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Chihuahua Dog Price, Characteristics & Life Expectancy

Chihuahua‘s are very attractive pets especially because of their small size and availability in various coat colours. They are the smallest breed of dogs worldwide. Their size is their main attraction and draws different people towards it. But be forewarned that they require expert veterinary care and can be very moody.

The Chihuahua dog price in India is affordable and it is also a good dog to start your dog journey with especially if you are looking for an exotic looking dog but one that is reasonably priced.

chihuahua dog price in India

Chihuahua Dog Price in India

The Chihuahua dog price in India is variable and depends on its age, breed and the person from whom you are buying. A small puppy may be available to you for about Rs. 10,000 whereas a grown dog of 2 years may be priced anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. The prices of the Chihuahua‘s maybe even higher if you buy one which is really petit from an experienced and reputed seller. The smaller the dog the higher its price. 

Life Expectancy 

Chihuahua‘s generally have a life expectancy of 10-14 years.

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The chief characteristics of the Chihuahua dogs are:

  1. They are active and energetic and require some exercise daily.
  2. They are highly affectionate and even protective of their owners and even children they are regularly around. But they tend to bond with one person the strongest to the exclusion of all others. 
  3. They have a tendency to form a den and lay closed in there, it may be atop a pillow or under cushions or blankets. 
  4. They need social attention from owners or from other companions from time to time and are not loners.
  5. They are low maintenance dogs because of their low shedding and drooling tendency. 
  6. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog and weighs between 1.5 to 3 kgs and its height is between 6 to 9 inches. 
  7. They are available in a wide variety of colours from black, white, pink, blue etc. 
  8. They need firm and gentle training as they have a tendency to be stubborn and independent.
  9. They do not have any wanderlust tendencies and are well settled wherever placed.
  10. They are highly intelligent and playful.
  11. They are super funny and never fail to make you laugh.

This furry little animal is as delightful as you want your pet to be. Check out this funny video and see for yourself:

The following are some of the cons of adopting Chihuahua:

  1. They have a tendency to be anti-social and bark and nip strangers.
  2. They do not gel or bond easily with other dogs or strangers.
  3. They do not adapt well to extreme weather conditions and are sensitive to heat. 

Chihuahua’s are very popular dogs and have featured in numerous movies including Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico, Legally Blond, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Despicable Me 2, etc.

So, friends do not wait any longer to go out and get your own tiny furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chihuahua

How much do Chihuahuas usually cost?

Chihuahuas are pricey dog considering their size. The average price of Chihuahua puppies bought from professional breeders ranges between INR 15,000 and INR 20,000, but that could change depending on breeder location or reputation.

Is Chihuahua dog dangerous?

Chihuahuas are not generally considered dangerous. They can be territorial, and some of them may bite if they feel threatened or provoked, but this is relatively uncommon in the breed. Chihuahuas make great pets for adults who live alone because they enjoy cuddling with people one on one instead of being crowded by a large family that all want to play at once!

Can Chihuahuas be left alone?

Chihuahua is perfect for those who want a tiny dog but have to work. If you do not mind leaving your pet alone during the day, they will be just fine! Just make sure that there are other dogs in their area at all times so that it does not get lonely and depressing. Chihuahuas like the company of little ones almost as much as humans need friends. Unfortunately, this breed has some pretty bad medical problems–especially breathing issues-so; please consider these before adopting one!

Do Chihuahuas get jealous?

Chihuahua owners know the potential for jealousy in their dog breed. These dogs are bred to be companions of humans and take this job seriously: they can be protective, possessive over you with a sharp bark when it’s necessary.

Do Chihuahuas like to be picked up?

The Chihuahua is an interesting breed of dog. They are known for their small size and large ears, but they also have a lot to say when you pick them up! Do not try picking up your little friend without getting him or her used to it first because many find that the act leads to uncomfortable feelings with strangers holding on tight.

How do you calm a shaking Chihuahua?

