Chow Chow Dog Price in India | Appearance & Characteristics

The Chow chow breed was originated in Northern China, where it is known a ‘puffy lion dog’ in their language as ‘Songshi Quan.

Chow chow dog price in India

Chow chow dog price in India ranges from 2 lakh to 5 lakh.

Chowchow dog price in India


  • It is sturdily built, with a square profile, a broad skull and small, triangular, erect ears with rounded tips.
  • It is known for its dense double coat, which can be either smooth or rough.
  • It has a distinctive ruff and mane appearance due to a thick fur at coat around his neck.
  • It is found in shaded/self red, black, blue, cinnamon/ fawn or cream colour. But all colours are not found valid in all countries. If any dog is patchy or multicoloured then that is considered out from the breed standard.
  • Its eyes are almond-shaped and typically deep-set.
  • It has a unique blue-black/ purple tongue that makes him different from all. The colour of its tongue extends to his lips, making it the only dog with bluish lips and oral cavity (other dogs have black or a piebald shade pattern skin in their mouth).
  • Its hind legs are straight, resulting in rather stilted gait.
  • Another distinctive feature of Chow Chow breed is his curled tail that has thick hairs on it and lies over the back.


  • They are most commonly pet dogs. They tend to reflect discernment strangers and can act fiercely protective to their owner and property. The American Kennel Club (AKC ) standard considered an all – too aggressive or all – too timid chow chow as unacceptable. For the same, few owners attributed cat-like traits to their Chow-chow.
  • They are not excessively active thus they can be easily housed in an apartment. But there too they will require some exercise or games or training to stay apart from restlessness or boredom. On realizing regular occurrence of exercises chow chow will anticipate even more with the owner.
    Generally, all dogs are friendly with their family and relatives but chow chow tends to be more protective to any one or two members especially.
  • Being quiet and well behave is this breed’s nature which sometimes helps him as resistant to exercise and attach to someone as they grow. This is why their training as a puppy makes them crucial because they gain huge respect for those who cares for this doggo.
  • This breed can also be very aggressive so to avoid that state their proper socialization should be done as soon as possible to allow him to adjust with ease. If their owner fails to get his admiration then at time when he reaches adolescence, he rejects any authority over him.

Life Expectancy

We can expect a chow chow to live from 11 to 13 years.


They can be 17 to 22 inches tall with a weight from 35 to 85 in females and 40 to 90 in males.
They require more grooming especially in spring and autumn seasons as they shed more fur in these two seasons, otherwise, moderate grooming is sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chow Chow

Can Chow Chow survive in India?

Yes, Chow Chows can survive in the Indian habitat. They have a high demand and availability when it comes to living conditions. They are more popular in the bigger, denser cities like Delhi or Mumbai but they can be found all over as well.

How much does Chow Chow cost?

For the dog lover who has everything, a Chow Chow might be just what you need. These pups are not only gorgeous but also independent and intelligent; they may even train themselves! Unfortunately these dogs come with hefty price tags: INR 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh is all it takes to get your own doggy companion at full size and grooming for this medium sized breed comes out to an average of INR 5000 per visit.

Where can I buy Chow Chow in India?

You can connect with reputed and professional Chow Chow breeders at

Why are Chow Chows banned?

Aggression is the biggest issue with these dogs, and it can be avoided. Chow Chows naturally show aggression towards other male animals of their species as well as hunting instincts that may take over if presented to little cats or small sized dogs.

Are Chow Chows cuddly?

The Chow-Chow is a curious breed of dog. One who likes to be independent yet still cuddly at times.

Why are Chow Chows so expensive?

In addition to being an expensive dog breed due to the cost of breeding and ownership, Chow Chows are also very rare. This is because there exist strict regulations for their breeding which make them difficult if not impossible to find in many parts of the world.

Are Chow Chows dangerous?

Chow Chows, or Chow-Chows as they are sometimes called, are one of the most dangerous breeds on Earth. They have a very primitive temperament and their loyalty is only to themselves when it comes to outsiders in their territory. This breed has been known for being protective over its family too because this dog won’t let people into his home without them earning his trust first; he will probably drive you away before giving you an opportunity to get close enough.

Do Chow Chows bite their owners?

Chow Chows are one of the most loved breeds for their gentle and affectionate nature. They can also be a bit aggressive at times too, especially when they feel threatened by its owner or any other entity around it but this does not happen often and is usually only a warning to the owner that it wants some space or feels uncomfortable in its surroundings.

