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Indian Spitz Dog Price, Characteristics & Life Expectancy

The Indian Spitz is a very common pet choice amongst the Indian dog owners, especially for their cuteness and intelligence. It is often confused with the Pomeranian, but the two are very different.

Indian Spitz Dog Price In India

The Spitz dog price in India is very affordable especially when compared to other dogs and this has also contributed towards its popularity.  It is not an exotic brand of dog and is thus not very highly-priced so that it becomes out of the reach of the middle-class family.

A small puppy may be available to you for about Rs. 4,000 whereas a grown dog of 2 years may be priced anywhere between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 8,000. The prices of the spitz dogs may be higher if you buy one from an experienced and reputed seller because of the extra precautions they take to develop a dog with a balanced temperament. 

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Life Expectancy

Indian Spitz dogs generally have a life expectancy of 10-12 years but some have also been known to live for upto 16 years.


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History of Indian Spitz Dog

They were introduced in India by the British and after years of breeding the Indian Spitz is now able to withstand the heat very well and has adapted well to the Indian conditions.

Before the import of dogs was allowed by the government in early 2000, the Spitz was a common choice of pet.

The chief characteristics of the Spitz dogs are :

  1. They are highly intelligent and active dogs.
  2. They are very adaptable and can comfortably live in a small house too.
  3. They are of two varieties the small spitz and the great spitz.
  4. The small spitz dog generally weighs 5-7 kgs and its height is 8-10 inches.
  5. The great spitz weighs between 15-20 kgs and its height is 14-17 inches.
  6. They can understand human interactions and act accordingly and thus make great companions.
  7. Its diet can also be varied from only milk and rice to even chicken and rice.
  8. They are generally milky white, but sometimes are also available in brown or rarely in black colour.
  9. They are excellent house pets and do not require much maintenance or care.
  10. They have incredibly quick learning abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Indian Spitz

Can Indian Spitz survive in India?

Indian Spitz are the perfect companion to any lifestyle. They can easily adapt to living in a small apartment or farmhouse, and they don’t care what’s on your plate as long as you’re feeding them!

Is Indian Spitz dangerous?

Indian Spitz can be quite a handful, but with the right training and care they are loving companions.

How much does a Spitz cost?

An Indian Spitz puppy can be available for as little as Rs. 4,000 whereas a grown dog of 2 years may cost you anywhere from Rs. 6,000 to 8,000!

Does Indian Spitz bite?

Indian Spitz (Smaller)s are known for being playful, but that can quickly turn into a nuisance. If they don’t learn how to properly interact with people during their puppyhood stages, these “bites” will become an aggressive habit in adulthood and consequently serious injuries may occur.

Can Indian Spitz live in apartment?

Indian Spitz is small breed that often gets mistaken for the Pomeranian, but is a unique and intelligent animal that can thrive in an apartment. They are friendly animals who love to play and get plenty of exercise on their own. Their hair has just enough fluffiness so they don’t pick up mud or dirt easily!

What does Indian Spitz eat?

The indian spitz loves cooked eggs and meat, also cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. However these should be less than 10% of the daily diet that your Spitz consumes. When you feed a high-quality puppy food to an indian spitz pup they will grow up healthy and strong!

Are Indian Spitz easy to train?

The Indian Spitz does not require a lot of time to train, as long as the owner is consistent. This dog learns quickly and likes playing games! They are usually good with children and house pets too, so they make for a perfect family pet.

Is Indian Spitz or Pomeranian better?

The Indian Spitz has a lot of energy and is very playful. It may be an excellent option for you if your home life is busy or high-energy but it does require vigorous exercise every day to keep them happy. The Pomeranian on the other hand, will need more grooming than most breeds because they have long hair that needs to be brushed twice daily! They are also known as “the dog breed people love.”

Do Indian Spitz shed a lot?

The Indian Spitz is a most friendly dog. They are easy to groom and shed often, so you’ll need to regularly brush them or their fur will be all over your house!

Is Indian Spitz good for first time owners?

Indian Spitz are the perfect breed of dog for first time owners. They’re low maintenance, adorable little balls of fur that love being around their families and can get along with other dogs too!

Why do Spitz bark a lot?

It could be due to boredom, instinctual behavior or because they are guarding something.

Are Spitz dogs smart?

Spitz dogs are full of personality, intelligence and smartness.They were bred to be hardworking, so they need an active owner who can keep up with them!

Is Indian Spitz a good dog?

The Indian Spitz is a breed that has an extremely friendly disposition coupled with boundless loyalty. They are always happy to greet guests and family alike, but they aren’t as welcoming of strangers! This makes them great watchdogs who will bark at any newcomers who come too close for comfort.

Still unsure about the Spitz, then here’s a fun fact especially for all the Bollywood fans. The Spitz featured in the hit movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun as ‘Tuffy’ and was later adopted by the actress Madhuri Dixit. 

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. To all my fellow Dog Lovers Cheers!!!

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