A Chihuahua is typically a warm-weather breed. However, when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s also wind chill with that number in it (below 26), or if your furry friend has been out running around for too long without protection from the cold weather, then they’re more prone to shaking and shivering than you might realize. One way to prevent this behavior is by warming them up either on their bed at home or inside an enclosed place like under blankets, so they don’t get any colder, which will make things worse!

Are Chihuahuas good pets?

The Chihuahua is a small but fiery dog. They are excellent family pets as long as they’re treated with respect and can make a perfect companion for their diminutive size. Like many smaller dogs, they may be more prone to barking than some larger canine friends; however, if you want your home defended from intruders or would like one of our house’s alarm systems installed, just let me know!

Are Chihuahua high maintenance?

Chihuahuas are not like any other breed of dog. They require a lot more work and attention than most breeds do because they’re so small in size and for their safety reasons as well! To keep them safe outside, you need to carry your Chihuahua around with the oversized shoes that go over its feet, or else it may be run over by larger dogs who don’t see it coming. You have to protect these little guys from being attacked by birds of prey, too, which means always accompanying them outside and staying close wherever they wander off to while out there.

Are female or male Chihuahuas better?

Female or male Chihuahuas? It all depends on what you need. For example, female dogs are typically better at guarding because they’re often more territorial than their opposite-sex counterparts by nature of the fact that they have to protect a litter from predators when raising puppies in dens. Male dogs tend to be less active and playful but can make good watchdogs with proper training. Female pets may work better if you want one who will guard while males might serve as great companions!

Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

They sure do! These rambunctious little pups are full of life. It’s not uncommon for an energetic puppy to release that extra energy somehow. Unfortunately, they often turn it into high-pitched barking; this is pretty normal with these tiny dogs as long as there isn’t anything wrong lingering in their system like some infection or something else.

Do Chihuahuas like to cuddle?

These little dogs are playful, intelligent, and deeply affectionate. They love nothing more than snuggling with their humans! Be prepared for a good workout inside the house, though, as they can get plenty of exercises indoors but often prefer the comforts of home over outdoor fun.

Do Chihuahuas bond to one person?

It’s natural for these tiny dogs to form strong bonds with the one person they often see most often. It is also a common misconception about this breed of dog because people think their small size makes them timid and less social than other breeds; in reality, however, many factors play into whether or not a chihuahua becomes attached to someone outside of its immediate family unit- including human contact when young and how well trained the pup has been by an adult trainer who can teach him good manners!

How long can a Chihuahua hold their pee?

When it comes to peeing, Chihuahuas are the best dog breed! The average Chihuahua can hold their bladder for between 6 and 8 hours. Adult healthy Chi’s have a lifespan of typically 3-5 years old, but puppies only live 2-3 years on average. This means that they need more opportunities for potty breaks during the day than other breeds with longer lifespans do.

How smart is a Chihuahua dog?

Chihuahuas are one of the smartest dogs out there. They’re right below average for obedience and working intelligence, but they make up with high adaptive intelligence that means you can teach them all sorts of cool tricks!

Why are Chihuahuas so angry?

Chihuahuas dogs don’t know how to defend themselves, and they have a lot of pent-up energy. They’re aggressive because their yappy voices can be dangerous if you do them what they don’t like! It’s the lack of discipline, care, or love that makes any dog aggressive.

Why do Chihuahuas sleep so much?

There’s a lot of reasons why Chihuahuas sleep so much. One reason is that they’re tiny and have such little bodies; it takes them more effort to maintain their temperature or keep themselves warm during the day than it would take other breeds. But another factor might be because these dogs are bred from herding stock which tends to nap when not on duty looking out for sheep!

At what age is a Chihuahua full grown?

The growth of your dog will slow between 12 weeks and six months, so by the time he’s 6-12 months old, he’ll be close to his adult size. Chihuahuas are considered adults when they’re one year olds, which means that at this age, they can fully grow in their body.

Are Chihuahuas easy to train?

