Samoyed Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

Wow!!! You are interested in cute yet predator dog ‘samoyed’  who has been identified as ‘basal breed’ which predates the emergence of the modern breeds of 19th century. Let’s know something about this stubborn cutie.

This Eurasian (Belongs to spitz dog group) dog type is used for a variety of purposes; as guarding, hunting, herding and sledging. The Samoyed is descended from Laika, the Nenets herding, a dog that comes in a wider range of colours and not only in white.

Samoyed was bred from a small number of founders (in this case, from Siberia), like many other breeds. This dog was originally used for herding reindeer, hunting, and hauling sledges for the Samoyedic people in Siberia.

Samoyed Dog Price in India

 Samoyed dog price in India is from INR 65,000 to 90,000.


samoyed dog price in India

  • A samoyed dog maintains its charm with a cute height measurement of 51-56 cm or 20-22 inch for male and 46-51 cm or 18-20 inch for female.
  • They are mostly found in white colour with a light brownish shade at the top of its sharp triangular, erect ears, that are covered with its hair. 
  • Eyes of Samoyed dogs are usually black or brown and are in almond shape. It is a member of the spitz family and is the black and brown section in its family.
  • Samoyed dogs have their own distinguish trait which is their Tail. The tail of a Samoyed dog is curled over its back and it is actually touching their back. It must not be tight curl or held flag-like; it should be carried lying over the back to one side.
  • It can sometimes sleep by keeping its tail near its nose to get additional warmth, also they allow their tails to fall when they are relaxed or at ease, as when being stroked or while eating, but will curl it again immediately after being more alert.
  • This dog is fully and densely covered with fur with different layer coat, the topcoat contains coarse, long, and straight guard hairs, which appears white but gives a hint of silver colouring. The undercoat of fur is covered and protected by outer layer coat from dirt and debris, so the under one is relatively clean. Undercoat consists of dense soft and short fur that keeps the dog warm.   


Samoyed is a very friendly dog, and this quality makes it less effective guard dog, an aggressive Samoyed is very rare. It is characterized by an alert and happy expression that is why has earned the nicknames like Sammie smiley, smiley puff, etc. They bark when something approaches their territory. 

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Health Concerns:

They are basically healthy but some diseases can still strike them:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Pulmonary stenosis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • sebaceous adenitis
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