Doberman vs German Shepherd

Doberman vs German Shepherd – All That You Need to Know!

If you happen to be somebody who loves medium sized dogs and are particularly interested in adopting guard dogs, you might also be confused about which medium dog breed to adopt. This article focuses on a detailed comparison between Dobermans and German Shepherds. Both the Doberman and the German Shepherd hail from Germany, and are medium dog breeds that were initially bred to serve as working dogs or guard dogs.

There are quite a few similar traits and characteristics between both these breeds. But they are also different from one another in certain ways. This comparison of Doberman vs German Shepherd will help you understand everything you need to know about both of these fascinating breeds of pooches.

Weight & Size

The Doberman is a medium sized dog breed that stands tall between 24 to 28 inches. The male Doberman usually is 26 to 28 inches in height and weighs between 75 to 100 pounds. On the other hand, the female one is between 24 to 26 inches tall and weighs between 60 to 90 pounds on an average.

The German Shepherd is a medium dog breed that is comparatively a little shorter in height than the Doberman. The male German Shepherd stands tall at 24 to 26 inches, while the female is about 22 to 24 inches tall. The male weighs between 65 to 90 pounds, and the female German Shepherd between 50 to 70 pounds.


The Doberman is a muscular build, and is a fast and powerful breed. Dobermans have a sleek and substantial body, a glistening coat that comes in shades of black, red, blue or fawn and marks of rust. It has a wedge shaped head and pointed ears, and a tiny docked tail.

The German Shepherd is a medium sized dog breed that has strong build, a long neck, and large ears. It has a dome shaped forehead, and a square shaped muzzle. The German Shepherd has a black nose, and brown eyes. The breed has a bushy tail.


The Doberman is known for its loyalty. It is a fearless and alert dog breed. Dobermans are extremely energetic, due to which, they don’t tire out that easily. They are intelligent and sharp, and have very strong instincts as well. Its intimidating appearance and ferocious nature are just some of the other traits because of which they make great guard dogs.

The German Shepherd is a loyal, courageous and confident dog breed. It has the ability to learn fast, and understand commands. German Shepherds are playful and love to spend time with their loved ones. They also tend to become really attached and protective about their family. This combined with their curiosity and other traits is why they’re great as watchdogs.


Regular grooming would help a Doberman to stay in optimal condition. Quick and daily brushing is suggested to keep the coat of a Doberman healthy and shiny. The Doberman does not require too frequent bathing. The nails of a Doberman should be trimmed on a monthly basis, and its teeth should be brushed regularly. The ears of a Doberman should be wiped out with a little bit of baby oil once or twice a week.

The German Shepherd has a dense and harsh coat which requires quick brushing about twice or thrice a week. It helps to remove loose hair. However, during the times when the German Shepherds shed, which is generally twice a year, a little more frequent brushing is suggested. A German Shepherd does not need too frequent bathing. Its nails should be trimmed once each month as long nails tend to cause pain.

Monthly Maintenance

The monthly maintenance of a Doberman is between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 8000. This cost also depends upon the quality and the brand of the dog food. Charges of the groomer, trainer and/or health professional are other factors which decide the price. With vaccinations, toys, treats and hygiene related essentials like toothpaste, the price can touch the upper limit.

The monthly maintenance cost of a German Shepherd is a little lower than that of a Doberman, and ranges between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000. Of course, with higher quality of food, and better groomer, trainer and/or health professional, the charges do get higher. All other vaccinations and hygiene essentials also cover the range of price, but can still vary.

Diet and Nutrition

It is important to feed a Doberman high quality dog food. A Doberman puppy needs age appropriate food which is approved by the vet or its breeder. Treats do help during training sessions but too much of treats causes obesity, and thus, should be avoided. Carbs and Proteins intake would be needed for them to maintain their energy levels.

A German Shepherd, too, requires high quality dog food. Pieces of biscuits and kibbles can be used as treats, but too much should not be given. Food containing minerals and vitamins such as cooked vegetables, eggs or yoghurt can be beneficial for German Shepherds.


A Doberman requires a lot of exercise and play time. The breed is a born athlete. Dobermans tend to enjoy daily walks and/or hikes with their favourite human, which helps the canine to remain physically and mentally fit. A fenced area where the Doberman can run daily works best. So it’s important to ensure that your own fitness levels are maintained to take care of their need for exercise. If not, it’s advisable to hire a fitness trainer for them.

The German Shepherd, too, is an athletic dog breed that requires lots of physical activity for its well being. A German Shepherd that does not have the opportunity to exercise often develops undesirable tendencies. Which is why it’s essential to make sure they regularly exercise, for both their physical health and mental peace of mind. A German Shepherd puppy loves to go on long walks and have play times with its human family.

Both the Doberman and the German Shepherd are breeds that love to participate in sports that help develop their skills in agility, tracking and obedience.


The Doberman is a dog breed that is intelligent and learns fast. A Doberman would respond quickly and loves to spend time with its human companion. Socialization is an important aspect of a Doberman’s training, because without proper socialisation, Dobermans can become destructive, pushy and unmanageable. Puppy training classes are recommended in order to ensure that the Doberman is raised in a happy and healthy environment, and grows up to become a well mannered canine.

The German Shepherd is an amazing working dog, and very intelligent. A German Shepherd puppy should be given puppy training classes as well as socialization at an early age. This would help the German Shepherd puppy to grow up to become an obedient, well mannered canine. A positive and consistent environment helps a German Shepherd to remain the happiest, and become the good-est boy/girl of all.


With Doberman vs German Shepherd, it boils down to which of these canines would match the wavelength of you and your family. You know how they say that every healthy relationship involves give and take. It certainly applies to dogs too. So with the right kind of love, care and guidance you give them, both these dog breeds are nothing short of amazing family members who are also loyal protectors.

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