Chihuahuas are one of the smartest breeds. They’re easy to train, too! Chihuahua owners should know that they have a bright dog on their hands before getting started with obedience training because it’ll be easier in the long run for both them and their pup.

How do you get a Chihuahua to stop barking?

There are two ways you can try to get your pup to stop making so much noise: the first way is by using food and telling them when they’re doing something good, like being quiet. The second method for getting him or her to calm down is through training with praise – always rewards those behaviors you want more of!

How do you know your Chihuahua loves you?

To know that your Chihuahua loves you, it is best to observe their behavior. A good way of knowing if they love you would be how attentive and happy they are when you are around him or her. A dog may also lick in another playful form by running around with its tongue out as an act of playfulness and affection.

Can Chihuahuas climb stairs?

The small size of a Chihuahua makes climbing the staircase an easy feat. But, no matter your dog’s strengths, if there are any physical limitations or mental defects, they may have to battle with them before taking on this task. Therefore, what matters most is that you know what type of staircases exist in and around your home so you can prepare them for when it’s time to put their skills to work!

Why are Chihuahuas so aggressive?

Chihuahuas are territorial. They tend to growl, bark, and snap in attempts to scare intruders away from their personal space or “territory.”

Are Chihuahuas hard to potty train?

Chis are capable of learning how to go potty outside or on a puppy pad quickly and easily. However, little as they may be, these dogs have a strong, stubborn streak that can make house training difficult. The key is not using an overly harsh approach when teaching your Chi where you want him or her to use the bathroom-the trick instead should always be positive reinforcement!

What are Chihuahuas scared of?

Chihuahuas are scared of anything they see as a threat or danger. This includes any loud noises, other animals, and even sudden movements in their general direction. It is important to remember this when you need to train them because if there is a perceived tension, then the Chihuahua will be extra sensitive and difficult for him/her to work with effectively without your guidance, so it’s best not just startle them by making moves that may come across as an attack–even though we know how much fun that can be at times!

How do I know if my Chihuahua is happy?

There are some obvious signs you’ll see in your dog showing they’re feeling great: A high and waggy tail. This is probably the most well-known sign that a pup has good spirits. Floppy ears, which means their body’s relaxed enough to be contented with what life throws at them ̶ this may not show up on every day or shoot done when we feel down about ourselves, but it can happen! They enjoy playing around … And leaning into us humans for affectionate pets while also enjoying our company as much as we love theirs!

Why do Chihuahuas love blankets?

You may be wondering why Chihuahuas love blankets so much, and it is because they are always cold! They have a thick coat of fur that keeps them warm in the winter but not very well during summertime. Of course, this means there’s more protection for your little dog when he can burrow his head under those soft fabrics to stay cool on hot days!

How far should a Chihuahua walk daily?

Daily walks are necessary to keep the Chihuahua’s muscles strong and healthy, and their bones in good shape, but how far they should be walked daily varies with age. For example, a puppy may only need about 20 minutes of walking each day, while an adult would require a 30-45 minute walk every single day!

How do you calm a Chihuahua with anxiety?

The key to calming any dog is physical contact. When your Chi-chi has separation anxiety, you must never leave them alone for too long; otherwise, they’ll start going crazy with anxiousness and will need a lot of help getting back on track again after the event. Otherwise – if this doesn’t apply in your case – then some simple exercise might do wonders for their mind: give her daily walks or throw balls around at home so she can stretch those energetic muscles!

Do Chihuahuas get sad?

Dogs need company. They don’t get sad, but they do feel lonely and isolated if left alone for too long without a human companion to snuggle with or play fetch with them. Some people think that because Chihuahuas are so tiny, you can leave them home on their own while going out during the day since it’s not like there is enough room in your house for anyone else! But dogs need companionship just as much as humans – even more sometimes- so make sure to bring little Fido along when you go outside of the house!

What foods are toxic to Chihuahuas?

