French Bulldog in India

Low-Energy Dog Breeds – 6 Most Lazy Dogs

Ever wished that you could share the blissful moments where you comfortably slouch your days away with, someone who can match your vibes? Lucky for you, there are a few four-legged friends out there who will happily accompany you in the game of being couch potatoes. So for the people out there looking for a dog that will not be physically demanding and share their penchant for laziness, here is a list of some low-energy dog breeds to consider.

1. Pug

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Probably the most obvious choice for all the dog lovers that prefer to be lazy. An ideal house dog, the Pug needs little exercise and prefers a sedentary lifestyle. Now, let’s not forget that we’re talking about a dog that is very sensitive to their owner’s moods and will react accordingly. So naturally, they will sometimes mirror you in certain ways.

A Pug’s grooming needs are fairly moderate, which is a rather desirable characteristic. These dogs are extremely charming and there is seldom an unhappy pug, which makes this a dog that gives more than it takes. Moreover, their laziness also translates to their temperament. An average Pug weighs about 6 to 8 kg and stands up to 25 to 30 cm in height.

2. French Bulldog

French Bulldog in India

The ‘sleepy dog stereotype’ one might have seen is rather evident in the French Bulldog. Again, this is a low-maintenance breed, with the minimum amount of cleaning, brushing and trimming being enough for their grooming. Normally, French Bulldogs are roughly 38 to 48 cm tall. In terms of their weight, they will mostly be around 7 to 13 kg when fully grown, unless you’re feeding them too much or probably not enough.

One of the French Bulldog’s most admirable traits is their patience. They are also very affectionate and get along well with other animals. The title, ‘clowns of the canine world’, is one that they proudly share with the Pug due to their fun-loving nature. But because of their affectionate nature, they can have separation anxiety if left alone for too long. Probably the best dogs for the happy introvert, doing as well with families as they do with individual owners.

3. Saint Bernard


The Saint Bernard is arguably one of the most adaptable canines in terms of its temperament. While being ready to go on adventures, they are equally happy to curl up at home on the couch and watch TV with their owner or take a nap. But of course, they do have certain grooming needs, so don’t forget to regularly brush and clean your Saint Bernard. As one of the most massive mutts – Saint Bernards can be anywhere from 65 to 90 cm in height, with weight as much as 62 to 120 kg.

Cited as examples of the classic ‘gentle giant’, due to their pleasant nature, Saint Bernards also get along well with children and other animals. Although their size means that they do need to be trained and socialized thoroughly to prevent accidents and any possible aggression. Saint Bernards are perfect companions for ambiverts – up for the outdoors and for the regular lazy Netflix and chilling alike. Surprisingly though, they can also be excellent trackers, despite their laziness.

4. Chow Chow

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A dog that prefers the indoors to the outdoors, a few squeaky toys and the occasional playful tug games will keep them entertained. Chow Chow are dogs with high grooming needs, including almost daily brushing. They are very protective of their owners and do not welcome strangers. Which is why they must be trained and socialized from an early age, so that they don’t grow up to become hostile towards their family members and people in general too.

At times, it’s advisable to keep your Chow Chow on a leash to prevent harm to animals smaller than them. Having children in the same house as a Chow Chow requires some training for the dog as well as a few lessons for the child. Though occasionally aloof, especially to strangers, they can be quite affectionate and loving. Their height of 46 to 56 cm gives them enough confidence for their random streak of fearlessness. Depending on the gender, a Chow Chow can weigh between 20 and 32 kgs.

5. Shih Tzu

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The Shih Tzu needs nominal exercise and is happy to play with its toys by itself, to spend any remnants of its moderate energy. A Shih Tzu’s grooming needs depend upon its coat length and can be customised accordingly. If you want a dog that’s well versed inputting along with other animals and people, a Shih Tzu is as good a choice as any. While friendly, they are generally alert and active. You might notice that they can be wary of larger breeds.

An adult Shih Tzu is usually around 4 to 8 kgs heavy and 20 to 28 cm in height. Since we’re dealing with a canine that can be somewhat stubborn in nature, they need to be thoroughly trained and socialised at a young age. What’s great is how Shih Tzu’s can be affectionate and even fairly easy going as family members, which adds an extra dose of beauty to their already irresistibly charming appearance.

6. Bolognese Dog

Bolognese Dog

These small, easy going dogs love to get the attention of their owners and are generally playful. Bolognese Dogs have average grooming needs and it suffices to brush them twice a week and bathe them once every two weeks with a monthly visit to the groomer. What’s amazing about them is how bonded they are to their owners, and how excellent they are as companion dogs. Since they’re fairly light weight pooches, Bolognese Dogs are only about 2 to 4 kgs, with 25 to 30 cm in height. For the Bolognese Dog, a short walk with moderate playtime is enough as their daily activity.

Even though they can be stubborn at times, they are sensitive and loving. In all likelihood, they will end up becoming best friends to your little one as they can get along well with children and other animals too. It is said that the Bolognese is ‘a lot of dogs in a tiny body’, which is an indication of their charm and capacity for love. They love to please their owners, and with sufficient love and affection, can be the cutest, most entertaining pets one can have.

Things To Keep In Mind For Lazy Dog Breeds

It is a point to note that even the lowest-energy dogs have certain exercise and grooming needs that should not be neglected. Similarly, you should always keep track of their diet to prevent obesity or further lethargy. With training and socialization, you must start it early and monitor it according to the individual temperament of the dog.

Low-energy dogs generally have a reputation for their charm and playfulness, making them quite popular with their owners. Given lots of love and adequate affection, combined with proper training, they are some of the most desirable pets to have, that fit seamlessly with individuals and families alike, soon becoming part of their own.

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