maltese dog price

Maltese Dog Price in India

Maltese is one of the cutest dogs you will find in India. We can trace the history of Maltese to as far as 2000 years back. Various writers, painters and artist in ancient Greek, Rome and Egypt culture mentioned his name in their works, but the exact origin of this dog breed is still a mystery. Different people with different opinions believe different places like Italy and Isle of Malta as its origin place. Some people also believe that Maltese belongs to Asia.

An interesting myth or fact about this dog is that he has the ability to cure the illness in people when placed on the pillow of a sick person.

Maltese Dog Price in India

Maltese dog price in India is from 50K to 60K.


Let’s know about the features of this cutie pie. Maltese have a square-shaped or compact body, which is completely covered by long, flat, silky and white hairs. If not get trimmed then the length of their hair can grow to a length which can touch the ground. It is his cute facial expression and unusual coat that brings fame to him. Maltese has black eyes in round shape, dropped ears and a long tail which is carried over his back. This dog is completely white but some have light tan or lemon hue on ears.

maltese dog price in india

Maltese have an expressive face with a rounded skull, a black button nose, a finger-wide dome, and brown eyes as some basic characteristics.


  • These dogs have a charming sweet and gentle personality; they become friendly with everyone they meet. But their temperament is affected by a number of factors as well such as training, socialization, and heredity.
  • This dog is devoted to his master, and is very intelligent as well; he learns tricks very quickly. Before purchasing any Maltese dog one should meet one of his parents so that he could predict about the temperament of the pup.
  • The loyalty, truth and affection shown by this dog towards his masters make him a perfect companion.
  • If you upbring this dog inappropriately, it may result in negative behaviour of Maltese. So, try to upbring this dog giving him independence and proper training.


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Health of a Maltese is generally good if its parents were healthy. However, he can face a few problems at any stage of his life. Few are listed below:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Portosystemic liver shunt
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Hypoglycemia
  • White Dog Shaker Syndrome: White Dog Shaker Syndrome
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Reverse sneezing


The amount of diet for Maltese depends upon different factors like its age, activity level and metabolism, but there should be a lot of nutrition in their diet. You can feed them ¼ or ½ cup of high-quality dry fruits in their meal. Or can also give them a meal rich with meat, as meat is a good source of nutrition. Always keep an eye on the amount of food you are giving to your Maltese. You should be aware of their digestive system. And always give them fresh water to drink. 

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