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6 Muscular Dog Breeds – Top Muscle Dogs

There are a range of dogs for all kinds of dog lovers. Let’s face it, there are certain qualities and characteristics that will always be more appealing to some. So naturally, the more Muscular and robust breeds also have a separate fan base of their own. Prized for their determination, intelligence and generally sharp senses, these canines often find work in the police force, military dogs, as guard dogs or in search and rescue missions. Looking to get a Muscular Dog Breed home? Here’s a list that should help you make a more informed decision.

List of top 6 muscular dog breeds:

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier

With a determination to work that’s almost unrivaled, American Pit Bull Terriers were actually bred for their strength. While originally a part of outlawed activities such as bull baiting and dog fighting, they are now active participants of other sports like weight pulling and dock jumping. Fully grown females are usually 13-23 kg heavy and the males about 15-27 kg. A good diet mixed with proper exercise is what makes the American Pit Bull Terrier so muscular and powerful.

Brimming with enthusiasm and an eagerness to please its owner are some of their amazing qualities. While they’re highly intelligent, being super friendly towards strangers makes them bad guard dogs. American Pit Bull Terriers, however, are excellent companions for families and carry a certain love for children. Due to their strength and energy, they have to be trained and socialized consistently with a firm hand. Fortunately it’s not very difficult given their eagerness to learn.

2. Doberman Pinscher

doberman dog prices list

Ask most people about the breed that comes to mind when they hear the words, “well built and toned”, and Doberman Pinscher will be a common answer. Known to be powerful and alert, you won’t really find these canines with a uniform personality. But that in no way indicates that they can’t be loyal and devoted. All it takes is proper training and socialization. You can expect the females to grow about 63 to 68 cm in height, while their weight would be 30 to 35 kg. Similarly, male Doberman Pinschers are observed to be 68 to 72 cm in length, weighing about 40 to 45 kg.

If you’ve ever come across a Doberman you’ve seen first hand how intimidating their physical appearance can be. But then again, their intelligence is such that they are aware of it and use it only at will. Fortunately though, that can certainly be countered with firm and consistent training that makes them aware of the way to behave and conduct themselves at home and in different scenarios. With all these in place, you would see that the Doberman Pinscher is a surprisingly even-tempered dog that is very loving. In fact, they can even get along well with other people and dogs.

3. Rottweilers

Rottweiler dog price

Rottweilers are a naturally energetic and muscular breed that was originally used for herding livestock. They were also some of the earliest dogs to be used in the police and military.

35-48 kg and 56-63 cm is what the weight and height of the female Rottweiler usually is. Similarly, 50-60 kg in weight and 61-69 cm in height is the case with the male ones. A distinctly identifiable trait of this breed is their self-assured nature and even tempered, with a quiet determination to work and protect.

At the same time though, Rottweilers can be aloof with strangers. Unless of course, proper training and socialization is provided, which makes them friendly and affectionate. They are very protective and territorial by nature and it requires consistent training to counter that. Rottweilers must always have a job to do, or an outlet for their energy, otherwise it can cause a lot of angst in them.
But since these mutts are intelligent and energetic, expect them to contribute to the house by way of having a job to do. So keep that in mind and consult with your breeder as to how to manage that.

4. Boxer

Boxer Dog

There are very dog breeds who personify the term “athletic build” as well as the Boxer does. From being working dogs to finding a place as companion dogs in today’s day and age, they’ve had quite the journey. On an average, 25 to 32 kg is what a female Boxer weighs, with her male counterpart being in the region of 29 to 34 kg. In terms of height, males can be as tall as 56 to 64 cm when fully grown, and females are mostly around 53 to 61 cm. Considering how muscular and strong Boxers are, they do require a good diet and plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and in shape.

Don’t be fooled by their intimidating appearance, as Boxers are patient dogs that get along well with children. If anything, they are really protective of their owners. Considered to be very intelligent, Boxers need to have ample exercise or a job, to prevent boredom. Keep in mind that these canines don’t take kindly to harsh training methods. Hence, it is better to use positive reinforcement than active critique or punishment to train them. Despite their patience and gentleness, they may not be accepting of larger dogs, especially of the same sex, and may require training in regards to that.

5. The American Bully

American Bully

The American Bully is like the new kid on the block, since it was only back in 2013 that they started getting recognized by Kennel Clubs. Known to be a companion dog breed, The American Bully is visibly muscular and adaptable in nature. Contrary to what their name suggests, or even their physical appearance for that matter, they’re not synonymous with aggression as it has been bred out of them. These active sports loving canines are about 33 to 50 cm tall and around 30 to 40 kg heavy.

You will find that The American Bully is a happy and outgoing dog breed that loves to be around people and animals. While obedient and eager to please their owners, they are more suitable for experienced dog parents. What’s great is that they get along well with children and are very even tempered. Given thorough training and socialization, The American Bully can make one heck of a fitness partner or even a great companion to enjoy sports and numerous outdoor activities.

6. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino was originally bred for protecting its owner and hunting big game. They are athletic and strong, with the weight of the female mutt being as much as 35-40 kg. In the case of the male Dogo Argentino, it goes upto 40-45 kg. The average height of Dogo Argentino can be 60-65 cm with the females and 60-68 cm with the male ones.

Dogo Argentinos have quite the rep when it comes to hunting, police and military work, and as guidance dogs for search and rescue missions. All these abilities are thanks to their insane levels of intelligence, fearlessness and a natural instinct to protect. Dogo Argentinos are known to be social, although they are often wary of strangers. So you will have to give your pooch proper socialization to make them accepting of people outside of the family.

Things To Keep In Mind For Muscular Dog Breeds

Muscular dogs, throughout history, have been bred for labour intensive tasks such as pulling carts and carrying loads. Their intimidating physique has also been put to use for herding livestock and cattle. What they share in common is a good amount of intelligence. Moreover, they’re not really the aggressive kind because of their working partnerships with humans.

There’s really no need in any case to take a harsh tone or training method with your dog. Instead, resort to positive reinforcement and clicker training, methods which respect your dog’s independence and intelligence, to get the full potential of your pet. Considering their strength, they need proper diets and exercise and also, thorough socialization.

That said, any dog will naturally love their owner and demand their attention and love, which it reciprocates multi fold. Do right by your dog and you will have a best friend for life.

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