Boerboel dog price in India

Boerboel Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

Okay!! so you are looking for a friendly and perfect pet dog. Here your search will get completed. Boerboel dog price in India is not so high. This breed ‘Boerboel’ is perfect for being a pet. Let’s know something about this dog.

Boerboel Dog Price in India

The price of Boerboel dog in India can range from anywhere between 1 lakh to 2.5 lakhsIt mostly depends on the age of the dog, the breed of the dog and the seller.



  • The Boerboel is a large dog, with well-developed muscles and strong bone structure.
  • The head appears blocky, but still not overdone, with a short gap between its end and nose. It looks very impressive when he carries himself with confidence and powerful movement which are buoyant and unencumbered, despite his size.
  • He is symmetrical and balanced which follows the desired proportions of this breed.
  • Males are markedly bigger than female Boerboel. 


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Boerboels don’t shed too much, they are bad shedders and shed below average, thus don’t need much grooming (can be groomed easily). All that Boerboel need is occasional brushing, and a monthly bath with nail trim and that’s it. You don’t need to look after their grooming, brushing or bathing so much, it’s just a monthly concern. This breed has two coats outer one is normally coarse and straight and other is undercoat which is soft and dense.


Boerboel is an intelligent breed with a high energy level. He is loyal, great with children, and tends to be protective of his territory and family. They are quite charming and less lazy, they can fight with dangers to their family till their last breath. They don’t hesitate to die for their family. They love to be with their masters and so they avoid wandering alone and stay with their owners.

This breed ‘Boerboel’ requires training from an early age. And it is normal if they act aggressively towards other dogs and strangers.

Things to know

  • This breed requires a significant commitment in energy and time to provide him training and to make him socialize to easily, happily and comfortably adjust in a new family, so that he could be a good family member.
  • These dogs thrive under positive reinforcement training techniques and also require human companionship and structure.  If they are left isolated from outer space they may result in digress and will become destructive.
  • We should not control this breed forcefully. This can build aggression in the near future.
  • We should handle this dog with firmness and love so that it can love you back 100 times more effectively.
  • These dogs benefit from an owner who respects their size and strength but is not fearful of it. 
  • They are not suitable for apartment lives, they generally need large yards to walk and play around.
  • They are adaptable as long as they are getting proper and regular exercises and attention but can struggle with living in a small environment. Or whatever space is available they only need an adequate amount of physical exercise regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boerboel

How much does a Boerboel dog cost?

The price of the Boerboel breed can range from anywhere between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakhs in India, and it depends on where you are buying the pet from.

Is Boerboel a dangerous dog?

The dogs of the Boerboel breed are bred to guard and protect. However, they can be dangerous if they attack.

Do Boerboels bark a lot?

Boerboels are not typically very vocal, but if they’re bored or restless, you’ll know because their barking will increase.

Are Boerboels easy to train?

The Boerboel breed can be difficult to train. They require significant time and energy from their trainer for them to adjust well.

How fast can a Boerboel run?

A Boerboel can run at a speed of 70 km per hour.

At what age does a male Boerboel start mating?

A male Boerboel will reach sexual maturity when it is approximately 12 months of age.

At what age do Boerboels start barking?

Boerboels should be able to bark by eight weeks old.

At what age is a Boerboel full grown?

Boerboels are full-grown by 6 months old and reach their maximum weight at 12.

Can Boerboel be left alone?

No. Boerboel are enormous, powerful dogs with a high dominance drive; they require constant companionship and training to keep them under control. If you do not have time or energy to give the Boerboel the attention he needs ten hours per day every day, please consider rescuing a less challenging companion. A smaller dog that doesn’t need as much exercise or stimulating mental activity will be easier to care for if you don’t have enough time.

Can you run with a Boerboel?

The Boerboel is a powerful animal, but it can’t run for long distances. Unfortunately, they’re not so good at running miles!

Why do they cut off Boerboel’s tails?

Boerboels are a type of Mastiff bred in South Africa. The reason they cut off their tails is that it prevents them from becoming entangled in the brush. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply outside of Africa; you’re not likely to find thick brush where you live that can tangle up a Boerboel’s tail. And as you may imagine, having your tail severed can be quite painful for your dog.