The toxicity of food varies for all dogs, but some are more sensitive than others. For example, chocolate is toxic to Chihuahuas; gum and candy should be avoided because they can cause dental problems/sugar overload that leads to diabetes or other health conditions; raisins have been known in rare cases to show blood sugar spikes (a nutrient called FODMAPS); macadamia nuts may contain a toxin which could trigger gastrointestinal issues like vomiting–the list goes on!

Are Chihuahuas good with kids?

Chihuahuas are not typically good with young children. Therefore, they would do well to avoid them altogether. However, older kids have more experience and can be expected to behave better than most youngsters your pup might meet in a day at school or on the playground – as long as you give instructions for how he should act around others!

Do Chihuahuas smile?

Although Chihuahuas are often thought of as ferocious, they have a great sense of humor! When relaxed, their mouth is usually open, and their tongue may even be hanging out. And when happy, sometimes you can hear them laugh like an echo-barking sound that makes everyone feel good to know the chi has found inner peace.

Where can I buy a Chihuahua in India?

You can connect with reputed and professional Chihuahua breeders at

Why do Chihuahuas shake?

Chihuahuas usually have high metabolisms, which can make them shake when they’re excited or nervous. But, it also helps them regulate their body temperature because a dog with the metabolism rate of an average Chihuahua will burn off the heat quickly even after you think it’s warm out!

What is the rarest Chihuahua?

The pure white Chihuahua is a rarity among canines. To be an all-white pup, two parents must have had no pigment on their skin at birth. This coloration doesn’t often occur due to its genetic makeup that includes recessive genes being passed down from generation to generation and occasionally crossing over with another form of pigmentation such as black or merle markings which are more common than one might believe!

Do Chihuahuas have blue eyes?

Some Merle Chihuahuas do have blue eyes and some other fun colors like green and hazel. However, there are also health risks associated with having a different pigment gene for eye color, which can cause a lot of issues such as increased sensitivity to sunlight, cataracts, or even blindness in one eye, so you’ll want to be sure you’re aware before choosing any genetic trait when picking out your pup at this time.

Is it better to have 2 Chihuahuas?

They will play with each other: You’ll have one as your walking buddy and another to help motivate you because they’re always at your side.

Are black Chihuahuas rare?

Brindle Chihuahuas are black over fawn, with stripes that can be thin or thick. A full solid black is rare, but most will have some type of marking on their body. Black chocolates and whites tend to look like the markings more than a brown coat color does; these colors may require brushing not to show up as much when they shed hair.

What does an albino Chihuahua look like?

An albino Chihuahua looks incredibly unique and adorable. They’re so rare that there are only 2 in the world! Albino chihuahuas have pink eye whites and translucent or white hair coats with odd markings on them due to their lack of pigment production for coloration. The two living beings of this breed were born without eyes because an albino’s body cannot produce enough retinal cells needed for seeing purposes, but it produces plenty when used by others.

What problems do Chihuahuas have?

The Chihuahua is a tiny, adorable dog that has many health problems. For example, Luxating Patella – which means the kneecap moves out of place and causes pain in the knee joint; Hypoglycemia – when low blood sugar levels can cause weakness or seizures; Tracheal Collapse – where the air goes into one side of their throat instead of both sides making it hard to breathe, among other things.

Do Girl Chihuahuas hump?

They sure do! Especially when they’re in heat. This can be because sometimes, the way your dog behaves may depend on their breed and other factors influenced by hormones such as age and reproductive status (usually being “in-heat”). For example, some male dogs exhibit more dominant behavior during the mating season even if female dogs aren’t around or available. But, on the other hand, others become very submissive towards any nearby females who enter into estrus, so this will have significant effects.

Do Girl Chihuahuas have periods?

A girl Chihuahua is not even close to being sexually mature enough for her period – that would only happen if she’s at least two years old and showing signs of puberty, which can include excessive licking or chewing on objects in the house, bleeding from vaginal discharge (think spotting), changes in appetite, weight fluctuations etcetera.

What food can kill a Chihuahua?

