Husky vs Golden Retriver

Husky vs Golden Retriever-All That You Need To Know!

Huskies and Golden Retrievers can be told apart by their physical characteristics easily. However, there are numerous characteristics that aren’t apparent which set them apart. At the same time, both dogs share a number of similarities. Which begs the question, which one is more suited to your family? Read on to know more.

Weight and  Size

A (Siberian) Husky female weighs between 16 to 23 kilograms with a height of 50 to 56 cm, while the male weighs anywhere between 20 to 27 kilograms with a height range of 54 to 60 cm.

A male Golden Retriever weighs between 30 to 34 kilograms while a female will weigh between 25 to 32 kilograms. Their height ranges from 51 to 61 cm.


You have definitely seen these medium-sized, majestic eye-catching dogs around with a thick coat of soft hair. (Syberian) Huskies can be told apart by their smooth, graceful and powerful gait. Additionally, their blue eyes with specs of other colors set them apart from most dogs. They come in a number of colors and patterns or markings. The most popular color is a combination of black and white, also called “splash”. The rarest coat color you can find is pure white which is caused by the lack of pigmentation of other colors and the extended presence of white.

Golden Retrievers need no introduction. Not only are they highly popular and friendly, but their luscious golden coat is unmatchable. They move in a smooth and fashionable way, always swinging their tail with their friendly eyes and hallmark grin. They come in three different colors, namely light golden, cream, and dark golden. The most popular color is plain golden which is not too dark or light and is also referred to as “standard golden”.


Contrary to what you might expect, Huskies get along extremely well with family and other dogs because they are born to be raised as a pack. They are affectionate and kind and also get along with children. However, this makes them terrible watch dogs as they are friendly with anyone and everyone, shocking right? They can be aggressive and curious, wandering around when the occasion permits, so supervision is necessary. If you have neighbors that dislike dogs barking, Huskies earn brownie points since they hardly bark!

You’re right if you think that Golden Retrievers are the friendliest dogs there can be! As their kind eyes reflect, they’re also trustworthy, loyal, and eager to please their owners. They get along with everyone and make great family pets. Additionally, they are protective of their families and can make adequate watch dogs if the need arises. Unsurprisingly, they do not bark too much and aren’t aggressive, unless they are mistreated or neglected.


Surprisingly, Huskies are quite low maintenance when it comes to grooming. They do not require frequent baths as they hardly emit any odor and keep themselves clean. Additionally, brushing them weekly is enough to get loose hair out and keep them tidy. However, Huskies shed their undercoat twice every year, so you would need to brush them extensively in those periods to “rake out” the old coat by using fine metal combs.

As expected, Golden Retrievers need to be brushed moderately with a slicker brush to remove dead hair and prevent it from landing onto surfaces in the house. Like Huskies, Golden Retrievers shed their coats twice a year, periods when the frequency of brushing increases. During these periods, bathing helps get dead hair out but never brush them till they have dried off completely. During other months, Golden Retrievers do not require frequent bathing, just enough to keep them clean.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance of a Husky will cost approximately Rs 3000 to Rs 6000 considering food and grooming. This cost increases if you go for premium high-quality food and professional groomers. Vaccinations and veterinarian checkups in the first year cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. This reduces to a maximum of 6000 yearly, including supplements and medicines.

For Golden Retrievers, monthly maintenance costs can cost anywhere between Rs 2,500 to 7,000 including food and grooming, depending on the quality of food you choose to provide and whether you groom the dog yourself or not. Vaccinations and checkups in the first year will cost around Rs 6,000 to Rs 8000 and reduce to Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 after.

Diet And Nutrition

Huskies require a high-quality diet that’s rich in protein. This has to be balanced with vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats based on an individual dog’s preference and lifestyle, so consulting a veterinarian is crucial. Up to 6 months of age, they must only be fed 3 times a day, after which 2 meals a day would suffice. Avoid foods like chocolates, raw meat, grapes, plums, peaches, and dairy. Additionally, since they get an ample amount of exercise during the day, never take Huskies out for physical activity less than 2 hours after their meal. Similarly, avoid feeding them till 30 minutes after they have exercised, so that they have enough time to cool their bodies down. You don’t have to be afraid of your Husky getting obese as their nature to exercise and avoiding overeating will keep them fit.

A distinctive difference in a Golden Retriever is its affliction with food, they eat as much as they can, and still don’t stop! They require high-quality food, but their calorie intake has to be closely watched. Be careful with your treats as well and don’t overdo them. Additionally, try to avoid foods with high-fat content. As with other dogs, it’s unsafe to feed them raw meat and eggs, dairy, grapes, raisins, and chocolates among other foods. Never free-feed them as they will overeat in every instance. Their primary ingredient can be protein-based from meats like turkey, chicken, and lamb. Remember that low-quality foods or foods that have high amounts of preservatives will cause skin irritation and other skin problems.


As you might have inferred, Huskies require a large amount of exercise. Since they are athletic and energetic dogs that were meant to be fast runners, they are at their happiest when they are outdoors engaging in physical activity. Not only does physical stimulation help them remain active, agile, and healthy, but it also helps with their mental state, as playing outdoors with their owners helps them feel closer to them. But what do you do if you stay in an apartment where a Husky can’t run around? You will be surprised to know that Huskies are adaptable creatures that will be happy as long as they get some form of exercise, even if it’s just daily runs or dog games outside.

Like Huskies, Golden Retrievers love to exercise, specifically running alongside their owners, hikes, and field trips. You are mistaken if you expect them to stay calm and happy indoors without any movement. They are a sporting breed and without enough physical activity, it is likely that they will engage in destructive behaviors. It is essential you give them plenty of daily exercises to keep them agile and happy. However, every dog is unique, and consulting your veterinarian is crucial before you indulge your dog in high-endurance exercises.


Like other dogs, Huskies benefit from obedience training and early socialization. Training them can be challenging, especially for amateur owners as they are independent and stubborn by nature. Additionally, they are outgoing dogs who love running, and it’s important to note that their urge to run propels them to take off, so they should be on a leash or within a secure area while being trained. They do well with experienced and firm dog owners who can be consistent with their rules.

Unlike Huskies, Golden Retrievers are easy to train, because they are people-oriented and friendly by nature. They are also loyal, so chances are they will pay heed to whatever you have to say. It is believed that with respect to obedience-command training, they fall in the top five most trainable dogs. It’s best to train them at an early age because they absorb information faster.


No matter what their differences, both Huskies and Golden Retrievers are adorable dogs that make amazing lifelong companions. They require moderate amounts of maintenance with respect to grooming and exercise, but they both have their unique selling points. Don’t forget to consult with a reputed breeder before you decide to choose which one suits you best!

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