English Mastiff price in India

English Mastiff Dog Price, Appearance and Characteristics

The English mastiff is an extremely large dog breed. The Kennel clubs including KC and AKC refers this breed simply as Mastiff. This is perhaps descendant of ancient Alaunt and Pugnaces Brittanniae with significant input from Alpine Mastiff. It is distinguished by its enormous size, short coat in a limited range of colours, massive head.

The mastiff is renowned for its loving and gentle nature. Mastiff has a great contribution in developing several dog breeds that are generally known as ‘mastiff-type dog’ or confusingly just as ‘Mastiffs’.

English mastiff dog price in India

English mastiff dog price in India is approx 80 Thousand.

English Mastiff

Physical features

  • Mastiffs are found with a massive body, broad skull and head of generally square appearance, and all this makes them largest dog breeds in terms of mass. On average it is slightly heavier than Saint Bernard dog breed, with a considerable difference.
  • Their body is large with great breadth and depth, especially between their forelegs, enabling them to set apart.
  • Their height, when taken from point of shoulder to the point of the buttock, is greater than when measured from withers. The American Kennel Club standard height of this breed is 30 inches or 76 cm at the shoulder for males and 27.5 inches or 70 cm (minimum) for females.
  • A typical male can weigh 150 to 250 pounds (68 to 113 kg), and a female can weigh 120 to 200 pounds ( 54 to 91 kg), with very large individuals reaching 300 pounds ( 140 kg) or more.

Record size

The greatest weight recorded of a dog is 343 pounds which is approx 155.6 kg, which was an English Mastiff from England. According to Guinness world record book, in 1989 when that mastiff was 7 years old was measured as 37 inches or 94 cm from the point on shoulder and 8 ft 3 inch (251 cm) when measured from tip of his nose to tip of his tail, which is equivalent to the size of a small donkey. And after 2000 Guinness World book stopped accepting largest or heaviest pets.


  • This breed, Mastiff, has a desired temperament, which is reflected in all formal standards and historic descriptions.
  • He is very courageous but his courage never exceeds his temper and generosity, and in attachment also he equals the kindest of his race, he is perfect in docility.
  • In a family he let children play with him, and bears all their sufferings without any offence, he is very protective towards small kids as well.


Mastiff has a smooth and fine coat, with a variety of colours like apricot – fawn, silver – fawn, fawn, or dark fawn – brindle.

Life Expectancy

The average age of an English Mastiff dog is 7 years and they can live only till early teens of their age.

The AKC sums up this breed as:
“A combination of grandeur and good nature as well as courage and docility. Domesticated Mastiffs are powerful yet gentle and loyal dogs, but due to their physical size and need for space, are best suited for country or suburban life.”

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