The most dangerous foods for dogs happen to be the ones that humans eat on an everyday basis. Though all of these items are harmful, some have more negative effects than others:

  • Chocolate and caffeine
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Alcohol and raw bread dough (including yeast)
  • Xylitol
  • Onions and garlic

Why do Chihuahuas choose one person?

Chihuahuas are known for being small, but they have a lot of personality! Most Chihuahuas love to be cuddled and give their owners lots of attention. They also don’t like spending too much time outside, so it’s not surprising when one picks just one person that he likes the most out of everyone else.

Why is my Chihuahua so mean?

Some Chihuahuas are aggressive and snarling and may be labeled as “cute.” But this behavior is often dismissed because people think it doesn’t cause any real problems. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Aggressive behaviors in a Chihuahua can stem from anxiety or territoriality, so don’t brush off these warning signs of aggression!

Why does my Chihuahua growl when I pet him?

When dogs exhibit signs such as low growling while being stroked by humans, these animals could need emotional support and encouragement from us to feel better about themselves.

Do Chihuahuas die easily?

Chihuahuas are a little more fragile than other breeds; in fact, they’re the seventh most likely breed to die from an infection. Unfortunately, the Chihuahua is also susceptible to fatal diseases such as distemper and canine herpesvirus (aka “the doggy cold”).

How do most Chihuahuas die?

Heart disease is a leading killer of older dogs, and it can also strike our beloved Chihuahua. Heart failure occurs when an organ doesn’t function properly, arrhythmia refers to irregular heartbeats that often lead to sudden death because they don’t allow blood flow in either direction through your pup’s circulatory system efficiently enough.

Is 7 old for a Chihuahua?

Yes, seven is considered a senior dog. Senior dogs may have decreased energy and may be more prone to illnesses. Senior dogs should be fed foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E; they should also get more frequent access to water, especially if the weather is warm.

How do I stop my Chihuahua from peeing in the house?

Chihuahuas are a little bit stubborn about peeing outside. It may take some time and patience to teach them where you want them to go, but it’s worth the effort! It takes more than just saying “no” or giving your dog an angry facial expression when they do something wrong – if this is what you’ve been doing so far! You need to be patient with training because Chihuahua puppies have shorter attention spans than other dogs from different breeds.

Do Chihuahuas like being the only dog?

Chihuahuas are known for being stubborn. They love the full attention that comes with being the only pet in a household, and they’re not so keen on sharing their space or food with other dogs. So if you do have other pets at home, this is something to keep in mind!

Should Chihuahuas sleep with you?

If your dog is healthy, and you maintain your hygiene during sleep time. There’s no reason not to let a chihuahua enjoy the comfort of sleeping with you! However, it may be hard for them because they’re so small that it can seem like an overwhelming task to keep on their bedding (or whatever surface) without being stepped or kicked over by someone who moves around too much while asleep.

How do I get my Chihuahua to shut up?

The best way for you to get your Chihuahua’s barking under control is simple training. With some time, effort, and patience, you can teach them that coming when they are called will result in a tasty treat or another reward. If there happens to be something that triggers their bark like a new person on the property, then call them over with treats as an incentive while making sure no one else enters until it shuts up.

Why do Chihuahuas like to sleep with their owners?

The answer is simple. It keeps your dog warm at night! Pets tend to approach their owner during the evening because they feel cold, especially if they’re a small breed and less tolerant of temperature changes. Depending on how intimate you are with your pet, they may come into bed just before it’s time for lights out – which can be adorable!

Do Chihuahuas like to be kissed?

If you’re a new Chihuahua owner, it’s essential to know that dogs don’t like kisses by default. Kissing from an animal perspective can be seen as threatening behavior- but with some training and positive reinforcement, the dog will eventually learn how to enjoy being kissed.

Can Chihuahuas use a litter box?

Your Chihuahua can be trained to use a litter box! Litter training is not suitable for all breeds of dogs, but since your pup will stay small and won’t grow too large later on (most Chi’s are about the size of an average cat), it’ll work perfectly.

