dog. Bull-dogs are easily identifiable and can be spotted very commonly in your neighbourhood or apartment. People love bulldog for its great qualities as a house dog.

It adapts easily to living in a flat and is a friendly and low maintenance pet. The major drawback though is its tendency to be lazy, overeat and gain weight.

Bulldog price in India

The bulldog price in India is also very affordable especially when compared to other dogs and this has also contributed towards its popularity. It is not an exotic brand of dog and is thus not very highly-priced so that it becomes out of the reach of the middle-class family.

The bulldog price in India is highly variable and depends on its age, breed and the person from whom you are buying. A small puppy may be available to you for about Rs. 10,000 whereas a grown dog of 2 years may be priced anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000.

The prices of the bulldogs may even be higher if you buy one from an experienced and reputed seller because of the extra precautions they take to develop a dog with a balanced temperament.

The prices of the bulldogs may even be higher if you buy one from an experienced and reputed seller because of the extra precautions they take to develop a dog with a balanced temperament.

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The chief characteristics of the Bulldog are :
1. Friendly and Sociable.
2. Quiet and not a barker.
3. Courageous and a great watchdog.
4. A slow but steady learner.
5. Indoor dogs who prefer a relaxed life.
6. Adapt easily to life in an apartment/flat or even to open spaces.
7. Don’t require frequent outdoor excursions.
8. Neutral temperament makes them the ideal companions for children.
9. Average hair shredding makes maintenance easy.
10. Get along well with strange people or other pets.
11. Have the tendency to walk away from uneasy situations rather than indulge in confrontation.
12. Docile and loyal companions.
13. An average bull-dog weighs between 18-22 kgs.
14. They have a height of 14-15 inches.

Life expectancy

Bulldogs generally have a life expectancy of 8-10 years.


Following are some of the cons of adopting a bulldog:
1. Tends to gain weight rapidly.
2. They tend to be lazy and have to be forced to go on even short walks.
3. Does not adapt to extreme weather conditions well.
4. Prone to certain diseases because of its short nose and low slung body.
5. Initial training can be difficult.
6. Prone to be stubborn.
7. Not a very lively and active dog.
8. Air conditioner and good ventilation may be required.
Bulldogs are ideal companions for a family looking to adopt its first dog. So go out there and get yourself this cutie pie today.

Frequently Asked Questions about English Bulldog

What is the cost of English Bulldog in India?

A small puppy may be available for 10,000 Rupees in India, and a grown dog of two years can range anywhere between 15-20 thousand Rupees!

How many puppies do English Bulldogs have?

An English Bulldog’s average litter is between three and four puppies. Of course, some can have more than that, but it could be dangerous to their health.

Is English Bulldog dangerous?

English Bulldogs are not dangerous at all due to their temperament and personality. With a friendly and welcoming personality, the English Bulldog would be more likely to lick a person than attack them since they are less aggressive than other breeds.

How do you take care of an English Bulldog?

English Bulldogs are a hearty breed of dogs. They have low grooming needs, and it is good for their health to brush them regularly with the proper tools, at least weekly! Like all breeds, they require exercise, so make sure to take walks every day as well as provide plenty of toys to play with in order not only to give her mental stimulation but also help prevent boredom from setting in on both sides! You must keep your English Bulldog’s mouth healthy by brushing her teeth three times per week or more often if she seems extra drooly or has bad breath.

Are English Bulldogs playful?

English Bulldogs are not just cute-they’re also playful! This breed is known to have a fun-loving personality that likes attention. Their sweet, curly faces and adorable expressions will make anyone stop in their tracks, but they also love being the center of your world with all those hugs and belly rubs on offer. The English Bulldogs’ affectionate personalities mean you’ll never be lonely again when this pup enters your life.

What are English Bulldogs like as pets?

English Bulldogs are amazing as pets, although they tend to be jealous and sometimes bark at strangers. They make great family dogs because they’re gentle enough for children but also love adults!

Why are English Bulldogs so expensive?

One of the things that make them so expensive is because they’re a very popular breed, which means there’s an extraordinary demand for them compared to other breeds.

Is a male or female English Bulldog better?

Male Bulldogs are big kids at heart. They have very few boundaries, and they love playing around children so much that there’s no better choice for a family with youngsters!

Are English Bulldogs easy to potty train?

There are many ways to go about training–some people swear by positive reinforcement while others prefer more traditional methods of correction like paper or mat training. Either way can work well for some breeds, so experiment a bit until you find what works best for your dog! With consistency and patience, it’s possible!

What color is English Bulldog most expensive?

The most expensive English Bulldog is Lilac tri. They are showstoppers with a chocolate base coat and the blue gene that turns them to champagne color!

Are stairs bad for English Bulldogs?

Yes and no. The problem with stairs is that they can lead to a host of injuries such as disk disease, torn ligaments in the back legs, strain on the lower spine. In addition, all Bulldogs are also susceptible to hip dysplasia which means it’s essential to be careful of how much weight you should put on your dog’s hips when walking them up and downstairs. One good way to work around this is by going up and down stairs one at a time so that if your dog slips or falls, it won’t have far to fall. They can also do mini-stair drills; sit at the base of each stair for 30 seconds while getting slowly used to an upward incline before moving onto the next step.