Should I get a Bullmastiff or Boerboel?

The Bullmastiff is the more outgoing of the two, but he can be very stubborn when training. However, both breeds are great for protecting homes in emergencies or disasters because they have protective instincts that will not ever falter!

Are Boerboels high maintenance?

Boerboels have a naturally low-maintenance coat and short build, making them relatively easy to keep clean. They are also known for their intelligence, so you’ll be able to train this dog early on in life.

Is Boerboel the strongest dog?

Boerboels are among the strongest dogs in the world. So if you’re looking for a fearless companion that will give their life to protect you and your loved ones, then Boerboel just might be what you need!

Is a Boerboel bigger than a Mastiff?

Mastiffs are bigger than Boerboels. However, being the largest dog globally, they are a little slow when adapting to changes.

Which is bigger, Cane Corso or Boerboel?

The Boerboel is bigger at around 130 – 160 pounds, while the Cane Corso is roughly 100 – 119 pounds.

How long does a Boerboel stay pregnant?

63 days seems to be closer to the average pregnancy time for a Boerboel. However, remember that all breeds don’t metabolize or gestate at the same rate.

Will a Boerboel attack an intruder?

Boerboels are very vigilant protectors of their pack, but it is often enough force to cause deep puncture wounds or fracture the bone when they do bite.

Are Boerboels hard to train?

The Boerboel is a large, powerful, and intelligent working dog that needs to be socialized early. Unfortunately, this breed often becomes dominant, which can quickly turn into aggression issues if not trained properly. The key with this breed of dogs is consistency in training methods- you have to set clear boundaries for your pet.

Is a Boerboel aggressive?

No. The Boerboel breed was created to be a Mastiff dog suitable for farm work in Afrikaans, and they are typically very gentle and kind-natured. The Boerboel indeed know how to protect their territory from intruders, but this is different from being an aggressive breed.

Are Boerboels clingy?

Boerboels are Velcro dogs by nature and can be clingy, but they need socialization from a young age to avoid aggression.

At what age does a Boerboel go on heat?

The Boerboel is a beautiful and powerful dog. They have an average lifespan of 10-12 years but can live as long as 14 or 15 with proper care. When it comes to breeding time for this magnificent creature, they will come into heat every 6 months or a year!

Do Boerboels like to cuddle?

The Boerboel is a working breed that loves to cuddle, but they need room and exercise. If the Boerboel doesn’t get enough of either one or both, it will make you miserable!

How intelligent is a Boerboel?

A Boerboel is a territorial breed that requires constant human companionship and cannot live alone. However, they are fiercely loyal, intelligent, and protective — perfect for the family who wants their dog to be an integral part of life with them!

How many times should I feed my Boerboel?

A Boerboel typically has 3 meals per day. The amount of food he needs can be determined by age, size, and activity level. For instance, if he is under 1 year old and sedentary, his meal portions may be reduced to prevent obesity than an active adult Boerboel in the same age group. After each mealtime, be sure that they are given enough water to drink.

Are Boerboels friendly to kids?

Boerboels are extremely protective of their herds and territories, as seen by how they herd large animals around. However, in a home environment with children, they can be quite loving. Boerboels can quickly learn to embrace domestic life, but there will always be an edge about them that the family should never take for granted. Strong dog breeds like Boerboels require constant vigilance and supervision due to their default instinct being protection.

How do I keep my Boerboel puppy healthy?

Boerboel puppies should be vaccinated against canine distemper, canine adenovirus type 2, and rabies. They should also be regularly wormed and flea treated (preferably monthly). Boerboel puppies should only eat high-quality kibble that meets the amount of protein for dogs their size when they eventually transition to adult size. They need to stay healthy until they hit adulthood before transitioning to a healthier balanced diet.

Do Boerboels sleep a lot?

Boerboels sleep an average of 12 to 14 hours a day. They need this much rest to recover from their hard day’s work and active animals.

Do you get black Boerboels?

Yes! South African Boerboels are commonly referred to as Black Boerboel. This is because they are considered to be the purebreds of the breed. There is also a Red Boerboel which is commonly referred to as such due to its reddish-brown coat.

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