Dog Friendly Furniture

Choosing Dog Friendly Furniture for Your Home

This is a debate that many pet parents find themselves engaged in: whether or not to let their dog on the couch. Initially, I was firm that I would not let my dog use any of the home furniture but get a nice dog bed for her. But within a few months of bringing home a puppy, it felt weird not to snuggle with my dog and sit on the couch while watching a movie. In fact, every time I wanted to hug my dog, I would have to sit on the floor, which was not really comfortable for me.

Hence, it only made sense to let my dog use the furniture. In fact, after going through information from We Love Doodles, I got a lot of insight into dog behavior and temperament around humans and how different breeds behave in different situations.

Recently when I shifted my house, I ensured the furniture we chose would suit both the needs of humans and pets, and I have shared some tips for the same below.

1. Choose the Right Size:

The first thing about buying a couch is deciding its size. When there are guests at your home, you do not want them to struggle to find a place to sit when your pooch suddenly climbs onto its spot on the couch.

You should at least go for a six-seater sofa if you own a large breed dog such as a Labrador, a medium-sized Poodle, or a Goldendoodle. This also works if you have more than one dog. You can also opt for an L-shaped sofa that can comfortably seat many people as well as your dog. Another set-up would be to go for a separate love seat for your dog, which would be an ideal place for it to sit. The couch’s height should be a bit lower so the dog can easily climb on it. If you have a small-sized dog, you may have to lift it onto the couch.

2. Choose Sturdy Fabrics:

When your dog sits on the couch, it is bound to get dirty. This means you should avoid certain fabrics like satin or linen, which tend to trap hair. You would need a lint remover always to clean the sofa, as it will keep trapping the dog hair often. When you let your pooch on the couch, you better stay away from fabric sofas that attract a lot of dog hair. Instead, go for leatherette, which is really easy to clean and does not trap any hair. You can just give it a wipe, and it is clean. The only issue over time would be that the material gets punctured by your dog’s toenails. Hence, keep it as short as you can and grind it well.

If you own a leather couch, do not get discouraged, as if it is quality material, it will be thick and not get spilled easily. Leather is also less absorbent than fabric; hence, even if your dog has an accident, you can simply wipe the affected area with an absorbent cloth. I always throw a blanket of a throw on the couch seat just to protect the material from the dog’s paw nails.

3. It Should be Easy to Clean:

Your dog may be clean, but they play outside and sit on the floor too. Their fur can trap dirt; hence, your furniture can get dirty easily. Choose material that can be easily cleaned by washing it or vacuumed. Avoid any piece of furniture that is tough to maintain, as it will only increase your work.

4. Choose the Right Fabric Color:

While choosing the couch color, ensure it is not very light as it will get dirty easily and will need more cleaning. Opt for darker shades or colors like beige or grey that are easier to maintain. Fabric sofas should be such that the material can be washed easily. A leather couch can be vacuumed to remove the fur from it, and you can gently use a wet cloth to wipe the dirt off.

5. Replaceable, Washable Coverings:

When you are looking for outdoor furniture, like a garden or patio, teak or rattan furniture would be ideal. If it is sunny outside, you can use soft cushions with removable covers that can be washed frequently. These covers can be changed frequently. Hence, you can keep it clean as well as keep changing the look of the corner.

6. Get Foldable Stairs:

Your dog is not going to remain young forever. They might jump on the bed or couch now, but later on, they may need some help to get up. If the furniture is high for the dog, you need a small stair for the dog to climb onto the furniture. This prevents the dog from jumping unnecessarily on and off the couch, which will keep them safe. Foldable stairs are available for pets; hence, just get one set that you can use throughout the house and even when your dog needs to climb into the car.

7. Ensure the Dog Has Its Own Bed:

You may allow your pet onto your furniture, but that does not mean it is the dog’s spot. Your dog should have its own dog bed, both indoors and outdoors. You should train it to use the spot often so that it learns that the place is exclusively allocated for the dog. This will help them create a safe corner of its own, and though it will occasionally enjoy some time on the couch with you, you will find them snuggling more in their own bed.


After a long day of work, I enjoy having my dog on the couch alongside me. Somehow it makes my day less stressful as I get to pet my dog, which she loves. Initially, I was skeptical about protecting my furniture, but over time, any furniture must withstand wear and tear. Choosing sturdy fabric and quality material that is easy to clean and washable ensures easy maintenance and less effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my furniture from dog hair?

The best way to protect your furniture from dog hair is to vacuum regularly and use anti-static sprays or special cloths that trap pet hair. You can also choose materials like leatherette, which does not trap any fur or fabric covers that can be easily washed or changed.

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What is the best material for furniture when you have a dog?

The best material for furniture when you have a pet is leather, as it does not absorb spills and dirt and can be wiped clean easily. You may also opt for fabrics like microfibers or nylon, which are durable, easily cleanable, and pet friendly. You can also choose outdoor furniture made of teak or rattan as they are weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

What is the best way to keep my dog off the furniture?

The best way to keep your dog off the furniture is by providing them with their own spot. You can get a comfortable dog bed and train them to use it frequently. You may also invest in foldable stairs so that they can climb onto the furniture without having to jump off of it. Additionally, you can spray deterrents like citrus sprays or vinegar on the furniture to keep your pet away from it.

What is the easiest way to clean fur off furniture?

The easiest way to clean fur off furniture is by vacuuming regularly. Additionally, you can use a damp cloth or towel to wipe away any hair from the surface. You may also opt for anti-static sprays specially made for pet fur as they help trap and remove pet hair from the furniture.

What is the best way to keep my dog from scratching furniture?

The best way to keep your dog from scratching furniture is by trimming its nails regularly, providing them with a scratching post, and giving it lots of attention and playtime. You may also opt for leather or synthetic fabrics that are more durable and resistant to scratching. Additionally, you may apply a clear nail protector on the furniture to keep your pet away from it.

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