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6 Best Guard Dog Breeds

With a special ability to protect their human family and their belongings from danger and threats, Guard Dog Breeds tend to be very popular in homes and with law enforcement too. The guard dog breeds have become increasingly popular across the world because they can be easily relied on for safety. Guard dog breeds always behave well with people they love and trust, and they will go off limits to protect you from danger.

These breeds are amazing companions. A guard dog breed naturally has immensely brilliant intelligence levels, added to their strong and handsome looks. The best thing about guard dogs is their unconditional love and loyalty towards you.

If you are looking for a friendly companion who would be able to protect you as their own, here is a list of guard dog breeds that you may want to take a look at. There are different guard dog breeds that you may choose from for your family.

1. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff Dog

The Bullmastiff is a guard dog breed which has uncountable qualities that various breeds of dogs generally have. They not only have an extremely strong build but are also very intelligent a breed. They have a good temperament, and are very protective of young children. A Bullmastiff is considered to be one of the best companions a human can have. The Bullmastiff is also an excellent tracker, and is also trained in carting, therapy work as well as agility.

Bullmastiffs come in brindle, fawn or red shades of color and are popular for their courageousness and strength. The breed is gentle and kind in its human family. A Bullmastiff generally weighs somewhere between 65 to 70 kilograms, which makes the breed capable of tackling human attackers that may be larger than its own size. This breed requires regular guidance in order to learn and understand commands or instructions.

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2. Doberman

Doberman dog price india

The Doberman is a medium sized breed of guard dogs which has a square built, is muscular and has a compact body. The breed has a long head which looks similar to a blunt wedge. The Doberman has an athletic build and a streamlined coat with cropped ears and a tiny docked tail. In fact, these pooches have quite the reputation for having looks akin to that of an aristocrat. Doberman is also a popular breed found in police and military works.

The Doberman is a breed that needs regular exercising and training sessions to remain active and fit. Although, they are known to be sharp and energetic, while being suited for various kinds of canine sports activities. Sensitive in nature, and mostly very reserved when around strangers, Doberman is popular for being the fifth smartest dog in the world. A Doberman is alert, loyal and fearless when it comes to protecting their human family.

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3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler dog price

The Rottweiler is a committed and cool guard dog breed in nature. It has the power to assist and is desired by humans for its abilities. They are known as relentless guardians of their packs. Rottweilers have that important and desirable ability of cattle protection. Being extremely intelligent and loyal to its humans are some of their fascinating qualities. If a stranger is not introduced properly, a Rottweiler may not be very welcoming or friendly. However, they won’t harm somebody who is not a threat. A Rottweiler is a fast learner and its movements are rapid as compared to several other breeds of dogs.

The Rottweiler is a medium to large sized breed, with a powerful long built. Its name as a cattle leader comes from its power to drive cattle to distant places. The coat of a Rottweiler is dense, straight and coarse. The aspects of being self assured, stubborn and headstrong is what makes the Rottweiler one of the best. It is excessively protective of children, and requires regular training and socialising to become better at understanding and analyzing under difficult situations.

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4. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is a loyal and dominant breed of guard dogs. It is very strong and powerful, and gives constant support to its human family. A Giant Schnauzer requires strict physical as well as mental training and encouragement. One of the best guard dog breeds, the Giant Schnauzer has a thick and bushy coat. They are known to have suspicions in general, when it comes to people they don’t know.

The Giant Schnauzer, however, is a calm and reserved breed in general. It does not bark much unless it senses some kind of trouble around. This characteristic of the breed makes it very desirable for families looking for guard dogs specifically. What’s even more fascinating is that they seemed to have been involved in both World War 1 and World War 2, which was the origins of them being popular military dogs.

5. Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane is very active and clever by nature. It is a loyal breed of guard dogs. The Great Dane has a tall appearance and is a fast runner. It is a great fighter and when given proper training, the breed follows the commands of its trainer or human obediently. The Great Dane is a breed that can be easily trained and it is known as a great companion to humans. This breed has a tall and large build which makes them brilliant guard dogs who can easily restrain strangers that could be harmful.

The Great Dane is a breed of guard dogs that is very friendly towards children. The Great Dane does not bark aggressively or at all towards any human or canine unless they notice any trouble.

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6. German Shepherd

german shepherd breeders

The German Shepherd is a highly honored and acknowledged breed of guard dogs. The breed is not only popular as a guard dog but is also found in military and police work spaces. The German Shepherd is a versatile breed, known for its intelligence and protective characteristics.
The body of a German Shepherd is solid and highlights a notion of depth. The breed is found in combinations of red and black, or tan and black. The German Shepherd sheds every year and has a double coat.

Over the years, German Shepherds have been a constant presence in numerous search and rescue missions. Interestingly, their reputation for being working dogs traces back to World War 2, where they not only served as guard dogs, but were also messengers. On an average, German Shepherds weigh around 25 to 35 kgs. However, depending on the gender that varies.

Among all guard dog breeds, the German Shepherd is undoubtedly the most popular and a favorite.

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A guard dog is not only a companion that you would need for personal protection or protection of your property, but also an amazingly fierce dog that is an incredible pet. The guard dog breeds are basically giant goofballs that are brave, devoted and extremely loving. If you are planning on adopting one of these guard dog breeds, you are basically adding an affectionate guardian angel to your life!

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