Husky dog price in India

Husky Dog Price, Characteristics & Life Expectancy

The husky dog is an exotic breed of dog with a close likeness to the grey wolf. Though various breeds of the Husky Dog are available, the most common breed is the Siberian Husky Dog. Some other varieties of the Husky Dogs are the Labrador Husky, Sakhalin Husky, Mackenzie River Husky etc. These dogs can only be described as beautiful and awe-inspiring. They are really fast, active and athletic dogs.

Husky Dog Price in India

The husky dog price in India is very high considering the exotic nature of the dog and its low availability. Also, the price is high because of the higher maintenance this dog demands. 

The Husky dog price in India is highly variable and depends on its age, breed and the person from whom you are buying. A small puppy may be available to you for about Rs. 10,000 whereas a grown dog of 2 years may be priced anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000.

The prices of the husky dogs maybe even higher if you buy one from an experienced and reputed seller because of the extra precautions they take to develop a dog with a balanced temperament. 

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Life Expectancy

Husky dogs generally have a life expectancy of 11-13 years.

Husky dog


The chief characteristics of the Husky dogs are :

  1. They are active and energetic and require a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise every day.
  2. They have a moderate tendency to bark and dig.
  3. Their tendency to droll is also moderate.
  4. They need social attention from owners or from other companions from time to time and are not loners.
  5. The Husky is a medium-sized dog and generally, its height is a maximum of 22-23 inches.
  6. The average weight of a husky is 35-60 pounds.
  7. They generally have very noticeable blue or brown eyes or one of each colour. The eyes are one of the most prominent features of the husky.
  8. They need a firm and gentle training as they have a tendency to be stubborn and independent.
  9. They are very friendly dogs and love human company and are suitable to be kept around children.
  10. They adapt extremely well to cold weather and also adjust in hot weather.


The following are some of the cons of adopting Husky:

  1. They can be difficult dogs to train especially for first-time owners.
  2. They need high exercise and tend to easily gain weight if they don’t.
  3. They have a tendency to dig or chew things around especially if left alone for long.


The origin of these dogs can be traced to the Eskimos or the Artic inhabitants who used the Husky dogs or Sledge dogs for pulling of their sleds and other objects. These dogs because of their strength, endurance and activeness were used in these difficult conditions. Another common usage of these dogs was and still continues for the sport of sledge racing.

Hope you enjoyed this article and are all ready to adopt the Husky as your next pet. But for the first time pet owners we caution you to have patience and start off with some other dog and wait a while before you adopt the Husky.

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