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German Shepherd Price In India

There are a lot of reasons you could have for getting a German Shepherd as a pet. Whatever may be the reasons, once you have decided to welcome this dog into your life you need to take note of a few more things before bringing it home. You need to be prepared for letting it into your life and being happy with it.

What is the price of a German Shepherd Puppy in India?

The price of a German Shepherd puppy in India can range from anywhere between 5000 to 20000 INR. While the price is one factor in choosing the right dog for you, there are several other factors that come into the picture when deciding on a dog to buy.

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Here are some of the most fundamental factors that you need to consider before buying a German Shepherd puppy:

1. Do you have enough space for a German Shepherd?

Is your house big enough for the dog? Do you have space for the dog to move around and play? This is a very crucial factor that you need to consider before getting a German Shepherd into the house. You wouldn’t like it when your dog moves around the house breaking things.

German Shepherd

2. Are you committed to training your dog?

Training is a crucial part of owning a dog. This is very much true when you have a German Shepherd. You have to make sure that you have the time to train your dog almost every day. This is another major commitment you have to make before buying a German Shepherd.

3. Do you provide enough exercise to your dog?

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German Shepherds are herding breeds. They need a lot of exercises to stay healthy. When not exercised, they tend to become notorious and release their energy by doing mischievous things which won’t make you happy. You have to make the commitment to provide enough exercise to the dog. Only then you can say that you are ready to bring a German Shepherd into your life.

4. Can you keep it engaged?

German Shepherds are intelligent and active dogs. You have to make sure that you keep them busy with some activity. Otherwise, they are going to be trouble for the entire house. There are many games that you can get your dog involved in. This will give the dog enough activity and keep it engaged for long.

5. Do you travel often?

German Shepherds are not loner types. They like to bond and connect. They do not like to be left alone. If you have a job that includes a lot of travel or long working hours, this may not be the right dog breed for you. German Shepherds love company and if you can’t give it time, it is not worth buying it.

Hope these tips help you in deciding whether or not buying a German Shepherd is the right decision for you. Do you already own a German Shepherd? If so, let us know if we missed anything from this article. We would love to know your thoughts and suggestions.

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