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Lhasa Dog Price, Characteristics & Appearance

This fluffy hairy dog is very good to choose. This breed is basically Lhasa Apso which is originally from Tibet, where he was a highly regarded watchdog in the palaces and monasteries of his mountainous homeland. Today this breed is primarily a family companion who protects his family from danger loyally, and no longer a palace guard. Lhasa is a sturdy and independent indeed small in stature dog.

Lhasa Dog Price In India

We can have this lovely species for about 12 to 15 years as uncommon age and 17 to 20 in some rare one. Lhasa Dog price in India ranges from Rs 13000 to Rs 16000.


The chief characteristics of the Lhasa dogs are :

  • It has excellent traits of guard dogs as it is naturally suspicious of strangers.
  • It is very serious for its job as a protector.
  • This is a lionhearted breed whose devotion is to share his life with his family.
  • It is intelligent, independent and mischievous breed.
  • Lhasa’s hobby is to do his own things, which basically means that his goal is not to please anyone.

If you train a Lhasa dog then he might not be an obedient one in his class. He loves to be real and self concentrated and does only things which he thinks appropriate to do. Doing acts just for the sake of the joy of his master is not his way. He is fair in every situation. And this reasonability is praised by those who love and understand Lhasa. He can also get manipulated as a pup, all you need to do is bring consistency (as done with children).


Lhasa pups are very cute with their sparkly eyes, fluffy coat and small height and curiosity and love for playing. His coat is splendid, thick and beautiful. Because of which he requires daily brushing and frequent bathing.

Lhasa dogs are found with a cute height of 9 to 11 inches, with which they look incredibly awesome while walking. Also, they can weigh from 12 to 15 pounds. Their life span is similar to other dogs.

Now, let’s know Lhasa good or bad dogs are with children. Be aware of the fact that Lhasas are considered to be an impatient breed. With the normal clumsiness associated with children, he will nip. Lhasa is supposed to be friendly with adults although this is not a hard and fast rule. He is comfortable or friendly with all those age groups who are gentle to him. And if you are looking for a complete ‘kid dog’ then Lhasa is not a good choice.

Few Highlights:

  • They are independent and don’t aim to please you. They entertain themselves only.
  • Due to their lovely and thick coat, they need a lot of brooming.
  • They need a regular health check.
  • Brushing their teeth is also a necessity.
  • They mature slowly, don’t expect too much too early.
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