Indian Spitz vs Pomeranian

Indian Spitz vs Pomeranian – All That You Need to Know!

The Pomeranian and the Indian Spitz are both spitz type dogs, with the latter often being called the Indian Pomeranian, though they both are very different from each other. While both share some similarities, they have their own distinct qualities. If you are considering getting either one of them home, here is a comparison of both the breeds drawn out to help the decision-making process.

Weight And Size

The Pomeranian weighs between 1.5-3.5 kg with a height of 18-30 cm.

The Indian spitz weighs between 5-20 kg with a height of 35-45 cm.


Pomeranians are small, sturdy dogs with thick furry coats. They have a collar of fur around their necks, which in a way serves as a distinct identity for them, alongside a tail that is set high and flat. You will often see the Pomeranian in white, but they can also be found in black, brown, red, orange, grey, tan and blue shades. Sometimes even in combinations of these colours. Pomeranians are characterized by a double coat, while their undercoat is soft and short. Also, they are known to have a long overcoat that’s thick, textured and straight.

The Indian Spitz is a small dog with a soft chest and a pure white double coat. They also come in a number of other colours like a light tan, black and sometimes, even in a pattern or combination of all the colours mentioned. What’s quite noticeable is how an Indian Spitz’s face is rather expressive, with bluish green eyes that have visible white irises standing out. Another quite noticeable feature of the Indian Spitz is the pointy triangular ears and a fluffy tail that curls over their back.


Doesn’t matter how short they are, because in the mind of a Pomeranian, they probably see themselves as huge. Pomeranians can be astoundingly oblivious to their own small size. Their willingness to get into a fight with a bigger dog is a testament to that. Which also serves as an indicator of their feistiness. But take nothing away from the Pomeranian as they’re quite intelligent too. Pomys are loyal to their owners and eager to please them. They do tend to bark a lot but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as they get their required exercise, playtime and proper training.

The Indian Spitz is a very people friendly dog that has a surprising affinity to understand human intentions. Needless to say, their intelligence means that they learn tricks very easily. They are full of zeal and zest and are very devoted to their owners. What’s even more amazing is how good they are as watchdogs, thanks to their significant level of intelligence. And if that wasn’t enough, the Indian Spitz also happens to get along well, not only with children, but also with other house pets.


The Pomeranian needs frequent brushing, up to 3-4 times a week. They also need to be bathed, typically once every ten days or two weeks. While a lot of Pom owners prefer to get their pets washed by professional groomers, they still need to brush them frequently. Never forget to clean their eyes and ears as well.

Just like the Pomeranian, the Indian Spitz is also a regular shedder. You will need to bathe your Indian Spitz once or twice a month. But at the same time, they must be brushed regularly. Also, their eyes and ears need to be cleaned once in a while. Preferably once every two weeks, clean your dog’s bedding and toys too. Both the dogs are heavy shedders so having a vacuum cleaner in the house is desirable.

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Monthly Maintenance

The monthly maintenance of a Pomeranian is Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,000, and the money spent on an Indian Spitz per month would be Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000. The cost of vaccinations for either dog would be Rs 5,000 – Rs 10,000 but that is restricted to their first year. After that, they just need regular health check ups whose cost would be in the ballpark of Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000.

Diet And Nutrition

A growing Pomeranian should be fed 3-4 times per day and an adult Pom should be fed the same amount of food twice a day. The Pomeranian should ideally be fed a mixture of dry and canned food to maintain their nutritional balance. You can also opt for feeding them raw, homemade food. They will eat lean meats like fish and white breast chicken, vegetables like zucchini, carrots, spinach and broccoli and grains like brown rice or quinoa. But since Pomeranians have small stomachs, they should not be given treats often.

Between the ages of 2-3 months, the Indian Spitz should be fed 4 meals daily. From the ages of 3-6 months, 3 meals per day and from 6 months to 1 year, 2 bowls per day. Once they complete their first birthday, they can be fed 2 meals per day or just once, depending upon the individual dog. The Indian spitz is highly adaptable with its diet and can survive on milk and curd rice. They can also be fed a diet of chicken and rice. They love cheese, fruits, vegetables and eggs, though these should not be more than 10% of their diet.

Both the Pomeranian and the Indian Spitz are small, active dogs and they need a diet that is rich in protein and fats and has less carbohydrates. While there are guidelines for their diet, be observant of any individual differences or needs to keep your dog in optimal health.


Pomeranians generally prefer long walks with ten-minute breaks every half hour. They also need lots of playtime so keep some dog toys in the house to keep them entertained.

The Indian Spitz has a lot of energy and it is recommended to take it on a walk every day, ideally for one hour, twice a day. It would help a lot if you have a lawn where the dog can run around. If not, you could just as well keep a few dog toys in the house and a designated area for your dog to run around.

With either of the dogs, lack of adequate exercise can cause a lot of angst and aggression. Since they are small dogs, it could cause obesity or a host of health problems too. So, make sure that they get the required activity daily.


While both the dogs are friendly and loyal, they suffer from the small dog syndrome, where they are unaware of their size and assume themselves to be the leader of their surroundings. This is where the need for training with a strong, firm hand increases. Generally, however, both these dogs are friendly with people and get along well with children if properly trained. Both the Pomeranian and Indian Spitz are intelligent and easily trained. You probably might get surprised at how quick they can learn tricks. It is important to be consistent with their training and set the boundaries early on, to avoid behavioural problems in the future.


Both the Pomeranian and the Indian Spitz are very popular and adorable dogs that are devoted to their owners. Despite their similar appearance, they are different dogs and should be treated as such. Before bringing a dog home, try to understand the entire spectrum of its needs and objectively assess whether you can meet them, to do right by your dog.

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