English Mastiff price in India

English Mastiff Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

The English mastiff is an extremely large dog breed. The Kennel clubs including KC and AKC refers this breed simply as Mastiff. This is perhaps descendant of ancient Alaunt and Pugnaces Brittanniae with significant input from Alpine Mastiff. It is distinguished by its enormous size, short coat in a limited range of colours, massive head.

The mastiff is renowned for its loving and gentle nature. Mastiff has a great contribution in developing several dog breeds that are generally known as ‘mastiff-type dog’ or confusingly just as ‘Mastiffs’.

English mastiff dog price in India

English Mastiff dog price in India is approx Rs. 80,000.

English Mastiff

Physical features

  • Mastiffs are found with a massive body, broad skull and head of generally square appearance, and all this makes them largest dog breeds in terms of mass. On average it is slightly heavier than Saint Bernard dog breed, with a considerable difference.
  • Their body is large with great breadth and depth, especially between their forelegs, enabling them to set apart.
  • Their height, when taken from point of shoulder to the point of the buttock, is greater than when measured from withers. The American Kennel Club standard height of this breed is 30 inches or 76 cm at the shoulder for males and 27.5 inches or 70 cm (minimum) for females.
  • A typical male can weigh 150 to 250 pounds (68 to 113 kg), and a female can weigh 120 to 200 pounds ( 54 to 91 kg), with very large individuals reaching 300 pounds ( 140 kg) or more.

Record size

The greatest weight recorded of a dog is 343 pounds which is approx 155.6 kg, which was an English Mastiff from England. According to Guinness world record book, in 1989 when that mastiff was 7 years old was measured as 37 inches or 94 cm from the point on shoulder and 8 ft 3 inch (251 cm) when measured from tip of his nose to tip of his tail, which is equivalent to the size of a small donkey. And after 2000 Guinness World book stopped accepting largest or heaviest pets.


  • This breed, Mastiff, has a desired temperament, which is reflected in all formal standards and historic descriptions.
  • He is very courageous but his courage never exceeds his temper and generosity, and in attachment also he equals the kindest of his race, he is perfect in docility.
  • In a family he let children play with him, and bears all their sufferings without any offence, he is very protective towards small kids as well.


Mastiff has a smooth and fine coat, with a variety of colours like apricot – fawn, silver – fawn, fawn, or dark fawn – brindle.

Life Expectancy

The average age of an English Mastiff dog is 7 years and they can live only till early teens of their age.

The AKC sums up this breed as:
“A combination of grandeur and good nature as well as courage and docility. Domesticated Mastiffs are powerful yet gentle and loyal dogs, but due to their physical size and need for space, are best suited for country or suburban life.”

Frequently Asked Questions about English Mastiff

Can English Mastiff survive in India?

Mastiff is a dog of the medium-sized breed, but they are not at all well suited to the Indian climate. Though the English Mastiff can live in apartments and homes, it thrives best in cool environments such as the Himalayan ranges, situated in the northern and North-Eastern parts of India. These dogs do not fare well in hot, humid weather and cannot tolerate high temperatures. They also have a short coat which will leave them vulnerable to sunburns if out for more than a few hours per day.

Are English Mastiffs easy to train?

The English Mastiff is a large breed of dog, and it takes time, patience, and consistency to train them. It’s important not only to keep training sessions short but also for frequent repetition.

What is the cost of English Mastiff in India?

English Mastiff dog prices can range from Rs.50,000 to Rs.80,000, depending on factors like breeder and age.

Why are English Mastiffs so expensive?

English Mastiff is a rare breed of dog, which makes it so expensive. Their dietary, grooming and daily care requirements are major factors that add to their cost.

Are English Mastiffs intelligent?

Yes. English Mastiffs are some of the most intelligent dog breeds in existence, and it is not uncommon for them to be trained in obedience and as therapy animals. They have single-minded, unwavering devotion to their humans, making them great personal protection dogs (not that they defend against anything aggressively).

Do English Mastiffs bite?

English Mastiffs do, indeed, have a reputation for being nippy at times. Although this is not always the case, there are some reasons why your pup might be feeling more than their usual appetite for bite-sized snacks. Being a dog that’s around 150 pounds in size with powerful jaws and teeth makes it prone to anger management problems if it feels threatened or frustrated. Pups also like to nibble on things they see as intriguing. This includes other animals–or even people! Some dogs go through growth spurts where biting becomes an instinctive way of asserting dominance or proving authority over something new in their environment.

Our English Mastiffs good pets?

Mastiffs are a great pet for those who need an imposing dog to keep intruders out. They also make excellent watchdogs and self-assured companions that do not bark as much as other breeds of canines would. Mastiff training is important, so they remain calm, quiet, well-mannered, and under control despite their large size.

Are English Mastiffs dangerous?

No. English Mastiffs are large, powerful breeds of dogs that have leaned over much of their aggressive behavior to maintain a good standing dog show and profession. However, they should not be considered obedient; rather, they own their minds and obey when it’s worth it or amuses them. English Mastiffs are gentle giants, but the owner is always expected to set firm boundaries for this breed early to avoid excess destructive habits later on.

Is an English Mastiff a good family dog?

Known to be affectionate and dignified, the Mastiff makes for a great family dog. They are loving towards their families while still maintaining an air of calmness that is appealing for older children and adults who want companionship in general.

Do English Mastiffs bark a lot?

English Mastiff is known to be one of the best breeds for guarding, but they’re also quite friendly and loving. They will bark if someone comes up on their property or disturbs them while sleeping — which is a great way to keep your house safe!

Do English Mastiffs like to cuddle?

These big, beautiful dogs are affectionate and gentle. They love to cuddle with their owners as they take a nap on the couch or in bed.

Will an English Mastiff attack?

English Mastiff may bark at intruders, but they won’t attack unless provoked or told by their master.

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