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Wire Haired Dachshund Price, Appearance and Characteristics

This little dog is quite different from other dogs, he is short-legged, long-bodied hound type short dog breed, we know by a few other names as well like wiener dog, sausage dog etc. They may be found with smooth-haired, wire-haired or long-haired. Their standard size was developed to chase, scent, and flush out badgers and other burrow dwelling animals.

While miniature Dachshund was bred to make smaller animals like rabbit their prey. They have been used to track the wounded deer and hunt prairie dog.

Wire Haired Dachshund Price in India

The price of a wire-haired dachshund in India ranges anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Conformation shows, field trials and many other events organized through purebred dog organizations are participated by these Dachshunds. According to American Kennel Club standards, this breed has secured 13th rank on popularity basis in the United States.



This Dachshund breed is a short-legged, long-bodied small dog. They have disproportionately large front paws, being paddled shape and particularly suitable for digging. For tunnelling in tight burrows to chase prey he has enough loose skin. They have a deep chest which provides them appropriate lung capacity for stamina to hunt effortlessly. They have a long snout. America Kennel Club Standard states that Scars from honourable wounds shall not be considered as fault because it is a hunting dog.


Dachshunds are found in three sizes: standard, miniature and kaninchen (German for rabbit). Standard and miniature are the sizes that are recognized almost everywhere but rabbit size is not recognized by Clubs in the United States and the United Kingdom. And the common size for family pet Dachshund is called ‘tweenies’, but this is not official.
A standard Dachshund who is fully grown weighs from 16lb to 32 lb or 7.3 kg to 15 kg, while this breed normally weighs 12 lb or 5.4 kg. Whereas Keninchen weighs from 8 lb to 11 lb or 3.6 kg to 5 kg.

Eye Color

We can spot sport amber, light brown or green eyes in light shaded dachshunds. However, Kennel club standards stated that darker the colour, the better. Multi-coloured ‘walls’ eyes with fully blue or partially blue or patched in Dapple or double dapple dachshunds due to the effect of the dapple gene on eye pigmentation expression.


Dachshunds are very playful, but as being hunting breed they are quite stubborn as well that makes it difficult to train them. They are known for their propensity to chase birds, rabbits or tennis balls with ferocity and great determination.
For strangers and other dogs, dachshunds behave aggressively. And as per points of intelligence, they are listed as an average dog who complete the task correctly by 50% or more on their owner’s command.
He is an average working and obedience intelligence breed.
Dachshunds are natural burrowers, so due to this, they keep burrowing; can burrow in blankets, or area around the house whenever he would feel bored or tired.

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