Is a black English Bulldog rare?

The answer is no. Black Bulldogs are the most common of all the four Rare Colors in AKC English Bulldogs, and they can come with or without white markings. When bred properly according to color standards, a black coat should be shiny and look jet-black against other dark objects but will have another undertone.

How can I tell if my English Bulldog is purebred?

The best way to tell if your English Bulldog is purebred is by looking at its pedigree. If you have a certified pedigree, it will show what breeds make up the pup. A quick way to determine if a dog breed has been hybridized is by looking for any unusual signs on or near the dog’s head. However, some mixed breeds may not display such traits until they are 1-2 years old, and then they will often find themselves in shelters unable to be adopted because people want only purebred dogs with proper papers.

Do English Bulldogs turn on their owners?

English Bulldogs have been known to attack their owner because of a high level of frustration. To avoid this, one should always stay calm around the dog and never tease or provoke them. One way to prevent English Bulldogs from getting frustrated is by ensuring they get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

How far can you walk an English Bulldog?

A well-conditioned English Bulldog can be walked for about half an hour at a time, but Sitges must be taken. One rest every 5 minutes or so deepens the breath and gives the body a chance to rejuvenate.

Do English Bulldogs have separation anxiety?

A Bulldog’s gait is low-slung, and it should only be walked for a moderate length of time. The average walk will be around 30 minutes or less. When walking an English Bulldog—or any dog with short legs, accidents can happen! For best results when taking your Bulldog for a walk, start slowly and allow them to take their speed.

Do English Bulldog puppies bark a lot?

While they don’t make many sounds, the ones that they do are memorable. These pups snort and wheeze their way through life with an audible grunt or two thrown in for good measure.

How often should you bathe an English Bulldog?

Bulldogs have great personalities; they are very intelligent and courageous. It is essential to bathe a Bulldog regularly for him to maintain his healthy coat. These dogs should be bathed once every week or two weeks, depending on your pet’s lifestyle; with this smooth-coated breed, regular bathing can help keep their skin free from bacteria that cause itchy dry patches.

Are English Bulldogs smart?

English Bulldogs are some of the most intelligent dogs out there. They’re highly intuitive and sensitive to their surroundings, as well as being fiercely protective over their owners.

How long can English Bulldogs be left alone?

Younger puppies need stimulation from their family to make sure they don’t experience separation anxiety, so it’s best to leave them with the owner or another person at least until they’re a year old. Once they reach the age of two and no longer show signs of separation anxiety, leaving the dog alone for three hours is recommended as long as there’s plenty of food and water available. Older dogs can be left unsupervised for six hours without any adverse effects on behavior or health because 95% of older dogs will not develop an issue with separation anxiety if adequately socialized early into life.

Are English Bulldogs good pets?

Yes! English Bulldogs are loyal to their owners. They also love dog toys, and playing fetch as well as cuddling on the couch. They may only live about 8-10 years, but they make up for that with the unconditional love and warmth they give their human family.

Do English Bulldogs like to cuddle?

An English Bulldog is a very affectionate and loyal companion pet, particularly when receiving attention from their family. As they age, these companions become more relaxed with an even temperament perfect for spending time at home or in the office.

Are English Bulldogs high maintenance?

English Bulldogs are high-maintenance pets. They need plenty of exercise and a cool environment to live in, as they have sensitive respiratory systems that can be impacted by both too much or not enough activity. These dogs also require considerably more care than other breeds because their body is so unique from any other breed around today!

At what age do English Bulldogs get lazy?

English Bulldogs are known for their short, squat bodies and wrinkly faces. After reaching 4-5 years old, these dogs will start mellowing out instead of bouncing off the walls around your home like bugs on a hot summer’s day. Until then, you’ll have plenty of time to teach it new tricks and channel all its energy into something more productive than ruining furniture or eating shoes.

Do English Bulldogs get attached to one person?

Many family dogs are known for being super cuddly and affectionate. But this breed of dog is exceptional in that regard: they’re gentle, soft-hearted, active at home or out on walks with the people who matter most to them—and their favorite place may be right by your side!

At what age are English Bulldogs fully grown?

Most of these breeds don’t reach their full height and weight until around one year. However, it’s important not to forget that there may still be some changes within your pup as he grows older due to diet or exercise habits!

Do English Bulldogs protect their owners?

English Bulldogs are known for their loyalty and protectiveness. They can be territorial over property, but they will also guard their owners against anything that might hurt them!

Do English Bulldogs drink a lot of water?

English Bulldog needs 22 to 44 ounces per day, depending on their weight.

What is the best food to feed an English Bulldog puppy?

If you are raising a baby English Bulldog, a healthy, high-quality kibble and food will keep him in great shape. Avoid too much protein at this stage as it can lead to joint problems later on in life. Chicken is a good meat choice for little pups.

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