Why is my Chihuahua peeing everywhere?

Marking behaviors for small dogs are different from marking behaviors of bigger breeds. When a smaller breed, like a Chihuahua, marks, this typically means that there’s an issue with their behavior, and they want to claim territory in the house when it comes time for them to go potty. If you’ve seen him both peeing and pooping inside, then the odds are good. He needs some help getting trained on how best to use his indoor bathroom due to his size constraints!

Do Chihuahuas pee a lot?

Chihuahuas will always need to urinate and are so small that they cannot hold it in as long as a larger dog, so yes, they do pee a lot. However, Chihuahua’s have an average bladder size of 6 ounces and can comfortably hold this much urine for 4 hours. In contrast, many other small breeds weighing around the same or only slightly more than the Chihuahua have up to 12-14 ounces.

How do I train my Chihuahua to be nice?

Well, it all starts with socializing them early on. First, let people hold him and pet him while they are on the ground to get used to being around other animals or humans too! Then, make sure you always end your time at a park, training session, good behavior moment, or even an affectionate one by giving that pup some yummy treats. This way, they will start expecting rewards for doing things right in any given situation!

What age do Chihuahuas die?

The lifespan of your adorable little pup may surprise you. These tiny dogs are known for their fragile appearance, but the reality is that they can live reasonably long lives on average! For instance, a healthy Chihuahua might make it to 15 or even 20 years old, while larger breeds only survive until 10-13 years old. So don’t worry too much if you’re thinking about adopting one – with proper care and love, these small guys could potentially outlive both humans and bigger dog breeds alike!

How often should I bathe my Chihuahua?

The easiest way to gauge whether your pup needs a bath is to look at their skin and hair and follow this hygiene schedule – 6 weeks, then every 4-6 months. If you happen to notice any unusual smells coming from the dog, or if there’s no puppy odor left on the surface of their skin texture, it might be worth giving them an extra clean in between these intervals.

Do Chihuahuas like baths?

Yes, Chihuahuas enjoy baths. Baths are a part of grooming that is essential to help keep their skin and coat healthy. Bathing should be gradual, and you can always do less, as well as more – Chihuahuas are very sensitive to the feel of wet fur! Leave them dry, so they don’t shake off water droplets all over the house.

What can I give my Chihuahua for anxiety?

The best thing you can possibly do for your dog’s anxiety is to get them positive interactions with the people and other animals in their lives. This will help them feel safe, secure, and less anxious around new or unknown people and animals. Depending on your budget, vet visits are also a good idea because they will get their vaccinations updated, which means they’ll be less likely to contract illnesses at home or in public places. Other things that can be helpful include exercise, prong collars, counter conditioning methods such as prey/play release training.

What does it mean when a Chihuahua licks you?

A Chihuahua’s purposeful licking is a sign of affection, curiosity for the taste or experience, grooming needs, and stress relief. On the other hand, it could be out of love! Dogs lick their family members to show friendship and love – they do this by rubbing against us with a wagging tail as well as through playtime together. Licking someone can also come from more passive signs such as being content in our presence (while sleeping), which motivates them to want all over us with sloppy wet kisses.”

At what age do Chihuahuas start barking?

Chihuahua puppies typically start barking around six weeks of age. Young pups don’t have much bark in them when they’re just born, but around the 6-week mark, their voices start to change – as their pitch raises and they gain more chest space for vocal cords. It should be noted that breed plays a big role in how high or low the dog sounds–some tend to squeak, whereas others burst out with a deep booming resonance that sounds like an angry bear.

Where do Chihuahuas like to be petted?

Chihuahuas enjoy being petted in various places, and it’s important to remember that not all Chihuahua will like the same types of touch. Try rubbing your dog under their chin or giving them some attention at the base on their tail–maybe they’ll even roll over for you! You can also try massaging his back with both hands while he lays down.

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