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Pointer Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

Hey!!! so you are looking for a sporting dog, you are then right on your thought. English Pointer dog is a perfect combination of athletic grace and power with a lean and muscular body, noble carriage and alert expressions. Surely this is a sporting dog breed and also like other sporting dogs, he is a brilliant watchdog and has a protective nature.

A Pointer dog is friendly to other people and dogs as well and is slightly reserved but seldom timid and very rarely gets aggressive.

We can definitely say that a pointer dog is much more than a field trailer or hunting dog. If you give him a chance, he can become a devoted companion.  If you are considering this breed, then let us know more about this breed.

Pointer dog price in India:

Pointer dogs’ prices in India are not soo high. You can get a Pointer puppy in India for prices ranging from INR 30,000 to 50,000.


pointer dog price in india

  • The English pointer is a powerful and strong hunting dog with a wide head and long muzzle. The muzzle of this breed is deep with a long neck.
  • Their nose is black or brown in case or darker coat and can be flesh colored with lighter coated dogs.
  • Teeth of this breed meet in a level or we can say it is a scissor bite. They have round and dark colored eyes in contrast to marking of their coats.
  • Their ears are hanging and are somewhat pointing at the end. Front legs of this breed are straight. Their coat is short, smooth, and dense.


The English pointers are very enthusiastic hunters and are known for their high energy. If we provide them appropriate training then they are perfect for home. This breed is known for its loyal, devoted and intelligent temperament. Further, these dogs are children loving, patient, affectionate, friendly are true member of the family.

They are very adjusting, i.e., can adapt to new situations very well. They can be reserved with strangers. As an owner of a pointer dog, you must be strong enough to let him recognize less timidity from you. A timid owner most likely to have a timid dog as they can feel your emotions, and also they learn from you. Try to socialize your dog at an early age.

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If you don’t give your pointer a proper physical or mental exercise then this can affect him badly, he can become distractible and high-strung and even can become neurotic. This breed barks at suspicious sounds, but he is not a watchdog. A pointer pup starts pointing his traits at an early age of 8 weeks. Dogs of this breed are generally good to other pets as well and are non-aggressive dogs.


This breed of dogs is highly active and energetic. That’s why it is important to give them a vigorous exercise’s sessions regularly to avoid extreme indoor impatience. The pointer dogs are the best jogging companion. Even you should have one pointer only if you are able to make him run beside you when you bicycle or accompany you while you are jogging. 

They are very clean, not so much grooming or brushing is required due to short coat.

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