Do Chow Chows love their owners?

Chows can and do show love to their owner. While they generally remain indifferent with house guests or other visitors, the Chow knows who his family is. You’ll never get a lot of attention from them but he’s always there for you when it matters most – showing that he loves you unconditionally.

Do Chow Chows turn on their owners?

Many owners are surprised to find that their Chow Chows turn on them. You may try a variety of different tactics, but as long as the dog is feeling irritable or has had an unfortunate past experience with someone in your household they will likely never trust you enough to be completely obedient and behave well.

Are Chow Chows expensive?

Chow Chows are an expensive breed of dog. The average cost for this medium-sized pup is INR 200000, and grooming starts around the same price – at about INR 10,000. It will take 12-15 years before you can say goodbye to your beloved pet; they have an estimated life expectancy of that length.

Can Chow Chow be left alone?

The Chow Chow is a playful, cuddly breed that loves being around its own family. It also has great watch dog instincts and isn’t afraid to bark at strangers! This independent pup can be left home alone for short periods of time without any problems as long they have enough food & water available.

Is Chow Chow a good pet?

Chow Chows are known for being friendly, dedicated and protective. They need early socialization, including exposure with children from a young age in order to make them good family pets! Some Chow Chows even compete in obedience or agility competitions- but this requires specialized training techniques that not everyone can do on their own.

Do Chow Chows bark alot?

The most common answer to this question is yes, they do bark a lot – and it’s not just because of their insanely cute faces that get them out of trouble! Some people say that when properly trained as an apartment dog, Chow Chows make excellent roommates for those with limited space. Though many people claim otherwise, there are benefits to living with these dogs if proper precautions are taken before adopting one into your home such as training or giving up any hope of ever having good sound sleep again.

Are Chows lazy?

Chow Chow breed has been proven to be one of the laziest dogs. In fact, they are among the least active breeds with an average daily activity level at less than 45 minutes!

Are Chow Chows aggressive?

Chow Chows can be fiercely protective and need training to control this guarding tendency. They are aloof with strangers, but usually have a sweet temperament towards their family members. They require dog training to control their guarding tendency; however they can still be aggressive when provoked by other animals.

Do Chow Chows shed?

Like most breeds, the coat of this animal is a seasonal shedders. The hair should be brushed more often during shedding season to remove excess fur from your home and furniture. They have very little or no doggie odor if you brush them regularly!

Do Chow Chows have lock jaw?

No, they don’t! A lot of people think Chow Chows do have lock jaw. But the truth is that they don’t have any symptoms of lock jaw, and some Chow Chows will never show any signs of it. But some might get it at a later age, naturally ages 13 to 15 years old. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t really much we can do about this when our Chow Chows get older.

How do you punish a Chow Chow?

In order to ensure that your dog is well behaved, it’s important to understand how they react and what methods work best. You’ll find many trainers recommend reward-based training techniques over confrontational ones like yelling or hitting the animal with objects such as whips or sticks. This allows for positive reinforcement which in turn promotes desired behaviour while minimizing unwanted behaviours . A clicker can be used by clicking when the animals performs an action correctly then presenting them with their favourite treat immediately after this event occurs.

At what age is a Chow Chow full grown?

Chow Chow puppies are full grown by 18 months, and they reach their adult weight at 2 years.

Are Chow Chows good indoor dogs?

Chow Chows are the perfect breed for apartment living because they’re lazy and prefer to stay in cool spaces. They like being left alone, so you can rest easy when you have to leave them at home during your workday.

What breeds make a Chow Chow?

The Chow Chow is a very interesting and ancient breed. They were originally bred in China centuries ago from East Asian dogs that closely resembled wolves, but they have now become more of an extinct Chinese dog breed than the Chow we know today. These Chows share many similarities with other breeds like Akita Inus or Shiba Inu’s such as their high prey drive for hunting birds and catching rodents due to living off wild game when they first came into existence.

Are Chows smart?

A Chow is a very intelligent, independent dog that tends to be aloof. They are also protective and need an assertive owner who will provide discipline, socialization, as well as obedience training in order for them not get bored or cause trouble around the house.

Why are Chows so mean?

Chows have a natural predisposition towards aggression. It turns out that they have a natural instinct to be aggressive towards dogs of the opposite sex. If they’re presented with small animals or pets, their hunting instincts can take over and turn them into an adult dog who is not safe around other species!

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